Martin Luther King, Jr., a Hero

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I chose Martin Luther King Jr. because he reminds me of myself. Martin Luther King is a duplicate example of making a difference in the world. Most “heroes” prefer the thought of being on television, in the newspaper, or on the radio, because of the attention. Heroes make a difference by changing the world, showing peace and love, stopping violence and reducing the amount of sin, abortion, and murder.

Heroes make a difference in this world by helping others before they help themselves. They stand up for what is right, and they complete their mission in life. A real hero, like Martin Luther King Jr., inspires others to do good and teach lessons that will help them later in their lifetime. A real hero gives back to others and inspires them to care for others and give back to the community.

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One of the most heroic messages recalled, is to help improve the lives of others before you improve yours. Heroes can also make the world a better place by protesting about violence, peace, helping others in a difficult situation, and doing more for the community, including helping people continue to grow and show sympathy, peace, and love for each other.

Heroes are also people who change the world in mysterious, magnificent ways. A hero is someone who commits a courageous act. There are different types of heroes and stories connected to them. A hero can be someone found in your favorite comic book, or television show, that you admire courageously. People who have struggled and faced hardships alone, while helping others in need, are the real heroes.

As Martin Luther King Jr. did, heroes try to make peace in this world by doing more for the community or raising fundraisers to help raise money for a hospital, or even for your school. Since we live in a society that revolves around love, hate, judgment, anxiety, and insecurity, writing someone a note telling them they are beautiful will make their day, or even save their life. Heroes are respectful and kind to their peers, which encourages others to do the same. Listening to the hate comments and threats had helped him succeed in life.

Yes, heroes can always go unnoticed. While most heroes are seeking attention, other heroes are helping others on purpose, whether it gets on national television or not. Some heroes want to go unnoticed because of all the hatred and negativity they might find while helping others. For example, if a candidate in an election gave $300,000 to ten families because they wanted to, voters might get a case of superstition and second guess their vote. Therefore, most heroes do not want to be noticed, while helping others.

To be real heroes, we have to help others see and realize reality. It is unbelievably impossible for one person to protest about a cause and suddenly change the world. We would need a whole nation or state to chant for freedom and peace to change the world. We need to teach the generation about drugs and violence. These actions will help others make a difference in this world, and make better choices in life.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a unanimous amount of strengths and weaknesses. His stamina affected him amazingly during his life. Martin Luther King Jr. preached mostly about one thing that changed America forever. He preached mostly about “love” because you cannot be kind without love. He was trying to teach us about love and peace. With love and peace, you will be able to change the world as Martin Luther King Jr. did. When he talked, he talked aggressively. I feel as when he talked to others aggressively, he affected them deeply into understanding the difference between both colors. He made people feel as they had to do exactly as he told them to, to make a difference in the world.

During his preachings and speeches, he usually spoke about all men being equal. What he meant was, if we all worked together and stopped hating on each other, we could decrease the risks of violence between each other. He was confident in his chant, and he knew that one day, African Americans would be free. During his path to success, he explored the world and traveled six million miles and preached more than 2,500 times. With trust, courage, love, and hate, Martin Luther King Jr. was determined to change the world and its heart.

Martin Luther King Jr. had courage, and once he found his legacy, he taught others and gave it away. If he did not have courage, he would not be able to teach others the way of life and peace. He gave us the knowledge that we needed in life, history, and death, so we could be prepared for hardships during life. He knew that not everybody would adore their peers, but he knew that with courage, pride, and peace, love would conquer the world. His stamina in peace, love, and courage led others to believe that his dream of little black boys, girls, women, and men hanging out with little white girls, boys, women, and men, would finally come true. Even though he was threatened publicly, he still fought for peace and freedom.

Martin Luther King Jr. struck the whole nation with love and kindness. He led us to think that kindness was the language of the blind, poor, sick, and deaf. Equality is another sign of kindness and love because it is an example of showing peace between both colors and nations. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted, “Darkest cannot drive darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by God, the creator, with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Martin Luther King Jr. fought, preached, and protested so that all men and women could be equal as brothers and sisters.

Though he failed previously, his mistakes encouraged him to do more for others in life. Martin Luther King did not care about threats, acts of violence, or attention, his only goal in life was to teach others to show equality and love.

His intelligence helped him to gain common sense, intellectual speeches, and thoughts. During his preachings, he had intellectual thoughts that led people to start listening to his spiritual words. He was intelligent because he helped others see the true colors of black and white, and he helped them to realize that equality and peace do matter. He was also intelligent because he was able to form an army of African Americans in a nonviolent way to the advancement of civil rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. was wise since he knew how to lead the whole nation into believing that we are all equal. He knew that the only way to become wise was to show flexibility with change and failure. He always had faith in all his failures and mistakes and knew if he did everything right, then he would be wrong. He had made the decision to stay with love instead of hate, which lead him to believe that violence was wrong. He always encouraged the thought that no one could ever defeat you, destroy you, or redefine you, if you let them.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not abide by any rules. Not abiding by the rules was risky because he could have gotten hurt. His only goal was to open the eyes of African Americans and “white folks,” so they could finally see that violence is not the answer. He was a hero because he risked his life, so he could save the lives of African Americans.

In his “I Have A Dream speech,” he mentioned that he dreamt of little black boys and black girls going to school with little white girls and boys. Look at where we are now, if not for Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders, I would not be able to go to school with little white boys and girls. Real heroes help others first, risk their lives, make a difference in the world, complete their mission earth, share their sight with the blind, and share their hearing with the deaf with kindness and love. Though he died on April 4, 1968, his memory will forever define peace, love, and equality.

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