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Rebecca – Tell Tale Heart Comparative Sample

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Alfred Hitchcock successfully incorporates Gothic conventions within the movie Rebecca. based on Daphne De Maurier’s fresh written in 1938. Likewise. Edgar Allan Poe’s ability to integrate Gothic subjects within his short narrative ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ . published in 1843. has been a success. Although both their abilities to make Gothic Compositions has been successful. their techniques used to integrate Gothic conventions within them are both similar and different. Similarities arise when detecting the Gothic subject of compulsion in that both the texts compulsion is explored to the point of lunacy.

Alternatively. the techniques used to research the Gothic subject of decease and loss within both texts contrast. in footings of its consequence. This is shown through cardinal scenes in the movie Rebecca. and certain infusions from the text the ‘Tell Tale Heart’ .

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Rebecca – Tell Tale Heart Comparative Sample
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While sing the movie Rebecca. Mrs Danvers’ compulsion with the Rebecca becomes apparent during her address of honoring mention towards Rebecca. and the music fluctuations in the background while the new Mrs De Winter explores Rebecca’s room for the first clip.

During Mrs Danver’s honoring conversation with Mrs De Winter. Hitchcock utilises the musical technique of crescendo to portray the turning compulsion with Rebecca that becomes clearer with each new mention uttered from her oral cavity. Just as Mrs Danver’s reaches for the door. she efficaciously ends her fleeting visit with words that merely emphasise her subconscious compulsion with Rebecca to the point of lunacy ; “You wouldn’t think she’d been gone so long. would you? Sometimes. when I walk along the corridor. I fancy I hear her merely behind me. That speedy light measure. I couldn’t misidentify it anyplace. It’s non merely in this room. it’s in all the suites in the house. I can about hear it now” .

Edgar Allan Poe uses narrative in first individual. within the ‘Tell Tale Heart’ to adequately depict the persona’s compulsion within converting himself and the audience that he is a absolutely normal non- mad adult male. In correspondence to the movie ‘Rebecca’ . the character explores this compulsion to the point of lunacy. in which he seems to believe he has justified grounds for slaying. In making so. Edgar Allan Poe used the literary technique of exaggeration to indicate out the persona’s lunacy. While seeking to warrant his ground for contemning the old adult male ; he states “ He had the oculus of a vulture- a pale blue oculus. with a movie over it. Whenever it fell upon me. my blood ran cold. “

The subject of decease and loss is portrayed within the movie Rebecca. through Hitchcock’s usage of darkening lighting and gradual shut up shootings in the scene of Ms. Danvers effort to convert the easy option of self-destruction upon Mrs De Winter. In this scene Ms. Danvers exposes some of her deepest emotions through deadpan address ; conveying how much she wishes Rebecca was brought back life to task her ‘rightful place’ as Maxim’s married woman. Merely prior to Ms. Danvers endeavor to convey forth self-destruction upon Ms. De Winter. the light darkens and the camera closes in on the two characters to convey the importance of what is traveling to go on. While in effort to arouse suicide she notifies Mrs. De Winter of Maxim’s evident impulse to convey back Rebecca through these words ; “ Why don’t you go… . He doesn’t love you. He wants to be entirely once more with her” . Through these words it becomes apparent that Maxim may non be the individual that yearns for Rebecca’s presence but more likely Ms. Danvers ; and therefore Hitchcock explores the thought of Death and loss in a manner that populating characters mourn over decease and yearn to convey life back.

In contrast to the manner that decease and loss is explored in Rebecca ; Edgar Allan Poe delivers the Gothic subject of decease and loss in a manner that the character yearns to take away a life within the short narrative ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ . The literary technique of black wit is used within the statement “Oh. you would of laughed to see how cutely i thrust it in! I moved it easy. really easy. so that I might non upset the old man’s sleep” ; to show his pathetic delectation in slaying. while immersing a arm into the old adult male. but cringes at the thought of upseting his slumber. After carry throughing slaying the character proclaims “ I could barely incorporate my feelings of triumph” . The statements adequately describe the difference between the effects of integrating the subject of decease and loss within both decease within both texts. In Rebecca decease is dreaded and in “The Tell Tale Heart” decease is yearned for.

After analysing two Gothic subjects successfully conveyed within the movie Rebecca and the short narrative “The Tell Tale Heart” it can be concluded that the two texts portion similarities and differences within the film/ literary techniques used and their consequence. They are similar in that both texts explore the subject of compulsion to the point of lunacy ; and they are different in that their attitude towards decease is wholly opposite.

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