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The Markets in Early 1950s

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I. The markets in early 1950sThe morning market was first built several years to liberation of the country. It was made up in 1950s. Its original location was in the town, which called Namphou at eh present. At that time the market has not much commodities to sell just only the irrigation products, such as: vegetable, meat, and so on. Afterward, the market had moved to Hatsady Village place. It was located currently, while the old market had changed to be the place serving for Indian people, and the first Lao-American school was established there too.

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The Markets in Early 1950s
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In 1954 or so, the morning market has one building consisting of one floor. The seafood and irrigation products were sold as the main products. Inside the building, the venders sold the seafood, and outside the building, which is the parking lot at the present, were the place for selling irrigation products. In this period the industrial products hadnt been sold so much, just only the clothes, Lao silk, and there was no gold shop.

At the same time, it had not many shops, and the major customers were Lao people.

As for the Kaudin market at this time hadnt been built yet. It was a place for the knights, Indian people, Vietnamese, and some Lao people to dwell in. However, in 1966 was the year that bought about calamity to Laos, which was flood. At that time the top of the market was flooded. It resulted many people had to evacuate to other places.

Shortly after, every situation had become as usual at morning market. Yet the place, which called Kaudin market at the present, and it was the place serving for knight, Indians people in the past had been fired due to a villagers carelessness. Afterward, the Lao government had built a place for people to sell their products there. Like morning market, this time Kaudin market had not much goods to sell, just only irrigation products. And it had no rooms for selling yet. People just sold their products in front of their house. In that ear both markets had no civilization because it was the periods of reliance and self-sufficiency among Lao people.

II.The markets at the present.

Currently, the morning market has developed in leaps and bounds after the liberation of the country. The old building was renovated from one floor to be two floors. Furthermore, three building stretching along each side were built surround the main building, and each building contains hundreds of rooms.

However, to follow the instruction of the central politburo No 34/CP on the improvement of the city of Vientiane

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