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My Trip to Germany

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Type the company name] My Trip To Germany My memorable trip experience was in Germany. There is no doubt that every person needs to take a holiday trip for two or four weeks to some place quite distant from the city where you live. It’s very obvious that each person must relax from the ordinary lifestyle. The change of the environment is a positive influence for every person in their lives. I mean that the vacation is something really necessary for the mental and physical strength of the body.

On our first day me and my whole family had landed in Germans airport, but before I landed I was able to see a little of the countryside from the air.

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My Trip to Germany
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My first impression was the flat land and shortage of trees. From my view it seemed that the farm land was huge and the villages were unique. When we left the village center I started to see more land with big trees and fewer houses, or any buildings.

Everything was divided up into neat square plots, and several acres large. After several hours later we approached Autobahn. Once we were on autobahn I couldn’t believe how fast everyone was going, there was no speed limit whatsoever. On that road everyone was going at exceeded speeds. Just for few seconds I wondered how many accidents they have every day.

After all I was so tired and wanted a good nap. When we arrived at the Hotel I decided to order a pizza over the phone, just in fifteen minutes room service ring the bell. I said thank you in German “Danke” and closed the door. My whole family was pleased with my order. After few minutes later I went to sleep. On my next day I had more energy and felt more alive to see some more of Germany. My mom’s stepsister was living by the downtown. Her name was Rosa and she was very polite to us. Her husband Bernt was professional mechanic who owned his own shop in downtown.

Bernt and I went to see auto show in downtown later afternoon. Once we were there I saw street cars so narrow they only had a two seat bench on one side and one seat on the other. It was a classic auto show. After five hours spending at auto show I and Bernt jumped on the subway and went to Bizmarkplatz. It’s the only place where almost all buses and street cars go through. When we reached the Bizmarkplatz we disembarked and walked across the street to enter the Hauptstrasse. Hauptstrasse is very unique because it’s a street in the old city where no cars are allowed.

Crossing streets in Germany is a new experience in itself. The walk lights are extremely strictly adhered to. Almost no one attempts to cross the road until you get a green walk lite. It was impossible to cross the road until you see green light to walk. The cars were driving at huge speeds. Once we enter the Hauptstrasse we found many shops and cafe’s full with people and tourist. The street was lined with cobblestones and people. It is the most traveled street in Heidelberg, and all on foot. All of the buildings are hundreds of years old and only the first floors are converted into modern shops.

Only cafes were looking similar to American standards. I and Bernt stopped by the Germans love ice cream store to cool ourselves down from exhausted day. It was about 10:00 p. m. when we decided to go home. We took subway again and in few minutes we arrived to Rosa’s house. I was very thankful that Bernt took me to see the heart of Germany. After several weeks later I and my whole family arrived home. Everyone was happy with our vacation trip to Germany and I will never forget that memorable experience in my entire life.

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My Trip to Germany. (2016, Dec 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/my-trip-to-germany/

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