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the impact of cloud technology on business



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    The Impact of Mobile and Cloud Technology on Business With the evolution of the cloud business has changed for the better in terms of convenience and affordability, but with the promise of better accessibility, availability, and efficiency are making universities, government agencies, and businesses consider some type of cloud based service. Also, economically it makes more sense to pay for a service then to actually have to pay for an entire system. Today’s cloud computing providers are offering universities the opportunity to substitute a presence in the cloud for their existing data centers, servers, and applications. This would replace the universities machines’ traditional physical presence on campus. Academic wise, cloud computing lets students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other campus users access file storage, e-mail, databases, and other university applications anywhere, on demand. This expanded access lets everyone use information more effectively. Keeping everything in sync lets applications and data in a cloud provider’s data center promote a higher degree of data recovery, particularly for smaller educational institutions, as large service providers can invest in higher capacity infrastructures and hosting to keep software available in the event of technical glitches or heavy traffic. One concern universities have is some students are reluctant to put all of their files on to one system in case of a crash or accidental deletion takes place. Some restrictions universities have placed over cloud use concerns, not the advance in technology and conveniency, but the security needed as well as the privacy people still want. Security is of big importance as of late with all the recent internet hacks that have gone on this previous year people want to know their information is not going to be taken advantage of. Also, with an increasing amount of educators around the world using U.S. based social media services such as Blogger, Facebook, Google…

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