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The IFnimitable Martin Luther King Jr.

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    There was a man that was gifted with remarkable words. His words helped stop the harmful segregation of whites and blacks. This man led the amazing Bus Boycott and the March on Washington. He gave multiple speeches that went down in history. This guy was gifted with an outrageous heart. The guy they call a hero was the one and only Martin Luther King Jr. King was born the day of January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. He also had two siblings, Cristine, and Alfred Daniel Williams King. King’s family all got taught how to play the piano from their mother. They also loved playing sports such as Football and Baseball. When Martin was a kid, he was a paperboy and when he grew up he wanted to be a fireman. His father was a Baptist minister and was in charge of the children’s religious education.

    Dr.King has had many amazing accomplishments in his life that have a giant effect on us today. The March on Washington was a protest for jobs and freedom for the negro culture. That event in MLK Jr’s. life led up to one of his most tremendous and most favorited speech today, I have a Dream. This speech had over 250,000 people attended. This was also for freedom and jobs for blacks. This great speech helped end unfairness for blacks. He also led the Bus Boycott which was for blacks to be able to sit wherever they want on the bus. How he got brought into this is when Rosa Parks who got arrested for not moving to another seat in the back of the bus because a white person wanted it. So Martin fought and eventually he won. Another good thing he did was give the I’ve been to the MountainTop speech. This was about how he has been very close to death and how he is not afraid of dying. Some people say he predicted his death because of how the speech was given the day before he died. These are some of the very important things he accomplished in his life.

    MLK Jr. was a remarkable man and here are some reasons to prove it. He created many very outstanding speeches back then that he gave to a colossal amount of people. He also changed the way people think how whites are better than blacks to make us how we think we are all equal. MLK Jr. put a conclusion to segregation of whites and blacks. At first, as a kid, his name was Michael Luther King Jr. He was a significant man with a gigantic heart. He sadly died on the day of April 4, 1968. Mlk Jr. has made many differences in this world that have led to a ton of great things. These are some of the things I will be talking about in my thesis. As a kid, his name was Michael Luther King Jr. because that was originally his dad’s name. The Jr. stands for Junior and it means he has the same name as his dad. His dad’s name was also originally Michael too except when he went on a trip to Germany there was a person with the name Martin. He really liked the name so he decided he wanted to change his name to that. So when he got back to the United States of America he changed it.

    That meant he had to change his son’s name to Martin Luther King Jr. and his dad’s name will be Martin Luther King Sr. When MLK Jr. was a kid his dad was a Baptist church Pastor. MLK Jr. was a very kind and caring man with a gigantic heart. He was all about his people and making sure that everybody was peaceful to one another. He wanted the whites to stop harassing them and always thinking less of the blacks. King did not want any violence in this world, but he wanted peace. The only actions he needed to fight was words. I also believe in this also because the world would be so much better if there were no war and just peace. He is a person I would choose to research because of how mentally strong he was and how he was not afraid of anything. So many people hated him and wanted him out of this world. He still stood in confidence and he went down in history to be one of the strongest people to fight with words.

    King sadly was assassinated on the day of April 4, 1968. The official time of his death was 6:05 p.m. on a Thursday. He was shot standing on a balcony at Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Later they figured out it was a person with the name of James Earl Gray. He was charged with 99 years in prison. The day before he died he gave a speech called “I’ve been to the MountainTops”. The speech was about how he has been close to death and how he is not afraid of dying. Some people say he predicted his death and it would come very soon.

    Martin made many great differences in this bad world at the time. He was the one that helped the most with black and white segregation. MLK Jr. influenced his culture to fight peacefully with their words, not actions. The reason why he wanted no physical actions are because that would cause pain even though he was feeling the most pain inside from what the whites did to him and his people. Dr. King holds so much anger inside him, but when he takes it all out of him he uses peaceful fighting instead of hurtful actions. Sadly, he did not get to see what happened after he had a very depressing death. Now, this world does not have segregation for blacks and whites. Now we are all peaceful to one another just how he always wanted us to be.

    Our lives would still be segregated if MLK Jr. did not do what needed to be done. The segregation of whites and blacks. Everything would be so much different unless someone else stepped up to do the job. Some of the new technology in this world would be pushed back in later times because some of the best technology was invented by black people. They might not let his culture be an inventor for technology. That also means some sports stars might not be able to play the sport they are talented at. Some of those people are Jackie Robinson, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant. They would have to do a different job to make some money for their family or for themselves. Also, all those kids would not be able to look up to them as a good example. They would have to look up at someone else. They also maybe might not like that sport because the sports star could not play so they can show how fun it is.

    King should be remembered greatly because of what he did in the past to help us right now and how hard he worked. He led the Bus Boycott and won so now his culture can sit wherever on the bus. He spoke I have a Dream that is one of the best speeches recorded in history. That speech of his is about him trying to get equal rights and more jobs for blacks and which he won. He was a very loving man that was married to a woman named Coretta Scott. They had 4 children which I will name. MLK Jr. had Bernice Albert King, Yolanda King, Martin Luther King III, and Dexter King. MLK Jr. made one of the biggest differences in the world. All people should remember MLK Jr. forever because of what he did for us. Dr. King is such an amazing man and it would be remarkable to be him.

    I would be able to fight with words for my culture and for civil rights. The only bad thing is that I would have to go threw whites not being equal to blacks and not getting equal amounts of jobs. The worst part would be watching the black culture suffer from starvation because they would not have enough money to buy food because they would not have a job. If I got the choice to be him, I would take it. This is because someone else might get the opportunity to do it. If they take it with no schema about MLK Jr. they would not know how to stop the segregation. They could also cause corruption like starting a war between blacks and whites. MLK Jr. would not like this because he always wants peaceful fighting like marching for what you want. If I did this I would have some schema to know how to fight peacefully like him because I have researched him a ton. I would lead the Bus Boycott, March on Washington and try to give the I have a Dream. And YES!!! I would love to be someone like Martin Luther King Jr.

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