The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks summary

Table of Content

Chapter one

Chapter one is about when Henrietta lacks is in the Hopkins infirmary explicating to the physician that she has a ball. Henrietta had felt this ball for a long clip but though it was because of her gestation of her 5th kid. The gynaecologist looks at her medical history ; notices that Henrietta had a list of untreated medical jobs. The chapter besides explains the clip of period it was in as it describes how they were segregated. They had they ain subdivision on the infirmary for black people.

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Chapter two

In this chapter it tells the early life of Henrietta how she was one of 10 childs. Her female parent died when she was merely 4 old ages old and her male parent could non take attention of all 10 so he moved back to where remainder of the household was and split all the childs to different household members. Henrietta was left with her gramps who was besides raising her cousin David lacks. It describes their childhood life at the farm how they had to work and the things they did to go through the clip. It besides tells how Henrietta ends up get marrieding her cousin David and has 5 childs.

Chapter three

In chapter it explains how the physicians at the Hopkins infirmary are working on acquiring a remedy for cervical malignant neoplastic disease. Their thought to bring around malignant neoplastic disease is to handle the tumour before it has become cancerous ; they use Pap vilification as a manner to forestall malignant neoplastic disease. It besides explains how Ra was used to destruct the malignant neoplastic disease and many other things but it besides kill the individual that was been treated with that. The physicians at the Hopkins hospital start making their ain medical surveies from patients without their consent. They besides start utilizing Henrietta as one of their patients for the surveies. Henrietta finds out she has malignant neoplastic disease but does non allow her household cognize what is incorrect with her.

Chapter four

This chapter is about when the samples from Henrietta come to the lab to be experiment on but the physician helper is at tiffin and takes her clip to acquire to the samples. In the mean while. Henrietta stays 2 yearss at the infirmary retrieving from the Ra intervention. When Henrietta leave the infirmary Mary notice that Henrietta cells didn’t dice and they are reproducing. It besides tells how doctor Gey had hired his helper and why. It besides tells about physician Gay life. how he paid his college and the experiments he did in college.

Chapter five

In chapter five Henrietta has done 2 Ra interventions and the physicians tell her that the malignant neoplastic disease is acquiring smaller. but she will still hold to come to the hospital day-to-day for one month to make x-ray. Henrietta had to state her cousin that she has malignant neoplastic disease because she had moved to her house to be able to travel to the infirmary which was nearby. Cancer is non the lone thing that Henrietta has to cover with ; she has to direct her girl to a mental institute since she can’t take attention of her.

Chapter six

In this chapter Rebecca the writer is stating how she became to make the research for the book about Henrietta HeLa cells. At first she contacted Roland Patillo a gynaecologist who had organized the “The HeLa Cancer Control Symposium. ” She asks if he knew the deficiencies. His response was yeah but at foremost he didn’t want to give her the information on how to reach them but at the terminal he gave her the phone figure of Deborah. Henrietta girl. When Rebecca contacted Deborah and told her that she wanted to do a book about her female parent. Deborah agrees to assist. Rebecca stays on the phone with Debora for approximately 45min listening to the narratives about the household. While on the phone Debora is called off and when she acquire back on the phone Tells Rebecca that she can’t talk no more that she has to reach the adult male of thehousehold. When Rebecca tries to name them she gets twenty-four hours on the phone he tells her non to trouble oneself them and hang up on her.

Chapter seven

Alexis Carrel a scientist. who had won the Nobel for working blood vass for organ graft. was besides working on turning variety meats outside the organic structure. He was a racist scientist who though merely white smart people should hold more privileges than everyone. he did non believe in equal rights. As a consequence people though of research scientist as racialist. Soon after Henrietta began her intervention George Gey had an interview on Television about the malignant neoplastic disease cells he was working on. In the interview he ne’er references who the cells belong to even though he was directing those cells to the scientist who were making research on malignant neoplastic disease cells.

