What is the Scientific Method?

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What is the scientific method? What are the advantages and disadvantages of addressing problems, questions and the mysteries through the scientific method? Scientific method dictionary definition “A method of investigation in which a problem is first identified and observations. Experiments or other relevant data are then used to construct or test hypotheses that purport to solve it”. (Dictionary. reference. com/browse/scientific method) My understanding of scientific method is discovering or solving a problem through research, experiments and testing your information with the outcome of proving and solving your results.

For example, let’s say I lost my wallet I can use the scientific method to solve this problem. First I would investigate the information I already know, which is when I reached home I noticed my wallet was gone. I can also recall the last place I utilized my wallet and that was at the corner store buying some sandwich meat. Second I would try to figure out where did I place my wallet last? My first guess would be maybe I left it at the store, maybe I placed it down somewhere in the house or maybe I dropped it in the street on my way home.

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Third I would began doing my research and testing my hypothesis. I would began searching my house for my wallet, if not found I would back track to the store checking the streets and if still not found I would go back to the store to question the owner if he has seen my wallet. Last but not least using the information I have and testing my hypothesis I discovered the wallet was in the store in the owner permission. The advantage of scientific method is that you can bring forth new knowledge by investigating and solving problems.

Such as unsolved crimes can be examined and finally come to a closure. Scientific method prevents false advertisements or anyone passing off false discoveries. It’s also a great way to prove a theory whether it’s true or false. For example if you seat in front of the television you can go blind. Using the scientific method this theory can be proven true or false. Now that you discovered your problem which is sitting in front of the television and that it may cause you go blind now you can begin your experiment.

You gather your data by investigating what material is the television made of and can those things that make up a television can created loss of human sight. Test your theory by numbering the days and hours you sat in front of the television. Final come to your conclusion based on your results of your experiments. The disadvantage of scientific method is the amount that can be put into an experiment can cost full. This can be a very big problem because if the outcome of your experiment doesn’t provide results then it was a waste of time and money.

Experiments can also be very dangerous. When trying to solve your problem through scientific method the procedure and products can create an explosion and may hurt or kill someone. Furthermore, there have been some cases of scientific fraud. There are a percentage of scientists that are intimidated by the FDA officials to lie about their information on drug products. It’s reported that this is being done for massive profits and control, basically greed. Sometimes scientists lie about their results and discoveries.

For example, the story of George and the Cardiff giant. ” George Hull had no patience with fools, but he exhibited great patience for making a fool of others. After arguing with a clergyman who claimed that giants had walked the earth because the Bible said so, Hull proceeded to carve a 10-foot gypsum statue of a man. He then buried his creation on a neighboring New York farm. In 1869, a full year later, Hull hired some well diggers, who discovered his stone man on the job.

Of course people gathered to see this oddity, and rumors began to spread that it was a fossilized human of gigantic proportions. Many saw it for the hoax it was, but when two Yale professors declared it genuine, the proof of giants on earth became set in stone. Eventually Hull had to admit it was a fake after he sued P. T. Barnum for exhibiting a copy of it. Barnum claimed his statue was just a hoax of a hoax and was found not guilty. ”(Santoso, A. ( 2006,September, 19), retrieved Feb 7, 2013 from www. neatorama. com 10 scientic frauds that rocked the world. om) In conclusion, my option there is more advantages with the use of scientific method because the world is a place of unfounded discoveries and problems that can be solved. There may be some disadvantages that can mislead our knowledge but we can always correct the conclusion through scientific method. There will always be question and mysteries whether the study of the experiment is true because of human nature imperfection. SUBMITTED BY: KHALEED JONES WAYS OF KNOWING: PERSPECTIVES ON THE LIBERAL ART ALAN H. HICKS, INSTRUCTOR Feb 12, 2013

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