A Time of Change: The Political Structure of Chile in the Late 1950s and Early 1960s

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The old ages of 1958 until 1964 grade a clip when the political construction that Chile had seen changed dramatically, leting the influences of corrupt people and leaders who were out to better their ain criterion of populating instead than the lives of the inquilinos and afuerinos ( insouciant labourers ) to take control of the authorities. Even though there was hope of get awaying this clip, it proved to be another false move by the Chilean Government.

The Lion’s boy as the Chileans referred to him was in control of Chile at a clip when temblors, tidal moving ridges, and vents threatened the state’s public assistance. The catastrophes caused an economic downslide that straight affected the support for Alessandri. Alessandri was in a bind, because with rising prices endangering and his authorities with no solution he was destined to an issue, which was to be decided by the electors. Alessandri nevertheless, compromised his political stance and sided with the Groups in 1961, which finally gave him control of both houses. Sing the public assistance of Chile at this clip, this might hold been Alessandri’s merely option, even though it wasn’t the best 1. This dramatic alteration, in the strongest political party in Chile at this clip, caused a immense moving ridge of work stoppages in 1962. Some of the work stoppages were dealt with peacefully, but others such as one led by dwellers of Jose Maria Caro, a shantytown, led to 5 people deceasing.

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A new end now entered the heads of those who controlled the Chilean economic system, but an resistance out to better themselves caused the effort to neglect miserably. The program was to rush Industrialization, which would make more occupations and besides overhaul the Chilean economic system. This program rapidly vanished because the new authorities was non in agreement with these tactics at this clip. Alternatively, it became clear that if the the Chilean people and economic system would last, there would hold to be a revival of agricultural production.

A socialist leader named Marmaduke Grove came up with a three-part solution for the low criterions of life that haunted some 340,000 Chilean rural workers. His program stated that persons could non utilize the land as a signifier of income and alternatively must work the belongingss. In add-on the authorities would split the haciendas and redistribute the land to the provincials. ( Collier, Sater 266 ) . Marama argued that this would increase production and lower monetary values for the domestic consumer. The current political party denied this program because it would do them to lose of import ballots in the undermentioned election.

Landowners at this clip had a great trade of control over their workers. Even though Unions were formed and prohibitions were passed to give more rights to the workers, the landholders resisted and came up with ways to avoid following the new Torahs. A game was being played, in which the master got off with more and the also-ran was robbed out of his rights.

The 30 old ages from 1930 to 1960, contained many alterations within the political system and in the economic system. Most of these alterations were for the worst, but change causes more alteration and a state will ne’er be stable and turning unless it finds what is best for it. The job with the alterations that occurred was non the alterations themselves but who was in control, or behind all the alterations. Their purposes were in the incorrect topographic points. Alessandri, for illustration, was out for his best involvements and non for the purposes of his electors. All we can inquire is for the leaders of Chile to believe about why they are making what they are and hope that if they’re non making it for Chile’s sake to halt and allow others take control.

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