Chapter eight

Henrietta was sent place after her interventions and was told she was cured. Henrietta subsequently on return many times kicking about hurting. but she was ever told that there was nil incorrect with her and sent her place. After many times of coming back and kicking they found a large tumour non operable tumour on her tummy. Henrietta was treated with more radiation to seek to halt the growing of the tumour. but it did non assist. Soon Henrietta was hospitalized and was kept on analgesics. Henrietta household visit her day-to-day at the infirmary. The physicians tried to acquire another sample of cells from Henrietta but they did non survived like the first 1s.

Chapter nine

Rebecca the writer is seeking to acquire in contact with the deficiencies but they are disregarding her calls. So she decides to drive to Baltimore to look for them. She stays at the vacation inn hotel and attempts to page sunny. After cheery disregarding her beepers she decides to look for the town where the deficiencies last know reference was. She gets lost. drove in circle in forepart of the Henrietta museum non cognizing that’s the topographic point that she is looking for. Once she knowwho they were she tried to speak to them but they refused to speak about Henrietta. sunny refused to speak to her. Chapter 10

Rebecca doesn’t give up and caputs to clover. Virginia to look for the deficiencies. She gets lost once more but finally she finds a cousin named Hector Henry besides know as body louse. He was an old adult male who was half paralytic from when he got polio. His house was an old house made of plyboard and cinderblock. He talks to Rebecca about how nice Henrietta was when she was alive even when she got ill.

Chapter 11

in 1951 Henrietta’s malignant neoplastic disease has gotten worse she got tumours all over her organic structure and her kidneys are non working no more. She has a batch of blood transfusion that the physicians decided to halt and inform the household that the blood bank was out. Emmet lacks one of henrietta’s cousin gather 8 work forces to donate blood for henrietta. When the work forces got to the infirmary they saw how bad henrietta was and that blood could non salvage her. Henrietta was tied to her bed because she used to shout and leap of her bed whenever in hurting.

Chapter 12

on 1951 after henrietta’s decease George gey wants to make a necropsy on her organic structure. For an necropsy he needs her hubby consent at first twenty-four hours refused but so they convince him. Once with the consent gey sends mary to acquire the samples. while there mary realize that HeLa cells are from a “real person” . After autopsy henrietta’s organic structure is taken to clover Virginia for the funeral and to be buried at that place. It took the household a piece to happen a topographic point where to burry her because the batch was full already. After she got buried the clouds got dark and a strong air current that it even blew several roof of the house.

Chapter 13

on the same twelvemonth that henrietta died there was a polio epidemic. On 1952 jonas poke develop a vaccinum which he couldn’t trial on worlds yet. First hehad to prove so on human cells. so the national foundation for infant palsy contacted gey so he could prove HeLa cells. Which came to be perfect for the vaccinum because they were susceptible to polio. Soon the Tuskegee created a mill to reproduced the HeLa cells for surveies. The research workers exposed the HeLa cells to myriad disease. The HeLa cells were on demand for many people and shortly the Tuskegee research lab was non plenty two physicians created a mill in a bigger graduated table for the HeLa cells.

Chapter 14

Since HeLa cells have help scientist in their research. people start to inquire inquiries about where they came from. Soon the Minneapolis star publish an article about the cells in which they got Henrietta’s name incorrect. they called her Henrietta lakes. Soon Roland h. berg a magazine author wanted to make another narrative about Henrietta but he wanted to make it from a human involvement narrative. After that many other tried to acquire more information on her but physician gey would non give any he said he did non desire to acquire in problem. The collier’s magazine wrote another article on Henrietta cells but he said they came from Helen L. after she had died. Until the seventiess. the human beginning of the HeLa cells was about ever called “Helen Lane” or “Helen Larson” in print.

