Eternal Problem of the Generation Gap

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The generation gap is one which cannot be bridged. Discuss.

Every generation lives according to the norms and beliefs in their own time. The time brings changes, new technologies, new lifestyles and new ways of thinking and behaving. Inevitably and even unconsciously, people follow these changes and they are affected too. In every process, the transition is the hardest obstacle to overcome and the question whether gap between generations can be bridged is a reason for a heated debate between the members in every society.

There are some people who believe that one generation would never be able to understand people from the ones that follow. They support their claim with the fact that in order to understand something, it has to be experienced. The difficulty that older people have with adapting to the modern technology is one illustration of their thesis. Moreover, they believe that the mindset of people is something that is deeply rooted and it is difficult to accept something else than what they had been thought. As a result the ignorance of the changes is their first defence.

On the other hand, those who consider themselves being more flexible and adjustable believe that if people try, the gap between generations can be quite reduced and even insignificant to be ever mentioned. They hope that if only people from each generation accepted and respected the good and useful experiences and knowledge from the other generation they can meet each other on half way and be able to coexist without prejudices to each others.

To sum up, the relations among people are always complex, even in the same generation. When multiple generations are in question, it is even more difficult. The gap between may or may not be overcome, which depends on the people, but If each generation was able to respect the other one it would certainly be easier to walk on that bridge.

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