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The article Studying in the Slow Lane” by Anna Mitchell discusses the concept of “slow schools” versus “fast schools”. The author argues that “fast schools” focus on stuffing information or knowledge into students without giving them time to think about it, while “slow schools” focus on helping students understand what they are learning step by step and giving them more time to think and come up with their own ideas. This approach is similar to the idea of “True Education” described by Sidney Harris, which emphasizes drawing out what students have inside of them rather than just stuffing knowledge into their minds. The author gives an example of Ann Cassidy’s grade 5-6 classes, where the “slow schooling methods” were being used and students were having fun while learning and coming up with their own ideas. The author reflects on their own past experience in a “fast school” where they were given a lot of homework and had to memorize information without enough time to think or understand it properly. The author believes that if their past school had used “slow schooling methods”, they could have done better and been more interested in studying.”

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Reaction: studying in the slow lane
After I read Anna Mitchell article “studying in the slow lane” the idea of “slow schools” is kind of similar to me as Sidney Harris article “What True Education should do”. In Harris article he describe the mean of true education that instead of stuffing information or knowledge try to draw it out or bring it out what student got inside of them. In Anna Mitchell article “fast schooling methods” is kind of same as stuffing information or knowledge inside you without drawing it out. In fast schools methods they give lot of homework but they don’t give much time to think about it, it’s like the same as stuffing information or knowledge into student mind. But slow school methods are kind of like same as what Harris describes in his article about true education should be. In slow school they try to make student understand what they are doing step by step and they give them more time to think and they help them to come out with their own idea and that make them more interested on study.

That’s what Harris minted on his article about true education, true education is not stuffing information or knowledge into a student, its make them interested and help them to draw out what they have inside them. In my opinion I think Ann Cassidy’s grade 5-6 classes were getting the “slow schooling methods” and they were getting the right education what Harris describe on his article . Those Ann Cassidy’s grade 5-6 student they were drawing out what they got on they are mind and it seem that they having lot of fun while they were learning. That’s what Harris describe on his article that teacher shouldn’t be stuffing knowledge in their mind they should help them to

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bring it out their own idea. And Ann Cassidy’s student wasn’t stuffing knowledge they was drawing out what they got on their mind. “Slow schooling methods” help those students to understand what they learning and they having fun were learning that’s why they can come up with their own idea and it making them more interested on learning thing instead of giving them more work or putting more pressure which suck the joy out of learning from them. When I was in my past school they use the “fast education methods” they used to give us lot of work to do and almost every week we used to have tested and we have to study a lot for the test because we have to get good test score on the test. We used to get lot of homework and lot of thing to memorize that we don’t have enough time for to think or understand it proper and we also thought that what we are learning it’s only for exam then it will get delete from our mind. My past education that I received it was similar to “fast schooling methods”. It was totally different from “slow schooling methods” my past school they never chose the “slow schooling methods” I think if they chose that “slow schooling methods” in our education we could do more better and we could be more interested on study.

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