Chapter 15

To Henrietta kids was a enigma what go on to their female parent because in the 1950 decease was ne’er discussed with the kids. Henrietta’s hubby twenty-four hours had to work two occupations to back up his household. Lawrence the oldest of Henrietta’s kids. dropped out of school to take attention of Sonny. Deborah. and Joe his 3 youngest siblings. At 16. Lawrence got himself a elector enrollment card that said he was 18. This helped him acquire into pool hall but it besides got him set into the ground forces to contend in the Korean War. When Lawrence left Henrietta’s cousin Ethel and her hubby moved to Henrietta’s house to take attention of the kids. She hardly fed them and kept the nutrient lock at all times so the childs would non eat. she did this since she ever hated a Henrietta. Joe the youngest 1 was the 1 who got the worse of Ethel. Lawrence came place from the ground forces. but for several old ages he did non cognize that Ethel was mistreating his siblings. He found out around the clip that he got married. so he and his new married woman. Bobbette. took in his siblings. Even though Debora was populating with her brother she was still acquiring sexually molested by Ethel Husband. Bobbette felt that something was incorrect. and she encouraged Deborah to contend off any relation who attempted to molest her. Deborah took Bobbette advice and fought Galen and other male child cousins who tried to touch her sexually.

Chapter 16

In 1999 Cootie sent Rebecca to talk with another cousin. Cliff. who had been like a brother to Henrietta when they were kids. Cliff gave Rebecca a circuit of the house. He besides took her to the cemetery where most of the Lacks household was buried. Most of the cemeteries had no rock it was few who had a rock. Cliff found the rock for Henrietta’s female parent nearby it was 3 Gravess without rocks and said one of those had to be Henrietta’s. Cottie explain to skoot how in the cemetery it was besides white people buried there excessively. he said their ascendants were white. He explained how they had gotten the land from their great-great- gramps Albert deficiencies and his fuss Benjamin.

Chapter 17

A research worker named Chester Southam began to worry that HeLa cells might be able to infect research workers with malignant neoplastic disease. In 1950 it was non require acquiring consent from patients to be used in medical surveies So he began shooting little samples of HeLa into the weaponries of malignant neoplastic disease patients. Some of these patients fought off the foreign cells ; others developed tumours. Soon after that he besides did the same thing on some captives from the Ohio State Penitentiary. but the prisoner’s organic structure fought off the malignant neoplastic disease cells rapidly. When southam asked for aid 3 Judaic research workers they refused. They knew Nuremburg Code which laid out strong patients’ rights recommendation. even though it wasn’t required here in the United States. Soon they resign their places and made it a public affair. because of so the board of trustees and national institute of wellness issued a rigorous set of guidelines regulating the moralss of medical research.

Chapter 18

By the 1960 Henrietta’s cells were everyplace even in infinite. Nasa scientist wanted to see how the cells would respond on a zero gravitation conditions. A research worker. a cell culturist named Lewis Coriell. published an article on the HeLa cells. he said that HeLa might be able to pollute other human cell lines. So a group of scientist got together to organize the American Type Culture Collection ( ATCC ) . a bank of strictly tested. pure cell lines. Here they found out that cell civilizations some were contaminated with viruses or bacteriums ; others were primate cells labeled as hog or duck cells. scientists traced down several original cell lines and established a bank which everyone trusted to incorporate uncontaminated and decently labeled cells. They besides discover a procedure called “somatic cell fusion” . The media did non like this they called them huffy scientist.

Chapter 19Deborah gets pregnant at 16 but that doesn’t halt her from acquiring her high school sheepskin thanks to Bobbette her sister in jurisprudence who help her with the babe and assist her acquire a occupation. At the same clip 2 of her fusss are non making severely themselves. Lawrence got his ain store and sonny articulation the ground forces right after high school. But Joe the youngest its holding jobs with the jurisprudence and did non finish school. At 18. he joined the military. but he invariably picked battles with the other soldiers and with the officers. Because of this. he spent most of his service term in lone parturiency and shortly sent place. Joe pleaded guilty on the test of slaying of Hedera helix and was sentenced to 15 old ages in gaol. Around the clip Joe went to prison. Deborah married her long-time fellow. Cheetah. and gave birth to a 2nd kid. In their matrimony Deborah suffer a batch of physical abused from chetah because he was on drugs. But Deborah ever fought back and one time she eventually fed up she left her place and began to work 2 occupations to back up her childs.

