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Assignment writing help in dubai Essay

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Learner declaration retire that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. Learner signature: Date: Assignment brief Start date w/c beginning 09/09/13 Deadline Assessor Assignment 1 of 1 Personal finance The purpose of this assignment is to: enable learners to 1) know ways to manage personal finance 2) know common financial products and services 3) be able to produce a personal budget that takes account of personal remuneration and expenditure. Task 1 Mohammed receives his wages from a part time job each Saturday, and by Tuesday it has all gone.

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He then borrows money from people to get him by until the next pay day when he pays back the loans. Then the whole cycle starts again. Write an email to Mohammed giving him hints and tips on managing his finances. Include, in your suggestions, information on the type of records he should keep. Your email should be professional, and you should fully explain all options and the benefits of these.

Deadline: 4. Pm Friday 27th September Task 2 UP UP MM This task is split into 3 sections: a, b and c a) Your cousin, Phil is 22.

She has recently been offered a job away from home on much higher salary than the one she has at the moment. If she rents a flat or house, she will have to find money for a deposit. On the other hand, she is thinking about buying a flat or small house. She will also need a car so that she can come home at weekends to see her boyfriend. Phil has asked you to suggest where she can turn to for advice on the various financial issues she faces. Write an email to Phil with your recommendations. (This covers UP). B) After finishing your studies at college, you will either want to get a job or you may think about going to University.

If you decide to go to University you might want to stay at home and travel each day, or live away from home. Choose the options that you think you would prefer and then describe the financial products and services you may need if you did this. (This covers UP). C) Your brother has just started work and his employer has insisted that he opens a current bank account. He does not know what this means and is even more confused because the bank he has approached has suggested that he should open a savings account at the same time.

Create a Powering with additional totes which explain to him what the difference is between the two accounts by describing the features and services in relation to each one. (This covers MM). Deadline: 4. Pm Friday 25th October Task 3 UP MI ODL This task is split into 3 sections: a, b and c a) Plan your budgeted expenditure for a week and then check the results. Copy out the budget planning chart on page 464 in the book, including only the words in bold. Then insert your own personal items under the income, essential expenditure and optional spends heading.

Enter an amount against each one, suggesting how much you think you will spend that week. At the end of the day, write down all the items you spent money on, and how much. At the end of the week, use the records you have kept to complete the budget chart by filling in the last column. Then attach a short commentary in which you explain the importance of the different aspects of the budget. (This covers UP). B) Write a report which reviews the format and the structure of your budget. How could you improve this to make it better for your own use? Look at the headings and the items you have entered.

Do these clearly give you the accurate information you need? Make any changes you feel would improve your budget and then write a commentary which explains why you have made these decisions. (This covers MI). C) Write a report – Now reconsider each item you have entered in your budget and justify its inclusion. This means saying why you felt each item of essential expenditure is necessary and why there are no alternatives. In your optional spends section, you will need to include the alternatives you have considered and why you chose to include these particular items.

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