Gattaca Biology Connection Analysis

The movie is based around the character Vincent Freeman. He is born an invalid, which is a normal birth in today’s standards. Most of the world’s population is valid who are born with the best traits and genes from their parents to basically make a perfect human. He has big dreams to travel into space and study it. Since he is born an invalid he is set for Jobs that take basically no talent. He will do anything to achieve his dream. He enlists the help from a shady business man to help him succeed. Soon Vincent meets Jerome Morrow. Jerome is the perfect human. Except he is crippled from a car accident earlier in his life.

Soon Vincent takes over Groomer’s identity using Groomer’s urine samples and blood packs to pass DNA tests. All is going as planned when the flight director of the space program is murdered a week before launch and the police investigate it possibly putting Vincent in Jeopardy. Vincent goes through many hardships to finally being cleared from being the murderer, but the lead investigator is his brother, Anton, who recognizes his brother from samples found at crime scenes and he confronts him. Anton threatens to turn Vincent in for identity fraud but then they both agree to have a swimming competition.

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Anton always beat Vincent when they were younger, but this time Vincent wins and saves Anton. Now it is time for the shuttle to leave and Vincent is asked to give a urine DNA sample before he boards the craft. He doesn’t have a fake sample on him so he gives his “invalid” sample. He fails, but the doctor, who gave him all of the DNA test earlier in the movie, lets him pass anyway because his son is also handicapped. The movie then ends with Jerome killing himself and Vincent making it to space. This movie relates to what we learned in class in one main way. The whole movie is about DNA sequences. In class we learned about DNA and what it is.

Also the movie title “CATTLE” is made up of letters used to label nucleotide bases of DNA. The four bases are adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. We studied over the bases and what they did. DNA references were everywhere in the movie. Beginning with the start of the movie talking about Matron’s birth and what he would inherit from his parents. Another reference is Groomer’s stairs, they are shaped like a double helix, which is a main part of DNA. Also when Vincent cleans his desk and plants hairs from Jerome on his desk, and when Vincent wipes himself off to get rid of access items which could be scanned to prove his is not Jerome.

I agree with the creating of the world that operates like in “CATTLE. ” It does give almost everybody a fair chance at life, unless you are born the natural way. But in the other hand, would it seem right having everybody almost perfect? This would make sports less competitive and boring since everyone is perfect. It would root out all of the people in elite who are very lazy and don’t try. Also the question to humans playing god is asked. Should humans really be messing with genetics? I think they should, birth defects would almost be impossible, and of course it’s always your choice if you want your kids enhanced or not.

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