The Greatest Person in My Life

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During my early years, I was exposed to a variety of sounds from different sources. These included the weeping of my mother and the booming music played by our neighbor, “Van Halen.” At the same time, my father, who was often absent, would frequently come home late at night, shouting and using strange language. Instead of being a role model and someone I could rely on, he became involved in substance abuse and infidelity. His life was filled with challenges and a continuous series of errors.

After my parents’ separation, I received a letter that had a profound impact on me in several ways.

Receiving this letter brought my dad back into my life. From prison, he expressed his remorse and transformation after years of drug addiction. Witnessing his bravery to turn his life around, I greatly admire my father as one of the most resilient individuals I have known. Thanks to his change, I regained the opportunity to visit him. He embarked on a new path, building a new family and finding employment that offers security for his loved ones. Each day, he rises, fulfills his responsibilities as a father, and embraces every moment with newfound appreciation.

If it weren’t for my father, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. He had the ability to turn his life around and become the best version of himself. Every moment spent with him is a chance for me to learn something new. One of his frequent sayings is, “Forgiveness is accepting that you can’t change the past.” This statement holds true for me because he demonstrated it in his actions. I carry these words with me every day, as they taught me how to forgive myself for past mistakes and strive for a better future.

If I ever need someone to talk to, I know in my heart that he will always be there and give me the support I need. He helps me with his accumulated wisdom and every moment spent with him is valuable to me. I aim to emulate my father, not his past self but the incredible person he has become – the strongest individual I will ever encounter and the only source of inspiration for me to develop and follow my beliefs. This is because everyone has the potential to improve.

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