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Themes of Gattaca

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  • Pages 2
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    In the movie GATTACA, it Vincent states “There is no gene for the human spirit. This is the central theme showed in this movie by when Vincent beats Antione in swimming, and when Vincent succeeds in his dream despite all odds against him. This theme is shown when Vincent beats Antione in swimming in both “games”. Although genetically superior, Antione is defeated by his brother Vincent in swimming. Vincent outlasted and passed his brother. Although Antione is superior, he was defeated. He questions Vincent and his reply was “I never left anything for the swim back. The theme is shown here because Vincent should have lost statistically because his spirit allowed him to keep going. This theme is shown once again when Vincent achieves his dreams despite all odds against him. Being labeled as an invalid, having a 99% chance of a heart problem, and inferior genetics to mostly everyone in his modern world, he has an extremely low chance of achieving his goal to be an astronaut. However, Vincent ends up pursuing his dream. He outlives his estimated death date, and did whatever it took to succeed.

    That meant taking on the identity of a genetically superior person, Jerome Marrows. Vincent did everything in his power to pass off as Jerome with blood, urine, and exercise tests. It was tough, but because of this, he is able to achieve his dream and travel into space. The theme is shown because even with all odds against him, Vincent succeeds despite what his genetics say. He doesn’t let his genes determine his life. This is how GATTACA is based around this theme, Vincent beats his genetically superior superiors, and achieves his dream of becoming an astronaut despite what his genes say about him.

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