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The Greatest Person in My Life

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Laying as a baby in my crib I could hear everything from him. All the crying from my mom and the loud music of “Van Halen” in the next room. he was always gone and often came home late at night screaming and saying bizarre things. This man was my father. The person I was suppose to look up to and rely on but all he ever did was drugs and cheat. He lived a hard life and was screwing up every day.

Years after my mom and dad split up that’s when I get the letter. This little letter were words that changed my life in so many ways.

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The Greatest Person in My Life
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It was because of this letter that I had a dad again. He had written to me from prison telling me that he was sorry and had changed. He had been doing drugs for most of his life but he had the courage to change his way of life and start over.

My father is one of the strongest and greatest people I know. Because of him changing I was able to visit him again. He started a new family, a new job, and as able to provide his family shelter. Every day he gets up and goes to work, raises his son, and lives each moment like never before.

If it weren’t for this man I wouldn’t be the person I am today he had the ability to change his life around and be the greatest person he could ever hope to be, my father. Every second I am around him I am learning something new. His words often are, “Forgiveness is accepting that you can’t change the past. ” And that is true to me because he proved it. And I live everyday with those words in my head because I learned how to forgive myself from the past and work for a better future.

If I ever need someone to talk to I know in my heart that he will always be there and give me all the support I need to be the person I know I am. He helps me through the wisdom that he has learned over the years and I cherish every moment I have with him. I hope to be just like my father, not who he use to be but the great person he is today, the strongest person I will ever hope to know and probably the only person that inspires me to be more then who I am and to reach for what I believe in because everyone can change for the better.

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