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The Goonies Movie Review

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The 1985 movie “The Goonies” in my opinion shows a hero’s journey. This is where it all starts. Brandon is left in charge of the kids when the dad is at work and the mom is out for groceries this clearly means nothing but trouble. While the mom is away the kids always get into trouble but today is where they crossed the line they tied Brandon up with his own workout machine and then entered the most forbidden place in the house their dads attic no one has ever been up there this can only mean one thing Mikey said there hiding something… as the kids are in the attic find a map but his no ordinary map this is the map to one eyed willies treasure.

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Once the kids find this map they don’t believe a thing until Chunk stumbles into an old picture of a pirate ship with one eyed Willie himself steering it. As the kids are in shock from the picture Mikey screams HEY GUYS LOOK! There was an old newspaper article about a guy named Chester Copperpot he also tried to find one eyed willies treasure but he didn’t make it out.

The kids take the initiative to go out and for the last goonies adventure and maybe to even save Goonville. As the kids are setting out on their adventure Brandon’s mom finally comes home to see only him lying there in the chair tied up and she says to him Brandon if you don’t find those boys and bring them home you will be grounded for life! When the goonies finally reached the supposed restaurant where the treasure is Chunk is sneaking around and finds out that the Fratellis the biggest criminals in all of Goonville are in there its to late to tell the rest of the gang who are already inside.

When the goonies are inside Mikey is snooping around trying to find the entrance way to one eyed Willies treasure but when he is doing that the Fratelli’s mom chases Mikey and the rest of the gang out into the open field and they wait it out Until they leave while there waiting Brandon finally caught up with them but he’s not alone he now has Andy and her friend Stef now that kids are in the lowest spot of the building they have now found the entrance into the cave to find the treasure but there leaving 1 Goonie behind Mikey has sent Chunk out to get the police before the Fratteli’s return. As the kids are in the tunnel they have found Chester Copper’s body and this deeply discourages them but they don’t quit. While the kids are in the cave chunk is on the street trying to find a car to bring him into town but just for his luck the only car that stops are the Fratteli’s as chunk is babbling on about how his turning them into the cops and doesn’t notice its them and they snatch him and force the truth out of him where the rest of the kids are. Now the criminals are chasing after the Goonies, but now the kids have ran into trouble the only way into the next entrance is to play the death piano and the only person who knows how play is Andy but she only remembers from when she was a little girl but now is their only chance because the Fratteli’s are hot on their trail. As andy is on her last key she has 2 options death or survival But it all leads up to her and she hits the right key!

The kids are now that much closer to the treasure there are only a short swim away, we have finally reached it says Mikey with joy but as there on the boat getting the treasure the Fratteli’s have caught them and are now holding them hostage and making them swim back onto shore without any treasure as the kids are going back into shore the Fratelli’s hit one of the many boobie traps now the cave is collapsing and the kids have made it out safe and alive but as they have reached all of the news cameras and parents of the children Brandon and Mikeys dad is about to sign the paper for the Goonville to be turned over to Randy and his dad right before the ink touches it Mikey screams “I got the treasure to pay off the debt” and pulls out ruby’s pearls and other fine Jewlery and as this is all is happening the police are arresting the Fratteli’s and all lives happy ever after.

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