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Sports Classes in High School

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    “Sports classes should be sacrificed in high school so students can concentrate on academic subjects. ” High school is a place where students can experience and learn many things. Lisa Dunning (2004) stated that high school is a time for students to meet more new friends, do well in academic, join sports and clubs and also be prepared for the future. Sadly, many high schools choose to forgo high school sports because of the budget cuts. They believe that spending money on academic will be more worthy.

    She also cited that although academic is important, but opted out high school sports will cause every child’s experiences in school decrease, miss out golden opportunity in performing their athletic skills and become an all-rounded adult. The most important purpose foreducation is they should develop all the skills of students instead of purely let them involved in academic. Although students are easily distracted by sports, the school authorities should not ban extra curriculum activities because sports enable students to use their leisure time effectively with sports, ensure students’ health and reflects high reputation of school.

    First of all, students can use their leisure time effectively with extracurricular activities which including sports. They can use their after school hours to join any sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf and etc. So, students will have time to spend for their physical fitness. Furthermore, meaningful sports activities in school will prevent students from engaging in unhealthy activities such as drinking alcohol, drug use, smoking and others. Student who has participated in extracurricular activities will use their time effectively with study and healthy activities in school.

    Thus, they will have less chance to go astray which will affect their future. Other than that, students will learn how to form teamwork and leadership through sports. For athletes, they must be very cooperative in a team and willing to work with team in order to win in a game. Moreover, sports activities in high school can develop sports talent which can be used for financial gain. Coaches can train talented students to developmore into their talents in sports by teaching them skills and techniques and also share their experiences in sports so that students can learn from the wrong nd be more alert about it. Hence, it is easier for students who are athletes to be success in their sector and their best achievement might cause them to earn income for their profession in sports. Nowadays, some of the richest people around the world use their sports talents to earn money. Examples of athletes who earn a lot through sports are Lee Chong Wei and David Beckham. Kennedy Nashon (2007) stated that failure to build on sports talents does not only amount to loss of capacity development, but it is also a significant financial loss.

    Secondly, sports can ensure the health of students. One should exercise at least three days per week because exercise can bring many benefits towards one’s health and also one’s mood. So if sport classes are cancelled in high school, there will be a serious health problems arise such as obesity, low back pain and high blood pressure. An Active Living Research (2007) stated that roughly 25 million kids are overweight or obese. This is because students will lack of exercise as some of them will only do exercise during sport classes in school.

    Students would rather spend their time on watching movie, play games or any others activities that do not really benefits them if there is no practice for their sport classes. Other than that, students can release stress from their stressful study life through sports. Sports will also reduce students’ depression and anxiety. According to Ibrahim Oluoch (2011), “sports classes provide students with an opportunity to relax and relay out pent up emotions. If there are no sport classes in high school, which act as avenues for relieving the pressures caused by issues that stress the students, then the society will be full of young people who are depressed and frustrated. This may lead to increase incidences of committing suicides, smoking and alcohol taking among the students as they are unable to cope with the stressors. Moreover, a strong body will make a strong mind. A better physical state will lead to greater happiness and furthermore increase one’s spirit in study. Thus, excellence academic results will be produced.

    A person who is healthy and always exercise will have a fresh mind to study and it is easier for them to absorb knowledge. As a result, students will achieve excellence academic results and it proves that sports class will not affect the academic performance but improve their academic performance instead. Additionally, sports can reflects high reputation of the school by sending representatives to other regions or internationally. Benefits that can be gained through sports are students are able to make more new friends from different schools, states or even country and gain more knowledge about others’ tradition.

    Not only that, sports activities also enable entire schools to link to each other. Admittedly, coaches play an important role to train students who have the potential to develop their talents through sports so that their talents will not be neglected. It also can boost school morale and increase schools’ pride. This can lead to increase the enjoyment of students in academics and so do well in their studies which will result in better test scores and grades. When a school has a good reputation, normally the students of the schools will have better achievement either in academic or in sports.

    Besides that, sports scholarships can be offered for talented players. Coaches can encourage their students to be more active and perform their best in sports so that they can have the chances to apply sports scholarships when they are going to enter college in the future. Jennie Smith (2009) states that coaches who are really concerned about the students’ performance can work with academic teachers and students to make sure that they are doing well in both academic and sports.

    This can let students have the equal chances to apply for academic scholarships and athletic scholarships. Playing sports also have its’ disadvantages where students are easily distracted by sports. Some of the students might addict to sports and as a result, they will spend more time on sports and neglect their studies. Students will have the excuses to tell their teacher for their undone homework and no time for them to study. This will cause them fail to gain knowledge and do badly academically.

    Some extreme students even willing to sacrifice their sleeping and rest time to put all their efforts and concentration on sports. However, disadvantages that are listed out above have solution to each of it. Practices should be decrease so that students could have time for their studies and time for completing their homework. Other than that, students should have their own schedule for them to allocate their time properly. They should be able to manage their time well by carry out their daily activities based on the schedule that has been set.

    In brief, participating in sport classes not only can enable students to use their time effectively, but also improve their health and reduce their stress levels. In addition, it enables them to contribute their talents which also reflect the high reputation of schools. If we can study and play sport, in this way, we kill two birds by one stone, gain knowledge and keep our bodies fit. Therefore, sacrificing sport classes in high school is not a good way for students so that they can concentrate on academic studies. Nashon, Kennedy. The Benefit of Sports and Physical Fitness. Nairobi: Longhorn, 2007.

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