Chapter 20

Gartler’s a generation made a find that suggested that much recent research on homo cell lines was inaccurate. He believe that all cells were contaminated with HeLa cells because they had a familial marker called G6PD-A. which indicated that they were about surely from Henrietta Lacks. When garler’s told research worker on his address at Pennsylvania in 1966 everyone was surprised many decided to believe him and tested their cells to happen the trait of G6PD-A but non all scientist believe him. the 1s that didn’t merely continued their work like nil.

Chapter twenty one

On New Year ’s Eve Rebecca Skoot meet up with cubs who said she was relentless since he was two hours late and she was still waiting. Sonny took Henrietta to Lawrence house who was waiting for her. Lawrence offers her nutrient he was cooking and started to speak about his childhood life. Many times Rebecca tried to acquire him to speak about his female parent but he merely kept quiet. and avoids the topic. Subsequently he tells Rebecca that he prefers non to speak about his female parent because it’s merely excessively painful to ta retrieve. Since Lawrence didn’t know what his mother’s cells had done Rebecca explained what a cell was and what they had done. When Day and sonny come in they said they besides knew nil about the cells and how the physicians had lied about why they did the necropsy. Bobbetta besides tells Rebecca that the physicians at the Hopkins infirmary would nobble kids to make research on them. They were besides huffy because Henrietta’s cells have help so much scientific discipline but they got anything from that non even wellness insurance.

Chapter twenty two

When gey was 71 old ages old he found out he got pancreatic malignant neoplastic disease. He went into surgery but the malignant neoplastic disease was non removed to its size. it was bigger and more dispersed than expected. Doctors were afraid that if they try to take it they would kill him. Before the surgery gey had ask to take samples of his cells merely like henrietta’s and since the tumour was non removed there were no samples. Before deceasing gey had voluntary for under traveling experiments intervention. In 1971 two of gey co workers publish an article about gey life of work and besides about henrietta’s cells and how she was mis diagnosed of adifferent malignant neoplastic disease but the interventions were still the same.

Chapter twenty three

on 1973 Bobbetta finds out that theres scientist working on unrecorded cells of her female parent in jurisprudence henrietta’s and gets frightened because she is afraid that they will besides come after her household since at that clip the Hopkins infirmary kidnap black childs to make experiments on them. In the same twelvemonth research workers decided to develop a trial. so that research workers could prove cell lines and do certain that they were non by chance turning HeLa intead of other cells. Victor McKusick. asked a younger co-worker named Susan Hsu to acquire blood samples for familial research from Henrietta’s household. When she called Day the conversation did non travel good because they did non understood each other. Day agree since he though that they were physicians and they knew what they was making. Deborah lets so pull blood from her and anticipate them to name her dorsum with the consequences from the trial but they ne’er call. Deborah was afraid that she would acquire malignant neoplastic disease merely like her female parent. When she gets a 2nd call for another blood draw so she talks to the physicians and demand for them to state her what is traveling on and what go on with her female parent.

Chapter twenty four

On the mid 1970 the deficiency males are upset because they have found out from a journalist from turn overing rocks. that the scientist are doing money from Henrietta’s cells and they haven’t receive anything. They think that Gey was the one doing the money but in world Gey did non sell the HeLa cells alternatively he gave them off. he merely wanted them for research. At the clip they could of hold sued McKusick and Hsu because they published information about the Lacks family’s familial information in an vague scientific diary. but they did non cognize they could of done that. At the same clip Deborah attempts to happen out more about what go on to her female parent by analyzing scientific discipline by her ego by reading scientific discipline books. which she did non understood much.

Chapter twenty five

In 1984 a cat named John Moore was actioning a physician named David Golde for making MO cells from him without his consent. Even though when he was foremost diagnosed with leukaemia malignant neoplastic disease and got his lien removed he had mark a consent signifier saying that the infirmary could of dispose if it by cremation. The cells were deserving 3 billion dollars and even though they were cells coming from him he lost the instance. They tribunal said that the being of the HeLa cells proved that patients did non care if physicians sold their cells. The deficiencies household were non cognizant of this Sue.

