The Performance of Dubai Islamic Bank

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Dubai Islamic bank is a bank that offers services related to Islamic Islamic law.

In the twelvemonth 2009, the entire gross gained by the bank was 5,133 ( million AED ) as compared to the study of FY 2008 the net gross had decreased by 2.6 %, and the entire net income earned by the bank was 1,207.49 ( million AED ) a net lessening of 22.31 % as compared to the FY 2008, with the entire assets of AED 90.

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14 billion in the twelvemonth 2010, the bank stands among one of the largest Muslim Bankss in the universe, presently the bank has a client base of 1.2 billion which is a rather appraisable client base when compared with other Bankss. The portion monetary value of DIB is computed to 2.22 AED ( per portion ) updated latest to 31st March 2011, the net value of the market cap is evaluated to 8,429 ( million AED ), the endeavor value is evaluated to 7,450 ( million AED ), and the net portions outstanding is evaluated to 3,797 ( million AED ).

The net capital base of Dubai Islamic banks counts up to AED 10.53 billion as of December 2010, which is 17.2 % higher than the old twelvemonth?

Strategic Position


The Dubai Islamic bank is presently supplying services like retail banking, private banking, Johari banking, corporate banking, nomadic banking, phone banking, online banking, sharia board services, construction trade finance, exchequer and investing, undertaking to fund, syndication services, wealth direction services, concern banking, investing banking, undertaking finance services, and existent estate finance. The DIB is incorporated in all these services because they want to spread out their range in footings of banking and investing services in about every field, so as to vie with other participants in the concern.


The company ‘s chief aim is to set up its market all across the universe and to spread out them every bit much as possible, and to increase its client base so as to increase their gross and popularity in the planetary market.


The chief aim of DIB is to diversify and pull off organic growing, as growing in any sector is a must for a company particularly a banking corporation where the chances are eternal for any corporation DIB is concentrating majorly on the diversifying of its concern, and this scheme is really much consistent with the missions that are stated by the bank. The other schemes of DIB include enlargement of its subdivisions and the addition in its overall client base, this scheme of DIB helps DIB to spread out its trade in other states of the universe excessively. The addition in the overall client base is an obvious scheme of any banking corporation as the net income and gross earned by any banking house is dependent on the issue that more the clients the bank has the more is its net income earned.

4. Policies The major policies of DIB includes transitions of cardinal Islamic economic policies into house patterns for the demand of world and to welfare them with the Islamic policies, the policies of the DIB is consistent with the mission, aims and schemes of the corporation as the terminal user of any house is the consumer itself, and if the consumer is nonhappy with the company ‘s policies and services so every scheme of that company is conceited, and besides the company ‘s policies are consistent with every external and internal environmental characteristic. The company ‘s major scheme includes the enlargement of subdivisions and the add-on of new clients to the company ‘s client base; these policies reflect the company ‘s international and planetary trading scheme.

Corporate administration

The Board of Administration

The board of administration of the corporation consists of H.E. Mohammad Ibrahim abdulrahman alshaibani as the president, H.E. Sheikh Khalid bin zayed al nehayan as the frailty president, ahmad Mohammad saeed bin humaidan as the manager, saeed Mubarak Abdulla Mohammad al muhairi as the manager, abdulrahman hareb Rashed alhareb as the manager, tariq humaid matar Mohammed Al tayer as the manager. They all are the external employees of the corporation i.e.

they are non-executive members of the corporation i.e. they do n’t take portion in any determination devising procedures of the corporation. This group of executives consists of the top direction of the company.

The internal or the senior direction members of the corporation consist chiefly of Abdulla Ali Al hamli as the main executive officer, ahmed fathy al-gebali as the main fiscal officer of the corporation. These individuals are the portion of the senior direction i.e. they have influence in all the determinations doing and scheme devising treatments and procedures.

These executives comprise the internal direction or the senior direction of the company and involved in major determination doing procedures of the corporation. All the internal and the external members of the corporation that is discussed above particularly the non-executive members hold an important portion in the stocks. The stocks are publicly held by some of the major acquisitions are held by many other peoples and companies, besides the stock is traded in the market, with some of the board members getting major portions of the corporation. Some board members are the lasting board members of the corporation and they are in the non-executive group of the corporation and thereby they are the lasting members of the company, but the senior direction members are not-permanent members of the corporation, the main fiscal officer of the corporation is the newest member on the board of managers as he had joined the company in the twelvemonth 2011 itself.

The top direction consists of the president itself and the other managers of the company, though the non-executive members do n’t take portion in some determinations in major determinations like acquisitions and budget-related treatments their engagement is must.B. Top direction The top direction of the company comprise of H.E.

