The Handmaids Tale Asnwers Chapters Essay

How does the scene with Moire in the past contrast to the narrator’s present existence? Fried’s flashback to her time student times with Moire highlights a direct comparison to the amount of freedom she had. Not only under others but also in time as well as having the choice of many options including clothes and behavior. It is also clear that both Offered and Moire had not a care in the world, there was no worries about being caught with a cigarette or not doing their work.

Whereas Offered present situation highlights her lack of freedom by being watched at her every move.

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The Handmaids Tale Asnwers Chapters
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Furthermore, the use Of ‘date rape’ is taken as if it were a joke, associating it with some form of dessert. This may due to the fact that they had never experienced anything like it. This can be said differently now. 2) What impression do you get of Moire here? Moire seems to be far more relaxed than Offered as if she was less mature and she certainly didn’t mind what others thought of her.

The reader may associate her with a typical teenage girl of the 21st century ‘I’m borrowing five bucks off you, okay? 3) What is the purpose of her mother’s visit to the park? Their trip to the park was so that mother was TABLE to join in with a feminist roof burning pornography. The fact that Fried’s mother has allowed her to burn a magazine implies that her mother wants to teach Offered a lesson, however ‘it didn’t frighten ‘Offered. ‘ 4) What repeated question suggests the narrator is finding it hard to keep hold of her memories? Offered repeats ‘How old was I’ indicating that the details of her memories are fading and being replaced with her horrible current situation.

As well as the most influential woman in Fried’s life are slowly degrading from her memory. 5) When the narrator remembers crying out “where is she? What have you done with her? Who do you think she is talking about? I believe Offered is asking about her daughter due to the fact that there is a sudden change in context. Offered is so surprised and distraught about this person meaning that they were close to her and due the fact that ‘she was only as tall as the woman’s elbow’ indicates a small child.

Furthermore, this is one of the first moments that we are provided with Offered true emotions to the departure of her daughter, meaning that it seems more realistic for Offered to be upset about loosing her daughter than anyone else in her life. 6) What factor suggests the little girl is still alive? Holding her had was a woman’ suggesting that the little girl is still part of civilization, and perhaps a more rounded family for she has been given to people ‘who are fit. ‘ Therefore Fried’s daughter can be seen to still be alive, especially with Fried’s hope to ‘believe’ that it is just a story. ) What is the effect of the narration being told in the present tense? The fact that we are presented with these moments as memories allows the reader to have more sympathy towards Offered. The reader has now experienced both her past and present circumstances and can therefore adjust to the preferences and sacrifices Offered has had to make. However the reader learns that ‘writing is forbidden’ and thus they are TABLE to question the reliability and accuracy of Fried’s perspective. Furthermore the question is raised of how are the readers TABLE to access the thoughts of Offered if it is an oral narrative.

Chapter 14 1) What impression do you get of the household and their present and past status from the descriptions of the sitting room? The Commanders sitting room highlights the persistent wealth his family name has always had through many generations “money has trickled through this room for years ND years. ” This is also reflected through the detailed description of “dark rose” colors as well as the expensive materials used such as “suave leather” and “velvet. ” 2) Why might the narrator be reluctant to reveal her real name?

Having no one know her real name means that for once she has something that is wholly hers. A secret. Through holding onto this she still has something to call her own, however this ends in this chapter when the reader learns he name in Offered, yet the reader is unsure whether this is her real name. On the contrary her allowance of letting the reader know her name provides her with n identity, coming closer to a sense of belonging. Perhaps not with the people of Gilead but with the reader. 3) What features in the second paragraph suggest the status between Serene Joy and the narrator?

Offered describes herself “as if I’m a piece of furniture” objectifying herself without having indication to do so. Offered seems to be aware of her place within society as well as in Seers Joys house. Furthermore the fact that Offered is “kneeling’ implies the fact that she is of lower status without having to say a word. 4) What impression do you get of the two portraits in the sitting room? The detailed description of the two portraits “breasts constricted” imply the repressed sexual feelings of Serene Joy with her husband.

