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The Four Men of the Local Regiments of Civil War Sample

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Richard and Taliaferro Simpson. James Henry Gooding. and Wilbur Fisk Peeler are the four soldiers that these documents will look for comparing in footings of their experiences of war and how they have communicated those combats with their closest relations and friends through the letters they have send.

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The Four Men of the Local Regiments of Civil War Sample
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Dick and Tally belongs to the regiment of the 3rd South Carolina. These brothers answered the call to responsibility and both are in high liquors when they joined their military personnels. However. Dick is more loath unlike his older brother Tally as he mentioned in his letters that he is really much enthused in completing jurisprudence.

Tally is among the first to acquire attracted to fall in the armed forces while even during College ( Everson & A ; Simpson. 1993 ) .

These two fine work forces were both romantics and have high hopes to be with their loved 1s nevertheless. Dick is jollier in presenting his letters despite of the trouble that their occupations entail. It sounds that he is taking things lightly in the beginnings by basking his war clip experiences.

Tally is more serious but at the same clip every bit fond as Dick. Those male childs had fun holding their repasts in the cantonment muss halls seeking their best to turn their barracks into a place ambiance. a topographic point where they wish to travel back after functioning the war.

James Henry Gooding. a black Corporal wrote Abraham Lincoln in 1863 inquiring the President for an equal wage for soldiers and that colored military personnels be regarded as true soldiers. However. before the petition is approved he died in one of the most ill-famed cantonment with many other white soldiers.

Private Wilbur Fisk Peeler. Company H. 3rd Florida Infantry wrote in his letters and described the battlegrounds as the wilderness of suffering in the book entitled Hard Marching Everyday.

In every letters that these soldiers wrote one distinguishable quality that every missive conveys is to take one’s dedication affirmatively and those positive attitudes help them to go genuinely good soldiers. All of them are heroes but what makes them great is their pattern of integrity a brotherhood they call chumminesss that can merely be experienced in the battlegrounds.

Letterss in the first twelvemonth of War

Significantly. the male childs are determined and are really much prepared for war. This can be seen while reading Tally’s letters particularly how he prepared for everything when the brothers left their College and lodging house. However. troubles can easy be felt in every minute item when they write about the things they do non hold such as deficiency of nutrient by the mere fact that they ate crackers after a strict conflict and the necessity of clothing’s like socks.

The two Simpson’s soldiers write letters more or less every hebdomad and in one of the really first letters expressed that they’ve assurance merely with Lewis. a black familiarity. Afterwards in Tally’s letters he frequently used the salutations Howdy the Negros which shows affinity. Their perceptual experience alterations as months rolled by as seen in their letters till the clip that Tally was buried by a Negro.

From the really first to the last minute and even in times of despair the military personnels showed a really positive attitude towards their function as soldier. When they wrote that they were moistures and soaked in clay. the reader would non happen in them complains but an escapade that those adversities make them more a adult male. In fact. things were unsafe but they expressed their joys because they were able to suppress. They are immature and vivacious work forces who are filled with optimism. Their life in the early cantonments is fun and fruitful while larning things on how to fight. The letters of the two brothers depicts that they are all right work forces with aristocracy at bosom.

However. it is really noticeable that in merely a few hebdomads the soldiers are going dying about their ain circles of household and friends. They tried to acquire over that feeling of solitariness and going homesick by seeking non to give up until their return. Their hope of being able to travel back alive with their households is a beginning of strength. When they miss their places and kitchen. even the cantonment physician will make the cookery of pies. They would even interchange their bacons for other dainties they normally found at place.

When Tally Simpson Died

Few yearss before he got killed in the conflict being shot in the bosom and at the brow as a brave soldier who fought till the terminal alongside with his friend Captain Puts. Tally was able to direct a missive to his sister. It was a really long missive and after subscribing his name put these statements below “There is no likely opportunity of acquiring a furlough. There are so many in the regiment who have ne’er been place that we who have base has really hapless opportunities so ( Everson & A ; Simpson. 1993 ) ” .

Those are words which signify an credence of decease in the doomed war. It means lost of hope of being able to come back place and so a silent and deep complain about the agonies of an ageless war and the inquiry why was there no benefit of leave? Tally in his missive is different from what he was before in his first letters. The drawn-out missive was written September 4. 1863 and Tally died 15 yearss after.