Chapter 20 six

In 1985. the household learned of a book about HeLa taint called A Conspiracy of Cells: One Woman’s Medical Legacy and the Scandal It Caused. When Deborah found out she got a transcript of the book and saw how it had all her mother’s medical record. It had everything it even describe Henrietta’s organic structure when the necropsy was done. Deborah got truly angry about this because it reveals her mother’s private information. Rebecca Skoot tries to happen out from the writer how he got that information but it was no usage neither he or the infirmary would state her who gave him Henrietta’s information. The writer Michael Gold told Rebecca he didn’t truly care about the deficiencies because there was nil they could make anyways since Henrietta was already dead and the dead have no privateness right.

Chapter twenty seven

Scientist discover why Henrietta’s cells are immortal. they found that Telomerase was the key to malignant neoplastic disease cell immortality. A chemical found merely found on cells with malignant neoplastic disease and non normal cells. In 1984 a scientist found what cause Henrietta malignant neoplastic disease. which was human villoma virus a virus that affect 90 % of worlds that are sexually active. This led to the development of the HPV vaccinum.

Chapter 20 eight

In the 1990s a BBC manufacturer heard about Henrietta’s narrative and did a docudrama about her life. Besides a scientist named Roland Patillo hosted a medical conference in Henrietta’s award and the deficiencies household to do an visual aspect. Deborah and the other Lacks were happy by these alterations. Soon Courtney Speed a food market proprietor and Barbary Wyner made a museum with a wax statue of Henrietta. They raised money by selling jerseies but Deborah did non like this she said they don’t need a museum or statue. what they need was money for traveling to the physician. Deborah hired a cat named Dr. sir Godhead Keenan Kester Cofield as a attorney to action the Hopkins infirmary but he turn out to be a sham. he was no attorney or physician as he had told Debora. Even though Debora fire him he still continue with the jurisprudence Sue to Hopkins and he even sue her. At the tribunal they did non validated his jurisprudence Sue but Debora still kept acquiring mail from it and she worry so much that she about got a shot from it.

Chapter twenty nine

Rebecca tries to acquire an interview with Deborah after the about shot but Deborah refuses. Finally Debora agrees to the interview but with conditions that Rebecca has to acquire Henrietta’s name right and besides research Elsie deficiency. After Rebecca holding to the conditions Debora tells Rebecca everything on her head about her female parent and other things excessively. Rebecca finds out that Debora had the cloning thought all incorrect she used the Jurassic park film as a manner to understand cloning. When Rebecca finds an envelope and catch it Debora snatch it off and leave.

Chapter 30

Deborah returns the following twenty-four hours to Rebecca hotel room and Tells Rebecca that she is taking her to her brother Joe now known as Zakarriya’s. Deborah made certain that Rebecca learns how to articulate his name before heading to him since he had choler jobs. At the get downing Zakarriya ignore Rebbecca and did non talk to her but finally he opens up to Rebecca and says he is angry because of how they have treated them with no regard and that people thought of them as chumps. Debora gave him a exposure of his ma cells and he got emotional. Since Rebecca was heading to Christoph Lengauer’s lab to see Henrietta’s cells she asked Zakarriya if he wanted to come and he said yes.

Chapter thirty one

Despite of other people stating her that she should non speak to white people about Henrietta’s because merely black people will acquire the narrative right Debora still speaks to Rebecca. Soon Debora and Rebecca go friends and get down making research together on Henrietta. Deborah becomes more cognition and understands more about her mother’s cells that one twenty-four hours she is call to a conference to speak about HeLa cells. At first she thinks its non a good thought but Rebecca tells her that she should make it. Even though her boy Albert was arrested for robbery this did non deter Debora from making the conference address.

Chapter 30 two

Rebecca took a circuit of Cristoph Lengauer’s malignant neoplastic disease lab at Johns Hopkins. she invited the deficiencies but merely Deborah and Zakarriya agreed to travel. Day was sick and Sonny had to work. Lawrence. for his portion. was fed up with hearing about HeLa. Christoph took them foremost to a deep-freeze room to demo how HeLa cells were stored. He explained that research workers had to be careful to forestall HeLa from polluting other cell civilizations. Next he led the manner to a research lab. where he displayed a exaggerated image of populating HeLa cells on a screen. And explicate them the difference between deoxyribonucleic acid and cells and that the cells that were alive were the malignant neoplastic disease cells merely. He besides told them how he though that the Hopkins had mess up by non giving them acknowledgment and net income from the money of HeLa cells. Debora and her brother proverb with astonied how the cells divided. Before go forthing the lab zakarriya check Rebecca and Chistoph on the shoulder and thank them.

