The issues faced by Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the 1 and merely nationwide subscriber of intercity coach service in the United States. Its undertaking force of 2,400 coachs brings further than 22.5 million travellers every twelvemonth in surplus of a route system that lengthen for further than 75,000 stat mis. Greyhound agenda to further than 2,600 finishs, with 18,000 on a day-to-day footing go forthing. Additionally to its programmed traveller services, the corporation suggests charter coach service, express bundle service in the class of Greyhound Package Express, and nutrient service at a figure of its workstation. Greyhound is besides caught up in cross-border coach service throughout joint ventures with Mexican transit concerns. The coach company that develops into Greyhound was created in 1913 by Carl Earl Wickman. The secret to Wickman ‘s early on accomplishment was doing best usage of ridership, which took the visual aspect of embroidering 18 mineworkers into a seven-passenger Hupmobile. Wickman ‘s grosss start on to hike, and he took on concern brothers who lend a manus for him in supply financess in bigger coach


Greyhound Lines is the state ‘s largest coach company. However, they face a large job when they start to present cybernation system in the concern. The job became a major job to their company because they took the incorrect portion in doing determination merely to increase net income and client service. The top degree director face fiscal jobs by presenting computerize system in their concern without taking into the in-between degree director ‘s sentiment. Greyhound was confronting non-programmed determination job where the top degree director ‘s take a precise solution for an exceeding job. The package called Trips package. There were jobs such as the clients do n’t hold recognition card or telephone to do usage of Trip package. Furthermore, the package sometimes non working and it take clip to publish the ticket out, this make the client frustrated for waiting in line for so long.

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Was the determination confronting Greyhound executives programmed or non-programmed?

Programmed determination means declaration antecedently gettable from earlier period cognition to decide problems that are well-known, distinct, and obvious with value to information demands. These judgements relate finest to jobs that are capable of usage, even though it is non unsurprising but they can foretell. However, non-programmed determination means relate precise manner out ability for an lone one of its sort job. the bulk jobs handle by advanced rank director are of this sort, with the jobs often refering option of tactic and purpose in state of affairs of some uncertainty. Therefore, Greyhound is confronting non-programmed determination. There are three type of non-programmed determination such as re-organization, cybernation, and better client services.

First, re-organization means a redevelopment of a company concern, every bit good as a obvious transform in resources formation, over and over once more subsequent a letdown and receivership or settlement trust territory. Greyhound Lines face re-organization when they introduced computerize system in their concern. Some of their clients do n’t cognize how to utilize a recognition card or telephone to name to book a ticket for them. This have cause the operators receive many calls from their client about they do n’t cognize how to utilize the package and they ca n’t acquire entree to the Trip package.

Second, cybernation is a factor of non-programmed. Computerization means to command, execute, procedure, or shop ( a system, operation, or information ) by agencies of or in an electronic computing machine or computing machines. The client ca n’t entree to the package so they client straight come to the ticket selling topographic point to purchase the ticket. However, when the clients try to purchase the ticket, they have to wait for 5 minute and 45 second to the computing machine to procedure and publish the ticket. These causes the figure of client delay to purchase ticket lessening because they feel angry to wait for so long to purchase a ticket.

Third, Greyhound besides has to better client service to work out the job that the company is confronting now. Customer services means spread outing our believing about client service ; if we ‘re traveling to systematically transcend clients ‘ outlooks, we have to acknowledge that every facet of our concern has an impact on client service, non merely those facets of our concern that involve face-to-face client contact. Greyhound has been overwhelmed by plentiful client unfavorable judgment, every bit good as invariably non on clip coachs, impolite employees, unhygienic services, insecure environment, mechanical dislocation and accidents. Buss have been recognized to acquire at that place rather a batch of hours after their programmed arrival clip and employees have been unconcerned and even orally dissing of riders who ask over for aid. This is one of the ground that the top degree decide to present computerize system.

In decision, There are three type of non-programmed determination such as re-organization, cybernation, and better client services. Greyhound can larn from the experiences of others to work out this job. Two really common errors company make when breakdown organisational alteration are they try to pull off on their ain and they fall short to advantage from the cognition of others. Thousands of coach organisations possibly have faced fortunes similar to Greyhound. So they can seek to hold a treatment to these knowing people. Pick their intelligence. Detect out what other people in Parallel Corporation are responsible to cover with retrenchments or development. They besides can analyze books and articles about these jobs.

Question 2

Do you believe Greyhound should hold used the classical, administrative, or political theoretical account to do determination? Which do you believe it used? Discuss. Provide examples to warrant your reply.

The classical direction attacks focal point on budding general criterion for applies in a assortment of organisation fortunes. However, administrative direction attacks means centre of attending on human being demands, the work group and the place of community characteristic in the topographic point of work. In the other manus, political direction attacks means focal point on put into operation mathematical method for disposal of crisis work outing. Greyhound uses classical theoretical account so the other two theoretical accounts. There are three types of classical attacks such as scientific direction, administrative rule, and bureaucratic organisation.