Those who perished in that war have died in peace as mentioned in the missive of Harry to Tally’s Father when he told that “hiscousin’sforehead was absolutely unagitated. “No frown disfigured his happy face. ( Everson & A ; Simpson. 1993 ) ( italic letters are my ain word ) . ” As seen on how those soldiers scribbled their letters. they accepted decease freely to stop a ne’er stoping battle. which seems merely in decease they will happen remainder. To decease they have resigned since there is no other manner out.

The transmitters of the letters to denote the decease of Tally Simpson obviously shows their fondness which is a mark of bond. a chumminess which can merely be felt in strong friendly relationship that can merely be encounter at the battlegrounds entirely.

A Christmas missive was sent by Tally to his sister one Christmas eve at a Camp near Fredricksburg ; it was a really sad missive with a really acute attending to inside informations. That missive belongs to a adult male who is in love and grateful with his life. Tally recalls all the Christmas jubilation they have as a household. In that missive tally is already remembering his decease companions “that those who died and wounded could be heaped on a heap that those pale faces and moans of hurting be sent to the conceivers of the war inquiring God for their scrupless ( Everson & A ; Simpson. 1993 ) . ” That Christmas Eve Tally is mourning with all the households of his companions who died in the war. Bereaving for their indefensible deceases?

In that war with all the narratives of soldiers about their regiments. they have fought valorously for the integrity of America and supporting their state is all at the same clip supporting their places and households a mission that gave bravery to each one of them despite of the fact that there is apprehensiveness of non being able to come back place with their love 1s.

On the Opposite Side of the War

In those old ages of the Civil War inkinesss are still considered as non free work forces. and are usually paid as labourers. However. there came a clip that more work forces are needed in the ground forces and the coloured 1s were allowed to fall in. One good adult male that fought that war is James Henry Gooding and because of his fluency was able to acquire the equal wage intervention from the President. The July 18. 1863 fifty-fourth regiment were 166 black work forces who have served the brotherhood ground forces. The conflict the Negro fought together with their White companions answered affirmatively the inquiry of 1000000s of Americans “Will the Negro battle ( Gooding & A ; Adams. 1991 ) . ”

Black work forces enlist themselves and were given the benefit of freedom. But their legislative acts as hired slave remained to be their making by the mere fact that they are provided with a pay of a labourer. Peoples at that clip are even in uncertainty if they would truly contend because for the really ground of another purpose and that is to be free. Through those letters. the universe realized that the freedom the colored work forces have been seeking taught them to understand what freedom truly means and their great apprehension of it made them fought without of all time looking back. The missive of James Gooding changes the image and it opened the eyes and changes the incorrect perceptual experience of many that colour can be a hinderance to function a state.

The deep experienced that Gooding’s felt in those wars gave him the backbones to compose the president with his bosom and with his earnestness the president granted his want. Their illustrations have shown that trueness is non tested by the colour of the tegument but on the same colour of blood that is freely spilled on the front lines.

From person who succeeded a war

The writer of Hard Marching Everyday wartime letters was a instructor by profession and “after the war served for 34 old ages as a tireless church worker ( Fisk & A ; Rosenblatt. 1994 ) . ” In his wartime letters and among the first. Fisk was able to do a description of the Capitol and the impermanent place they occupied in their cantonment. He even gave differentiation to his rank that “private were expected merely to cognize how to obey ( Fisk & A ; Rosenblatt. 1994 ) . ” Bing a really vocal individual his character seemed to be person who acts every bit and believe that he is the captain of his ship. His nationalism made him understand the value of the virtuousness of obeisance which can be observed in his grave the word “anti-rebel” is engraved in his memorial.

Like all the remainder of the male childs in the cantonment. Fisk enjoyed reading the newspaper and it looks like the lone diversion they’ve got in the cantonment. One of the ground forces higher-ups even gets a subscription at his ain disbursal so the male childs will be able to pass their past clip worthily. In his letters he was able to do a complete description of his companions and was able to group them into two distinguishable qualities ; one group is sober and the other unrestrained or wild ( Fisk & A ; Rosenblatt. 1994 ) .

The simple responsibility they do such as picketing as described in Fisk letters already brings a deep pride that they are guarding their darling authorities against any signifier of lese majesty. In Fisk devout description on their battles. their cantonments was able to win and fought good with less usage of ammo and the stoping portion which tells that no 1 was hurt illustrates that the adult male in their bid is a really good leader.