Mohammed Ibrahim as the president, H.E. tribal sheik Khaled bin zayed Al nehayan as the frailty president, ahmed mohammad saeed bin human as the manager, Saeed Mubarak Abdulla Mohammad al muhairi as the manager, Abdulrahman harem Rashed alhareb as the manager, they all are a portion of the non-executive board. But the major portion in the determination devising policies are taken by the senior direction group or the top direction group i.e. the Chief executive officer and the CFO of the corporation. The board members of the corporation have an important cognition of the international market and of market policies and as the key peoples are experienced enough therefore they contribute an important sum of cognition to the corporation and thereby taking the corporation to the following degree. The company ‘s senior direction is extremely skilled and is capable of taking the company to new tallness, the CFO for ex.

had joined the corporation in the twelvemonth 2011 itself, the CFO ‘s profile shows that he has a really good managerial base, he had worked for soybean bank as a CFO and assorted other investing houses, thereby he had gained adequate experience and he had served for many companies, therefore, his accomplishments must be singular. The company ‘s senior direction had developed a systematic scheme to be implied, some of them are planetary acquisitions and enlargement of concern. The company ‘s senior direction interacts with the lower degree directors and the board of managers rather often as they are acute to do new schemes and determinations for the company and they believe in including everyone in the procedure of determination devising. The company ‘s determinations are rather ethical as the company ‘s chief motivation is to utilize the instruction of Islam for the public assistance of the world in economic footings.

The top direction is extremely skilled and is expected to last the company in the future and to get by up with any job impacting the corporation.

External Environment: Chances and Menaces

Natural Physical Environment

Apart from banking the bank is besides engaged in merchandise and services like fabric merchandises, aluminum fixtures, motor vehicles.

Merchandises like Aluminum fixtures and fabrics depending on the sustainability of the environment i.e. fabrics are made from cotton and other natural merchandises and aluminum are obtained through excavation therefore the clime of the topographic point plays a really of import function in the development of merchandises of DIB. Apart from the clime one more natural force that affects the fabrication of DIB ‘s merchandise is the handiness of H2O in equal measure and natural catastrophes.

The chances for DIB in these sectors are illimitable but the lone thing that affairs is that how they could implement their schemes into their merchandise and services. All these forces have different effects in different states of the universe for ex. climatic and upwind conditions are different in different states of the universe, for ex. in Africa and Asia where clime are suited for the growth of cotton and jute merchandises, furthermore, natural catastrophes and catastrophes besides depends on the location of the fabrication works of DIB for ex.

in states like Japan, and Hawaii where temblor and vents are frequent. Solar air currents and sun musca volitant besides affecting the harvest as it destroys the harvest.

Social Environment

The major factors that are impacting merchandise fabrication are economical forces, technological forces, political forces, and socio-cultural forces.

The economic forces are the force that defines a corporation ‘s power in the market in footings of gross and portion monetary value, therefore economic forces are besides really of import forces that influence the fabrication of merchandise and services. The technological forces are besides one of the most of import forces that affect a company ‘s fabrication of merchandise and other technological procedures. The other forces that affect a company ‘s fabrication of merchandise and services are political forces, these are the forces which come into drama when the company had to do major political determinations about its company when trading in ain state or in another state. The socio-cultural forces are the forces that define the environment that surrounds the company, i.e. in UAE, the socio-cultural environment is different whereas if DIB will setup its subdivisions in other states of the universe like India, or the USA so they have to confront an entirely different environment and that will impact the bank. All these forces vary at other topographic points of the universe as the technological promotion of one state can be really good and DIB can take the best usage of that, and the political forces besides depends on the type of state they are covering with for ex whether the state is a democracy, monarchy, anarchy, etc.

all these forces play a really critical function in the development of a company in any state, particularly for DIB it is a really of import factor and the schemes of DIB should include techniques to undertake with the political state of affairs in other states. Socio-cultural is by far the most import facet for DIB as DIB is based on the instructions of the Quran and believes in its rules, hence there may be a line between them and clients when the bank operates in the non-Muslim state.

Undertaking Environment

There are six major forces that drive a company ‘s industry competition these are: Menace of new entrants: these forces vary from state to state, these forces are of high hazards because there have been opportunities ever that new entrants enter the market, and if the quality of merchandises and services provided by them are proved to be good so evidently the older participants have to endure, more or less.

Dickering power of purchasers: the dickering power of purchasers depends from state to state and harmonizing to the state of affairs, this force is rated as a medium force as non-many purchasers bargain on merchandises i.e. good in quality. Menace of replacement merchandise and services: the menace of replacement merchandise and services are ever high as any company can come up with a thought of better-substituted merchandise, and if that merchandise is better than the company ‘s merchandise so the company has to endure.

Dickering power of providers: bargaining power of providers is high as the provider is the individual whose quality of natural stuff decides the overall quality of merchandise. Rivalry among Viking houses: the competition among Viking houses is of medium type as the competition depends on the figure of rivals in the market and the quality of merchandise they manufacture. The relative power of brotherhoods, authorities, particular involvement groups, etc. have a high effect on the company as the company ‘s trade at any topographic point is subjected to the fact that they have good or non so good dealings with the authorities of that state.

Summary of External Factors

The socio-economic and undertaking environment is the most of import for the company and to the industry in which it is presently Viking.

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