First, scientific direction agencies highlight cautious choice and preparation of workers, and decision-making support. This direction is found by Frederick Taylor and Frank and Lilian Gilbreth. There four steering action rules that Greyhound have used to better their concern. First of all, develop for each occupation a ‘science ‘ that contain ordinances of motion, consistent work patterned advance and appropriate working circumstance, so they have to take workers with the exact accomplishment for the business, carefully coach workers to make the occupation and offer them the suited encouragement to work together with the occupation ‘science ‘ , and maintain workers by carefully scheduling their occupation and by degree the method as they go sing their occupations. Greyhound should be after decently for the employees to what hold to be done in specific given clip. Greyhound should do the employees feel like place in their on the job topographic point so that the employees do the work in clip.

Second, administrative rule is based on attempt to register and be cognizant of the accomplishment of winning directors. This rule developed by Henry Fayol and Mary Parker Follet. There five of import point in this rule. First of all, Greyhound have to foresight which means they have to finish a program of action for the outlooks where they should hold program A and program B so that if one program fail so they can travel for the 2nd program. Then, Greyhound has to offer and assemble resources to implement the program. So Greyhound has to be fixing in fiscal manner and equity manner to accomplish their hereafter program. Furthermore, Greyhound has to command to steer, make up one’s mind on, and appraise workers to acquire the most first-class work towards the program for illustration employees is one of the most of import beginning that traveling do these thought into world so Greyhound has to really careful in taking their employees so that Greyhound can travel into future program so merely sit around worrying about employees attitudes to clients. Furthermore, coordination and control can do certain the work goes harmonizing to the program.

Third, bureaucratic organisation is a balanced and well-organized construction of organisation set up on common sense, regulate and lawful power. There are five factors in bureaucratic such as clear division of labour, clear hierarchy of authorization, formal regulations and processs, impersonality, and calling based on virtue. Greyhound have to specify really clearly what the employees have to make so the worker have to describe to higher degree people after that the higher degree people have to a study of the work. If the employees follow the regulations and ordinance decently and did their work so the directors have to honor the employees to hike the employees to make better than now.

In decision, Greyhound has to be after decently, if they want to contrive cybernation in the company. Employees is one of the most of import people in doing the company success internal so Greyhound have to give clip to for the employees to observe their achievements. Futhermore, there are Christmas celebration in December to make party and the annual corporation field day in the summer for the employees to bask their motion with their higher degree people. This can be surprised for Greyhound on how a great trade of a difference this can make.

Question 3

Analyze the Greyhound instance in footings of the stairss in the managerial determination doing procedure. Make you believe top executive paid equal attending to all the stairss? I f you were a Greyhound, what would you make now and why?

Decision devising means the process of doing choice among other way of action. There are five step ladders in determination devising which is really of import for concern. This determination creative activity representation in five stairss is a common but highly successful lineation for doing determinations and put an terminal to jobs. This subject will assist forestall Greyhound from having unfocused on a figure of little elements of the important stairss taking to a determination.

First, Greyhound has to individuality and defines the job that they are confronting. In expectancy of Greyhound have an evidently thoughtful of the quandary or determination to be made, it is worthless to go on. If the job is stated the incorrect manner or indistinguishably so Greyhound ‘s consequence will be wrong. Greyhound did n’t see what the in-between director is believing such as the employees are really ill-mannered to the client, so Greyhound implement computerize system to work out the first job, nevertheless, the top degree did n’t believe about the client who do n’t cognize how to utilize the package and Greyhound did n’t prove the package before implementing which cause the client ca n’t purchase ticket in that package. Furthermore, after everything being computerizes the client have to wait so long in waiting line to purchase ticket for their journey.

Second, Greyhound has to bring forth and measure possible solution to work out the job that they are confronting. Greyhound should hold know that there is possible whether to make it or make n’t make it when they want to implement something new in the concern. Most of the clip Greyhound should cognize that there will possible replacement for their determination. It is deserving for Greyhound making research to guarantee whether they have as many good options as possible. For illustration, Greyhound implement client service to take attention of the client job with the employees or Greyhound can direct the full employee to a class which teaches them how to be polite to client. Furthermore, if Greyhound wants to implement computerize system in their concern so they should prove all the package available in market before taking one of the package which is the best 1.

Third, Greyhound has to take a solution to work out the job. Then chief job is the employees treated the client really severely and implementing computerizes system so Greyhound can hold a section particularly for the client to kick about their dissatisfaction and Greyhound has to make research foremost before taking package. Then Greyhound has to implement the solution which means they have to set their program into work. Finally, they have to measure the consequence whether it satisfied the client. Greyhound can make study whether the client satisfied with the service that they provide. As client is the most of import people in assisting the concern increase their gross.


In decision, although Greyhound faces a serious job in presenting computerize system in their concern particularly Trip package which cause Greyhound suffer losingss in their concern. However, they still manage to get the better of the job by altering high-velocity Kodak scanners are used to scan the big volume of informations. This optimized high-speed scanning package was developed by Combined Computer Resources, Inc which helps Greyhound overcome their job and increase the concern net income. Being originative is one of the most first-class wonts to cover with managerial transform is to “ rev up ” the directors natural powers for originative intercession. Most jobs are conformable to creative, advanced solutions. The lone things that often persist in this declaration from occur is the Greyhound ‘s ain inner obstruction and nature obligatory boundaries. Creative crisis decide all the clip contain hazard. Proposing fresh idea biddings disapproval from others. What if the programs non win? What if concern losingss take topographic point? What if things wind up worse than antecedently? They got to be enthusiastic to understand such hazards if they are traveling to be free to believe creatively.

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