Those first conflicts as represented by the Simpson’s brothers and by Fisk warrants that the Union has good and good trained soldiers than the opposition. Those soldiers are good prepared indoors and out and they are non even proud in winning the battles as they are really much aware about their Union Honor by non mocking the enemy. They were given good military preparation and behavior.

On the March to Camp near West Point. Fisk was able to capture in his missive a friend they have passed by “a negro” whose house was burned by the Rebels because he did non desire to come after them. Fisk really good written letters can non conceal his soundness particularly if he described the deceases in the battlegrounds but this soundness is mellowed when he talk about his agony companions those who are wounded and left uncared for he merely merely set them as “things non pleasant to compose ( Fisk & A ; Rosenblatt. 1994 ) . ”

Though it was obvious that all the soldiers knew the ground why they are contending with the Rebels. he commented that non all the soldiers understood the run against bondage. nevertheless he pointed it out that there were a batch of them who wholly understand the idea. Fisk’s were able to account in his letters that his coloured companions. was besides given jobs in the cantonment more hard than when they were slave. a trial to their nationalism which they have surmounted good.

Fisk’s letters was able to document in item the activity of his regiment. the two intents why they were sent ; to carry through their responsibility towards the Union and for the equality of race. Fisk’s fought hard with his strength in the conflict and with his pen and memory won freedom which means a free authorities and free citizens.


Truly the letters show how talented is America to hold work forces that answers the call of responsibility but reading and looking closely on their letters one will happen what the existent war is all about. Sliting through its pages. a deep doomed will immediately be felt and a inquiry where all these good work forces go afterwards because it is a large doomed non to see this all right work forces live a longer life. The experience of decease in the battlegrounds have taught them many things and valued everything they can still keep on to while there is still a slender opportunity to travel back. These are so all their calls. the confidence they need by supporting a state. Though soldiers and their undertaking is to give 1s life. those in authorization should seek besides the well being or the safe return of these well intending work forces.

Those letters intend to demo that military personnel is best if the state can besides procure the life of each one by supplying better intervention for soldiers during the war. It besides gives us a image of adhering to war as the last resort when all duologue between equaling parties has been disclosed. The scenario of the 18Thursdaycentury civil war is the same manner as managing a difference in an barbarian manner because lives of work forces are expended nevertheless. they won the conflict ; and for that ground those lives weren’t put to waste.

The soldiers in Fisk letters have a really high respects towards their General they esteemed him to the fact that in his legal power all the Rebels will all be shoved in a cover or in a poke ( Fisk & A ; Rosenblatt. 1994 ) . Those in the other regiment though they started good. in the terminal have lost their morale.

By virtue of muster immature work forces or old. colored or white are given high awards to function their state. Though these work forces are clearly alone from each other both wartime experiences showed the ugliness and resentment of war. Some succeeded to return place while the remainder nourished the land with their blood. For those who were able to come back and enjoy the freedom that with their companions has fought and won continued their soundless call but spoke through the voices of their letters – that war is like a supplication that is both heard. a request that is granted while at the same clip it is besides an unreciprocated supplication.

The two good white immature soldiers did non came to war for money. the Negro went to gain a life. the anti-rebel soldier fought every bit difficult as the remainder. Though their purpose differs from each one what is common to them is the desire to win and with that in head they have succeeded. Their letters may non be plenty to show what is in their heads or the torment of hurting they have received in their organic structures during their wartime experiences but will ever stay a memory to mankind. The aristocracy of those soldiers left an unerasable grade in the Black Marias of the state they have served valorously and dependably.


Everson. G. . & A ; Simpson. E. ( 1993 ) .Far. far from place: the wartime letters of Dick and Tally Simpson. Third South Carolina Volunteers. Retrieved 24 April 2008. from hypertext transfer protocol: //books. Google. com/books? id=W2V3swCJIlkC & A ; dq=far+far+from+home & A ; client=firefox-a & A ; source=gbs_summary_s & A ; cad=0

Fisk. W. . & A ; Rosenblatt. R. a. E. ( 1994 ) .Hard Marching Everyday: The Civil War Letters of Private Wilbur Fisk. 1861-1865: University Press of Kansas.

Gooding. C. J. H. . & A ; Adams. V. M. ( 1991 ) .On the Altar of Freedom: A Black Soldier’s Civil War Letters from the Front. Retrieved 25 April 2008. from hypertext transfer protocol: //books. Google. com/books? id=Gv15YhDcFDgC & A ; dq=on+the+altar+of+freedom & A ; client=firefox-a & A ; source=gbs_summary_s & A ; cad=0

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