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“The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West

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 “The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West

Research Proposal

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“The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West
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Topic Sentence:  The stresses a woman undergo in a long distance relationship and how to cope with it as examined and researched by the experts. .

            World History tells people of the things that occurred centuries and millenniums ago that had contributed to the present and may contribute to the future of human kind and even the environment they are living in. History shows the events that may have its effects on the current occurrences that are aired and flashed on the news.

There were a number of novels produced illustrating how the war went on and just as it was emphasized by many, love stories and romantic tales were also featured, maybe to give an impression that even there were chaotic and troublesome times, people still find time to practice their humanness, that is the ability to love and express feelings.

            In reading the novel of Rebecca West entitled “The Return of the Soldier”, history is also one of its highlight giving out information about the World war I where Chris Baldry offered his service in protecting his country.

He had been in the camp for over a decade and had neglected his duty with his wife Kitty. The wife was always looking for a sign from him, a letter or even a keepsake that would let her know her husband is still alive.

            Somewhere towards the middle of the novel, when Kitty recognizes that her wife had amnesia due to the war, the role of Baldry’s childhood sweetheart started, making a twist in the story, of having third parties in a relationship.

            It is interesting to know how women cope with the longing and distresses of their husbands during the war. The psychological attachment and other scientific factors that kept their affection to their husbands can be a good point as it was seen in the movie. How the distance affected the grip of the wife and how the husband escaped and found another woman to love. It may not be that very realistic to have a research regarding the feelings of a person, but it is of significance since there are already many trial and error marriages, disregarding the sacredness of the sacrament and hopping from one partner to the other.

            The recession in the countries today may also lead to a distance between housewives and husbands in order to provide their families with their basic needs as food, clothes and shelter. Moreover, since the innovations have brought about instant things, it is really very easy to let go of the righteousness and morality implanted by people before, say for the time religion was widespread.

            The study must involve the activities a woman can undergo to lessen the stress of being alone in raising her children while her husband is away for work or mission.

            In everything, there is always a beginning and an end. It is also a good point if the author will look at the point of exit when a women can no longer withstand the situation; being alone, acting as both the mother and father of a number of children. The research paper will deal with relationships and some ways of getting in or out of it, how to avoid legal separation (divorce/annulment) brought about by distance.

List of Reference

Rebecca West. 1918. The Return of the Soldier. <2 March 2009>.            http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/west/soldier/soldier.html


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“The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West. (2017, Feb 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-return-of-the-soldier-by-rebecca-west/

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