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Generation Gap: My Personal Experience

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  • Pages 5
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    I lived enough time around my grandpa to have a clear perception about how different is the old generation to the new generation or as known “generation gap. ” There is no doubt that every generation is different in many ways from the old ones. The Children’s generation is different from their parents’ generation. There are certain aspects to that difference and these aspects may be positive as well as negative. In my view, there are three main reasons that make that difference: modern technology, fashion, and values. Today present generation is entirely dependent on modern electronics, such as computers, iPods, cell phones, MP3 etc.

    Who can live without internet today? I have experienced two days without access to social media or checking the updates of my friends on Facebook. I thought that I had the same difficulty that a person addicted to smoke would have to stop smoking. I have tried to explain to my mother what Facebook, Orkut and Twitter are, but it is just difficult to her understand it, while children who are five, six years old completely dominate this issue. If our parents’ generation used letter writing to send messages, modern youth uses e-mails, saving a great deal of time and money.

    The Older generation still likes to use land line connections and other simple instruments. But a good thing is that they slowly adapt to the fast advance of the technology, while modern generation think that their recently bought IPhone is old because a new model was put in the market. I don’t think I will ever get a text from my mother. She basically uses her cell phones to receive and make calls, while youth has a facility to text, they text friends almost whole day and it has become an addition. Sometimes parents are not excited for these new electronic items.

    Young generation, however, is thrilled about any new development in electronic world. Young people easily adapt themselves to changes. Fashion has greatly changed over the years and certainly made a big difference between my parents’ and my generations. One day I sat with my mother on the coach and she told me about her school time. She took some old pictures to show me. I rapidly laugh at her pictures because of her cloths and hair style. My parents’ generation’s clothing was much simpler, bleak in colors and very modest.

    I was surprised when she told me that hair style was an epidemic at that time and every girl wanted that. Always when I go shop with my mother I know that I am going to hear her whispering to me about the color and shape of a fashion girl’s hair. I used to hear my grandma complaining about how short the skirt was that my sister was wearing to go to a party. However, it is common to see some clothing companies bring back some old-fashioned and retro clothing to the new generation. Some of them think it is cool, but other say that they would never wear it.

    The new generation likes attention. Their look is sometimes too bright and bold and the style is quite immodest. I think value is the most important difference to observe between old and new generation. Today due to scientific development the youth have developed the spirit of enquiry and interrogation. They do not want to believe in ready-made belief. They are full of aspirations and ambitions. They want to go ahead not caring for the consequences. When elders advise them, they feel annoyed, murmur and complain. Youth are sensitive by nature.

    Old order has lost its charm for them. Established values and traditions have lost their appeal for them. They are today living in the age of enquiry and experiment. When the elder dictate to them and impose their will upon them, the youth become defiant and rebellious. They feel frustrated and discontented, when their wishes are not fulfilled. The youth today ignore the advice of the teacher and disobey their parents because their self-respect is injured. I heard from my mother how things were for her when she was young.

    She used to say that her father did not need to tell her what she was supposed to do. He just need fix his eyes at her and she was ready to obey. Also she told me that teachers at schools were like parents, they had a great influence in students’ behavior. The students also use to respect and obey the teachers as they did with their own parents. My mother still remembers that her father wanted all children at the exactly time gathered together for dinner. They need to show gratitude for whatever they had to eat every day.

    Many times I saw my grandma complaining with her daughters because of her grandchildren discussing with their parents. They wanted to go in a trip that the parents did not allowed or they wanted buy something and needed the money in that exactly moment. Old generation are in general more patient, many of them was raised with strict rules and limits, while new generation do not have patience, they do not like to wait. Sometimes they do not want sit together for dinner or they do not want participate of old traditions of their families.

    They think it is boring and their own interests, parties, games are more important than values. In conclusion, I would like to confirm that modern technology, fashion, and values are indeed three main reasons that cause a difference between our parents’ generation and our generation. Since each new generation becomes out of tune and touch with the upcoming one, it is in the fitness of things that the youth of today exhibit understanding and adjustment with the older generation now, so that it does not suffer the burden of guilt conscience in its graying or balding period of life.

    I think it is important that we learn good things from our parents and parents should learn from young generation as well. Children can teach and help their parents how to use a new electronic. Parents can help children shopping cloths and give their best and sincere opinion, understanding that they are different. I believe that the best way parents can teach their children values is to spend more time with them. Between work, school, and countless after-school activities, families often are too busy to have even a dinner together. That way we may all progress and help each other to improve our future.

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