Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Rebecca Case

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In the case of Rebecca, her psychologist has conducted an assessment for her with a plan of continued therapy and medication. DRP. Johnston did start out by defining the problem with Rebecca. In DRP Johnston assessment of Rebecca, he started out by clearly stating what the clients issue were, followed by her background from her childhood. In addition of her parents being emotionally separated from her, she has a sister who also suffers from substance abuse as well as mental illness herself. On a further note, she also has a brother who suffers from fragile X syndrome.

With these types of stress growing up, it’s clear as to why Rebecca needs some therapy in order to help her cope with everyday life. Upon completing the six step model to determine Rebecca crisis and a plan for action, DRP. Johnston conducted a Ample-2, (Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory). The IMP is the most used method of testing adults for their personality and psychopathology. There are various versions of the IMP in order to develop treatment plans for their clients. The results for Rebecca show that she is in a great deal of turmoil as well as feelings of intense anxiety.

In addition to her anxiety, Rebecca also displays symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, undifferentiated summarization disorder, Schizophrenia, Dependent Personality, GIG distress, and familial, occupational with a high recommendation that she find a psychiatrist to work out the most appropriate psychotropic medications. Also, that she participates in a day treatment program will most likely be required for her to build satisfactory functioning to return to her former life. In conclusion, DRP. Johnston assessment of Rebecca seems to be genuine and sincere.

With his teeth of sitting down with Rebecca and listening to her problem, having her take an IMP in order to find out where her head is at allows for his client to open up with her thoughts and feelings as well as put her trust into him so that he may give her support and work towards a treatment that will allow for her to regain her life previous to her crisis. Also, he encourages Rebecca to seek group support from those who may be going through similar difficulties in their life.

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