The Job off Food Stylist

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A Successful food Stylist helps Produce a photo that sells a dream,brand,product,restaurant,etc They do so by making food look as mouthwatering and appealing as possible. They take great care in making sure everything about the item is perfect,down to the last detail;like that vanilla cream cone with a shiny little cherry on top with one drip of cream running down the side- its all part of the food stylists creation.

Did you know that the “Ice Cream cone” isn’t really Ice Cream,but icing sugar, shortening and food coloring mixed together with cornstarch added to reach sired consistency,and that single drip running down the cone isn’t melting cream but toothpaste with food coloring added to it! These are a few tricks food stylists can do to make food kick amazing to be TABLE to take that perfect photo. Now a food stylists Job doesn’t end with the food, they also chose the plating,the background and any props that will be in the photo.

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Food Stylists must be organized, they need everything together to do assignments quickly,so that they can get from one job to another quickly if they want to make any money. They need to be a good cook and baker,in order to cook the food so hat it looks perfect for the photo you need to know how to cook,which is why some Culinary training would be a good idea. Food Stylists need to be a problem solver,many challengers may arise and you need to be TABLE to handle them,like what if you have a chicken leg with torn skin?

You also need to be a team player, photo stylists have assistants and other members on there team for each assignment and you need to be TABLE to work effectively with each member. The First wave of food stylists were self taught,they were good technicians but not always artful Culinary. They were creative, entrepreneurial women who strode with rage into this new profession,Who mostly worked Out Of home. Photo Stylists can find employment in many different areas,like Newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, advertising,and television-You must be TABLE to give the client what they want.

Food stylists work together with prop stylists and photographers to achieve the mood the art director is trying the capture. There are food styling training programs, and any experience working with food, such as restaurant work or chef training, is going to be helpful. A food stylist might Start her career as a photographer’s assistant at a studio that has a lot of food clients. The next step would be a junior food stylist working with a more experienced stylist. After gathering hands-on experience, the next step would be a full-fledged food stylist, either self-employed or employed by a many, and That’s when the fun truly begins!

As Food Stylists, They shoot on location overtime,whether its in a studio,in an empty sandstone,or even in a foreign country. Elf you get a assignment in another country make sure your passport is up to date,bayou need to fill Out special paperwork,is there any food or equipment restrictions,if you don’t speak the Ingénue higher someone who does,who do you bill for the job. Making food visually appealing can be challenging just remember:always know the camera angle, arrange the food as the camera will see lot. Use smooth strokes in frosting,dips,spreads,etc.

Think of the edge of the plate as a picture frame,don’t overflow the food. After the shoot and you are back at the office, unpack and make notes of anything you want to remember about the job. Complete the invoice,which usually goes to the photographer who hired you. Your invoice should include your name,address,and employee I. D number,invoice number,job number,project title or description,date,your rate. Expenses separated out into separate categories: food,transportation,materials,and miscellaneous,total expenses/fees,Send receipts with invoice. Make copies of everything for your own records.

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