Chapter 30 three

Rebecca and Debora caput to the Crownsville Hospital centre where Elsie had die to happen out what had happen to her. When they got at that place they went tomedical records room but it was empty so they found Paul lutz a white adult male. Deborah requested medical record from Elsie who had die in 1955. Mr luts told her there were no offial records since they all had been destroy on an asbestos taint. He explain that he had manage to salvage some documents but it was non much. He told Deborah around that clip people where used on barbarous experiments and that the infirmary was excessively crowded that it was one physician for every 255 patient. He besides managed to happen a image of Elsie necropsy and organic structure. which had some contusions. When Deborah left she said she was glad she had found out what go on to elsie even though it was atrocious.

Chapter thirty four

Rebecca and Deborah drive to a hotel in trefoil. Virginia and look into in. There Debora eventually hands Rebecca the medical records of Henrietta. Debora leaves the room but shortly comes back and demand Rebecca that they should read them together. Rebecca sorts them out since she stack of documents has many other documents excessively. Rebecca ask Debora if she can hold a transcript of the medical records but she refuses to give her a transcript she says that’s the lone thing left of her female parent that and the bible everything else everyone has taking it from them. They get into an statement and Rebecca eventually fights back. Deborah respond and says she is glad she is human.

Chapter 30 five

Rebecca and Deborah headed to Deborah Aunt Gladys who was Henrietta’s sister. When they went in they heard groaning from Gladys deceasing hubby. Soon Debora cousin Gary walk in and saw how Debora was pacing back and Forth and kept reiterating what she had found out about elsie. Gary tried to quiet her down but she did non. so he started to pray for her and inquire God to let go of Deborah from her load and to give it to Rebecca. After they finish praying Deborah said she felt better now.

Chapter 30 six

Since Deborah urtications still haven’t wholly disappeared she decides to travel back to Baltimore to see her physician. Rebecca decides to remain in trefoil. Since Rebecca was confused about what she had seen the twenty-four hours before at Gladys house with gary she decides to travel back at that place once more and inquire Gary what she had informant? Gary explained that is was the Godhead working on her that’s why she couldn’t stop thought about it. Then he grab the bible and read it with her out loud. they read about religion. This made Rebecca understand why the deficiencies though that Henrietta’s was still alive though her cells because the cells were angels.

Chapter thirty seven

When Deborah sees her physicians she finds out that the symptoms she was holding about caused her a shot so the physician recommended to avoid emphasis at all caused. Deborah listens to her physician and halt the research with Rebecca to avoid emphasis. But it wasn’t adequate she was acquiring emphasis on her personal life when her boy Alfred got arrested for robbery and her nephew besides got arrested. At the same clip larence and zakarriya were still upset for non having money from the HeLa cells. This and the onslaught on September 11 made Debora have a shot which her grandson aid salvage her live. The shot made Debora see life different and now she wanted her grandkids to hold an instruction something that she couldn’t get for her ego. Two months after rebecca went with Debora to church because it was sonny’s new expansive girl Baptist.

Chapter 30 eight

on the last chapter in 2009 Rebecca is driving back to trefoil. Virginia to see deborah and on the manner she sees the route and get down believing how everything about henrietta’s is vanishing. In the past twelvemonth while she was completing her book twenty-four hours. body louse. and gary had past off. Rebecca told Debora that her book was done. Debora wanted to read it but she ne’er got to read it because she died before. But when she died she died happy because she had said she did non desire to populate everlastingly because everyone she knew would decease and she would be entirely. Even though henrietta’s cell had aid a batch on research her household still did non acquire any aid on medical measures sonny had surgery and he was in debt for about 125. 000. the good thing was that by all of this their expansive kids was now inspired by all of this and now they were acquiring an instruction most of them were in college acquiring a grade.

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