The fact that they are also “convincingly domestic” implies that a domestic wife, such as Serene Joy, gains no pleasure from her husband due to the fact that she cannot conceive children, therefore the commander goes to a handmaid. 5) What is Atwood implying with the contrast between the dried flowers and the real daffodils? Atwood has used the flowers as a metaphor for femininity. Seers Joy is shown as a soul that has died inside her living body (The dried arrangement of flowers). Yet, she still hopes to break this and be back to her true self, before she became controlled (The real daffodils). ) Why do you think Atwood so often allows the narrator descriptions of smell in the world she finds herself in? It is clear that throughout the novel Offered sense of smell is her only possession that allows her freedom. No one can tell her what to smell or what something should smell like. It is a substance that she can add individuality to. A sense that cannot be constrained by Gillie’s patriarchal society. 7) What action does the narrator reflect would giver her a sense of power? Why do you think this would be so?

Atwood provides Offered with the idea of steeling ‘something from this room. ‘ Although it is not of high moral she would feel a sense of power for she has willingly done a deed that is forbidden in any circumstance. Not only would she feel a sense of power but she would also feel pride, taking something that is not hers, just like many others have done with her and her belongings. 8) Note who has to attend for these prayers and the form they take. At the ceremony Nick, Core and Seers, the commander and Offered have to attend. The Ceremony demands it” however, it is not specifically stated why. ) What action of Nick’s suggests rebellion and intimacy? Nicks “boot is touching my (Offered) foot. ” This doesn’t happen once though Nick tries it again when Offered moves only highlighting that Nick must be doing this on purpose. Nicks action foreshadows their intimacy later on in the novel. 10) What further information are we given through the news report? The reader learns that conflict is now appearing between the people of Gilead. War.

There seems to be a change occurring that could foreshadow the future for the Handmaids. “A team of eyes” only heightens the readers suspicion hat everyone is being watched but also informs the reader that only the perception Of these “eyes” are being told to the rest Of Gilead “They only show victories, never defeats” automatically questioning the reliability of the news report. 1 1) What do you think is meant by the “resettlement of the children of Ham”? This statement highlights the racism that is current in the city Gilead and how they use this as an excuse for slavery.

The news reader justifies his saying through linking the biblical passage of Genesis 9:18-27. 1 2) What is the effect of Atwood relating the beginning of the tale of her daughters abduction? At this point Offered is TABLE to receive more sympathy and sadness from the reader, for they have already been informed of the ending to this story. Atwood has been TABLE to emphasize the pain and grievance that Offered feels for herself, Luke and her daughter thought it was an ordinary day way, with hope and sunshine.

Atwood has been TABLE to portray that the hope that Offered feels throughout the novel may never come, but it is also taken away when you least expect it. Chapter 15 1) Note down some of the key features of the description of the Commander. Neatly brushed silver hair. Sober posture. Slightly stooped shoulders. Mild manner. Blue eyes ? uncommunicative. Silver moustache. 2) What impression are you forming of the Commander? It is clear that the commander rules over Wife and Handmaid as though they are chattel and interprets the ban on pre-Gilead decadence as it suits his needs and desires.

He seems to be very traditional with right-wing conservative views however, he sometimes seems to be distracted (perhaps to his indicated old age) thus Serene and others are TABLE t manipulate him in very few instances. 3) Why do you think the Bible is locked up? Having the bible locked up emphasizes the fact that “it is an incendiary device. It could also be due to the fact that only some of the passages relate and are used to justify actions of those in Gilead yet, it has been stated that the commander locks it away in order to keep the practice of the bible stories locked away in the dark ages. ) When else in history’ was the general public restricted from viewing the Bible? In the past the church discouraged the populace Of people reading the Bible on their own. It was intensified through the middle ages, with the addition of a prohibition forbidding translation of the Bible into native languages. 5) What metaphor is used for the Bible and what is the narrator implying by his? The Bible is stated to be “an incendiary device” something that is to start a fire. To the reader this implies that the Bible is to blame a war taking place in Gilead but could also be the spark of the rebellion and structure of a dyspepsia society.

