Why Did a Civil War Begin in England in 1642? Sample

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In 1642. war broke out between two ground forcess led by the King and Parliament. There were several causes of this struggle. some of which were to make with power. some refering money and others connected to faith. This essay will explicate how all these causes combined led to the eruption of the Civil War.

The most of import cause of the Civil War in my sentiment was one refering money and Parliament because this was the footing of the statement. Charles I and Parliament argued about money. this was down to the fact that Charles wasted tonss of money on excessive parties. pointless wars and imbibing this meant that he ever seemed to necessitate more money. When Charles needed money he went to Parliament as he believed one of the lone ways of acquiring money easy was to increase revenue enhancement and Parliament were the lone 1s who could increase revenue enhancements. Parliament wouldn’t merely increase revenue enhancements as Charles had hoped. Parliament expected Charles to listen to them but Charles being every bit chesty as he was refused to listen as a consequence Charles didn’t acquire the money. Parliament were angered greatly as they were non happy with the manner Charles ruled but they were unable to make anything about it unless Charles listened to them. In 1629. Charles sent Parliament off and ruled without them for the following 11 old ages. This helped take to war as Charles was angered Parliament.

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The 2nd most of import ground was one of which to make with power. King Charles surrounded himself with his household. friends and good looking people with money. This meant that he chose his advisers depending on what they looked like and how much money they had. non on how good they could make the occupation. George Villiers. Duke of Buckingham was one of the king’s advisers ; he was considered good looking at the clip but was non really good at his occupation. He made tonss of bad determinations one was to travel to war with France and Spain both of which we were defeated and he was eventually assassinated.

This determination made King Charles even more unpopular and hated by many which besides helped take to war. Charles besides had two chief advisers who were Archbishop Laud and Earl of Strafford who besides made bad determinations and were disliked by Parliament. The Earl of Strafford was accused of impeachment by Parliament in 1640 and Archbishop Laud was accused of lese majesty by Parliament in 1640 and in the Grand Remonstrance of 1641 called for imprisonment. They were both beheaded. Charles agreed to subscribing their decease warrant because he was worried for him and his households safety if he didn’t and he felt that if they were killed it would be like he was go throughing the incrimination for the ruin of the state to them. This contributed to the civil war as Charles had people doing bad determinations for him which made him look bad.

The 3rd most of import ground was another refering money. After Charles sent Parliament off he needed money as Parliament weren’t around to increase revenue enhancements. In 1634. Charles introduced a revenue enhancement called ‘Ship Money’ which in the yesteryear had been paid by all people in coastal counties to pay for the defense mechanism of the seashore. At the clip England was non at war so there was no demand to roll up the revenue enhancement. but in 1635 Charles extended the revenue enhancement to all counties. If people refused to pay they would be put in prison. For illustration when Buckinghamshire landholder. John Hampden. objected he was put in prison. This enraged Parliament particularly because Charles had suggested he had no demand for parliament and that there was no demand to convey them back. However Parliament wanted to be back in power and this contributed to the eruption of war.

The 4th most of import ground was one to make with power. Charles believed in the Godhead rights of male monarchs. He thought. as his male parent had before him. that Kings were appointed by God. and could non be incorrect. He believed that no-one could reason with him and if they did they would be reasoning with God. He believed he was like a God and didn’t have to listen to anyone. In those times religion was really of import. and if you went to heaven or hell so if people argued with Charles they may acquire sent to hell. Charles disliked holding to govern with Parliament. and thought that he should be able to make anything he liked. This caused much clash and differences between him and the MPs and this lead to the civil war.

The fifth most of import ground was one refering faith. Charles I married a Gallic princess. Henrietta Maria. who was Catholic. Part of the matrimony pact ensured her right to pattern her religion. and this annoyed the Puritans. Equally good as that Charles disagreed with the Puritan ways as he felt that they were to rigorous Protestants and he thought that they were stating him how to run the church. Charles decided to make something about it and put up the tribunal of star Chamberss in which he chopped off Puritans ears. he besides branded their faces. direct them to prison and besides banned their books. This angered the Puritans and contributed to the war as the Puritans were on Parliaments side.

The 6th most of import ground was one to make with faith and power. The war between Scotland and England was caused by Charles desiring to alter the Scottish supplication books they used. Scotland was annoyed and decided to alternatively of listening to Charles to travel to war with him. Charles who had spent all the money on his ain luxuries. needed tonss of money quite rapidly and called back Parliament after 11 old ages this was what Parliament had been waiting for and took it to their advantage and said they would acquire the money Charles wanted if he listened to their demands. The list of Parliaments demands. and unfavorable judgment was called the Grand Remonstrance. What truly enraged Charles and made him contemn Parliament was that they published this list for the whole state to see which made Charles even more unpopular. Parliament managed to coerce Charles to halt roll uping ship money. near down the tribunal of star Chamberss and to besides put to death the Earl of Stafford who was the Kings head adviser. Parliament wanted power over Charles and the chief powers they wanted was to hold control of the ground forces and be able to take Charles’s advisers. This helped take to the civil war as it angered Charles and made him detest Parliament and want rid of them once more.

The seventh and last ground that I think isn’t every bit of import as the others was another refering power. On 4 January 1642. Charles sent his soldiers to collar Arthur Haselrig. John Pym. John Hampden. Denzil Holles and William Strode who were the 5 prima MP’s. One of which. John Pym. was really much against the male monarch and his determinations. John Pym had three chief unfavorable judgments of the male monarch they were the fact that Charles had dismissed Parliament for 11 old ages. that the faith reforms of the church by the male monarchs chief adviser Archbishop Laud and how Charles had raised revenue enhancements without Parliaments permission. This made the male monarch disfavor John Pym. Charles wanted to collar them so that he could hold complete power of England. The five work forces managed to get away before the soldiers arrived. Members of Parliament no longer felt safe with Charles and decided to organize their ain ground forces. After neglecting to collar the Five Members. Charles fled from London. Aware that Civil War was inevitable. Charles began to organize an ground forces.

In decision. we can see there were several grounds that all built up and take to the civil war. In my sentiment the most of import ground of these was the changeless difference between Charles and Parliament over money. I believe this to be the chief cause as money started many statements between Charles and Parliament. This appears to me as a critical period in English history and had a important consequence on the power that the King and Parliament had. without this war. Parliament may non hold the power they have today and the Monarch of England may still retain complete power over England.

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