Federal, State and Local Government with in Healthcare

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Government plays a huge role in our healthcare from past to present and undoubtedly with our future.

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in American and it has change tremendously over the years. The medical field will always have some kind of change. With local, state, and federal government laws there will always be changes that need to be made and new mandates that will come about. Funding will play a good part in changes because it all depends on what they get in funding to be able to provide for local governments.

The government at all levels play a huge part with in the health care industry and always will. Structure you see between levels of government In many ways, the structure of local, state and national government mirror each other. Every state has its own constitution based on its distinctive history and needs. A state’s constitution is similar to that of the national constitution. Laws made in individual states cannot conflict with the national constitution or national laws (“Health It Hits Federal and Industry Agendas”, 2013).

There are different structures, the federal government is the body of individuals at the federal level that sets and administers public policies, In the US the federal government is established by the US constitution guides and it help to maintain the use of power within the federation (“Health It Hits Federal And Industry Agendas”, 2013). The local government is that embodies the laws and regulations with in there city or county. The have to follow the federal and state laws but can also put regulations of their own. Following all federal, state and local government is very important, this is how the people get there health care. Functions that you see at each level of government The function at each level in the government in the healthcare industry is very important.

The federal government is that, like a…

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