Taking away the true moral to Christianity. 6) What euphemisms does the narrator use about the Commander and why does this suggest an element of rebellion? “His extra, sensitive thumb, his tentacle, his delicate, stalked slug’s eye, which extrudes, expands, winces, and shrivels back into himself. ” This euphemism allows Offered to become amused UT also compromised about the commander as a person. However, this form of rebellion shows a snippet of black humor that captures the potential for tragedy in their unproductive copulation. 7) What is the effect Of the metaphor Of a boot in relation to the Commander?

The metaphor highlights Fried’s opinion toward the Commander. That he puts on this tough side in order to cover up and protect those who he cares for that help him stand to be the man he is. 8) How do the readings relate to the quotes at the front of the novel? The prayer from Genesis is near enough a repetition footpath on the front of the evolve, explaining about a surrogate mother therefore providing a reason and moral behind a Handmaids job. Chapter 15 allows the reader to relate to the quotes at the beginning of the novel and see the relevance. 9) What do you think the ceremony entails?

Within this section the chapter is aimed at Offered, especially when they all look down upon her. It is evident that Offered is the main object within this ceremony. At this moment it is unclear in what the ceremony will fully entail however, the reader may come to the conclusion that it has some relevance to the commander and Offered having their first try for a child. 0) Why do you think she says Serene Joy must hate her? Offered idea that Serene Joy must hate her is most likely due to the fact that she cannot conceive her own children and therefore receives no attention from her husband. 1) What narrative devices does Atwood use to create tension in this chapter? “online et bastardies corundum’s” provides Offered with a sense Of control in her home perhaps providing her with more thought of freedom and hope as well as inspiration from the previous Handmaid. Also Fried’s flashback to Moire’s plan to escape indicates to the reader that perhaps Offered is planning, resell to escape. 1 2) What does Aunt Lydia comment that “your feet and hands are not essential” after Moire’s punishment occurs tell you about the Handmaid’s role?

This quote highlights to the reader how a Handmaid is only valued for their disembodied torso of reproductive organs rather than them being appreciated for them being themselves. No one sees them as humans apart from other Handmaids. Chapter 16 1) What suggests that this Ceremony is a regular occurrence? “The ceremony goes on as usual. ” As a reader We also learn that this ceremony is the lead up to the Commander and his Handmaid having sex. The reader already knows that Offered has had previous commanders and therefore to her this ceremony is a regular occurrence. ) How does the tone and language used in Tattoo’s description reflect the nature of the Ceremony she is describing? 3) How does the narrator highlight that this ceremony is an act being done to her, rather than something she feels part of? Offered is given no chance to examine areas of the room instead her view is “only of the canopy. ” Everything is happening to her with her having no chance to say anything during the ceremony. However Offered doesn’t State this at the beginning it an be implied. 4) How do you respond to the information that there was a small element of choice in the narrators agreement to be a Handmaid?

Sympathy is shown towards Offered for her announcing that she has this choice. This feeling increases as the reader learns that although she has this choice it will lead her nowhere due to the fact that there is still no hope for a better present day or future. 5) Why do you think she chose this role? Think that Offered chose the role of a Handmaid for she knew that she would, to some extent, be taken care of. Furthermore it showcases her helpfulness awards others, giving them what she lost. 6) Comment on Serene Joys role during the Ceremony.

How does she appear to be feeling? Serene Joy has to be present as if she is the one being “bucked. ” Serene has to pretend that Offered isn’t present due to the way “her pubic bone under the base of my skull” highlighting how Offered is only being used as the bottom part of Serene Joys body. Serene Joy is not pleased with this situation and perhaps her cutting Offered with her ring is a sign of “revenge. ” 7) What action on Serene Joys part suggests her anger? Serene Joy goes against the rules of a commander’s wife for she demands to

Offered “you can stand up now’ immediately after the commander has left even though this has a high risk of reducing the chance of Offered becoming pregnant. 8) What description confirms that pleasure is no longer relevant to the sexual act in Gilead? “It has nothing to do with passion or love or romance. ” “This is not recreation… This is serious business. The commander, too, is doing his duty. ” g) What simile does Atwood use to describe the Commander’s movement and what effect does this create? “Like a man humming to himself in the shower without knowing he’s humming” stating that the commander is preoccupied y other thoughts.

Perhaps the commander only sees this as his “duty’ rather than the chance of having a child. This emphasizes the fact that this is a planned occasion, decreed as law therefore highlighting the fact that this “is not making love. ” 1 0) What is the effect of the narrator referring to herself as “one” towards the end of the chapter? This has the effect that Offered doesn’t want to be in this situation. Offered wants to pretend that it wasn’t happening to her, that perhaps she was Serene Joy observing the disgraceful action. 1 1) In what ways does Serene Joy show her loathing for Offered and all that is aging place?

Not only does Serene Joy have a tone of loathing but also she is insistent to be alone resting, instead of allowing Offered to. It is evident that Serene Joy is uncomforTABLE with the situation for it is as “if the touch of my (Offered) flesh sickens and contaminates her. ” Chapter 17 1) What metaphor is used to describe the Handmaid’s role and what response does this evoke? Handmaids are described as “containers” highlighting that they have been objectified by society and are only used when needed and at the pleasure of others. To the reader this is disgraceful for the Handmaids job s the most important in the reproduction of life. ) What small act of rebellion does Offered carry out and why do you think it has such importance for her? Offered uses the butter that she stole from the kitchen, as a kind of moisturizer for her face. This is against the rules of the wives for all kinds of skincare treatments have been banned for “they don’t want us (handmaids) to look attractive. This is one of Offered first real signs of rebellion, thus leading her to believe she can rebel against other things. We learn of more throughout the chapter and the rest of the novel. ) Why do you think she repeats her former name to herself?

Reminding her of her former name provides her with a sense of individuality when people admired her and when she was someone’s “how others saw me. ” This reminder informed her of her past that it also confirms to her that it did happen and that it wasn’t just an illusion. However it still reminds the reader that Offered has a secret that the reader is unaware of. 4) Why do you think she wants to steal something? When Offered stills something it provides her with some sense of power but also provides her with an act of freedom and ownership.

Furthermore she enjoys these little acts of rebellion when she knows there is no way of others finding out, meaning that she doesn’t worry about steeling certain things for she is sure there would be little punishment. 5) What does the fact that she wishes to steal a knife imply? The fact that Offered is thinking of stealing a knife implies that she is thin king of escaping or she is planning on attacking another. However she is “not ready for this” suggesting that she still has hope for the future. 6) Why do you think she wants to hide the daffodil in her room for the next Handmaid to find?

Offered wants to leave a sign of hope and aspiration for the next Handmaid, just like she received from the phase inscribed in the wardrobe. The daffodil, in this instance, is used as a sign of strength. Offered wants to provide the next Handmaid with a reason not to escape their dreadful situation. 7) Why does she think Nick wont give her away? Due to the fact that that Nick is also of lower status and shouldn’t be out of his room after dark, Offered is sure that he won’t turn her in for she is aware that Nick, himself, will also receive a punishment . 8) What feelings does she have about kissing Nick?

Offered feels confused and frustrated. This is the first form Of sexual interaction that Offered has had in a while, but also with someone that she is attracted to for “it felt so good, to be touched by someone. ” However, Offered tries to find relief in the situation by believing that Nick was Luke just “in another body. ” 9) What does his statement “l was coming to find you” imply at first? How does this then change as the chapter continues? When we first hear nick say “l was coming to find you” the reader implies that Nick wants to find Offered due to his feelings that he has indicated earlier on in the chapter.

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