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Theocritus and Sappho a Poem About Love

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    Poetry has been around for many years. In poetry, there is a lot of unique ways to write like style, context, and language. Usually, poetry is about love or war, two of them cannot be in the same poem. Love poem are a way to describe own personal feelings about or for a loved one, no other person can have these exact feelings, it is a way of writing it out your heart for love. Love poem could be for anyone you love or ever loved as a mother, father, boyfriend, significant other or anyone else, it also could be about a thing you love. there is a lot of unique ways to express them like Passionate, Sexual, and One-sided. The main thing about love in the poem is what is the tone like sad, vibrant, touchy and many more. It is also important how did they write like is it too abstract, straightforward, expository and many more. The Theocritus and Archaic Greek poets like Sappho and Theognis express love incomparable way but some archaic Greek poets express love in a more sexual way them Theocritus but they both are romantic and sad.

    Theocritus and Sappho both wrote a poem about love, they were the same, but some point they were different like Theocritus wrote more romantic his tone and the way of expressing it different from Sappho. Sappho wrote a romantic poem, but it sounds it more sexually and his tone is different. Theocritus poems were in the musical way and romantic like ‘Tell me, my lady moon, where did my love come’ In Idyll II This is music way to describe love by asking moon where did my love come. Archaic Greek Sappho wrote something like this poem ‘Around the beautiful moon the stars withdraw the radiance of their form whenever, at her fullest, she shines over earth….’ This poem she is comparing the love for to the moon and start as the she shines over the earth. Fragment 34 They both are comparing their love to the moon and star which also imagery and romantic when it comes to love. The tone in this both are very different Theocritus sound it more respectful, straightforward, and serious and Sappho sound it very romantic, touchy, and vibrant. They both sound it Passionate about love.

    Theocritus and Sappho wrote poems about the love they similar that was the pain from the love you get. Theocritus wrote ‘Now that I am alone, how shall I lament my love? Where shall I begin? Who brought this trouble on me’? Idyll II Sappho wrote ‘No longer do I love a boy. I have kicked aside harsh torments; from grievous hardships, I have gladly escaped; I am set loose from longing by fair-wreathed Kythereia. As for you, my boy, you have no attractiveness in my eyes’. These both poems about the pain, when the relationship when ended sadness of being alone again. When you love someone, and they leave you at some point and the pain you feel is unexplainable. The Pain in both of this poem is different for Theocritus is being alone and for Sappho is like she came out of a troubled relationship like when she said, ‘I have kicked aside harsh torments’. Theocritus tone in this poem sound painful and Sober but not as much as it sounded in Sappho, but it sounds it more like Disturbed. The writing style both are different then each other Theocritus wrote more like an Elegy, Expository style, and Sappho wrote like Descriptive Style.

    The Archaic Greek Sappho wrote a poem that was sexually, but Theocritus did not the poem that was sexual. Sappho, was the best of the lyric poets, lived on the island of Lesbos in the northwestern Aegean. Sappho wrote something like ‘Once again Love has drives me on, the looseness of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done. But to you, Attis, the thought of me has grown hateful, and you fly off to Andromeda.’ Fragment 130 The other poem which was sexual is ‘Virginity, virginity, where have you gone and left me? ‘Never again shall I return for you, never again shall I return.’ This poem is about how love has changed him to a bittersweet creature and Attis was her friend and he left her so now she hates him for leaving her alone. In this poem Sappho has capitalized the ‘L’, she describes love as an abstract being, a ‘creature’ with no human characteristics. She also describes the creature as being bittersweet, illustrating how love can be both pleasurable and painful. The tone of this poem is Disconcert, Cold, Bitter, and critical. The writing of this poem is Elegy and Narrative Style. This both poem sound sexual like who describe loving a bittersweet creature and this also about a friend leaving her and saying virginity I will never return to you which sound she was delighted that she did not want to return and happy that she, not a virgin.

    Sappho other poem she wrote about love to her daughter that she adopted ‘A beautiful girl is mine, her form like that of golden flowers, beloved Kleis, for whom not even all Lydia would I take, or lovely…’ there was saying that it is possible that Kleis was another beloved friend like Attis. The confusing thing is why did she mention her beloved Lydia name in this poem. The tone is also sound passionate, sexual, and loving like saying form like that a golden flower. The way of writing of this poem is Descriptive Style. But this poem could be in just love in her daughter that she had, or it could be that she was another beloved of her.

    Theocritus and Theognis wrote the poem about love which was very similar. They both wrote about love very straightforward, to the point and polite way of writing. The way of describing is different but the way of writing it is the same. The poem Theocritus talk about love is when ‘For love there is no other drug, Nicias, it seems to me, neither unguent nor slave, then the muses. This remedy is delicate and sweet for mortal men, but not easy to find’. This poem is about saying there is no other drug for love. The Archaic Greek Theognis talk about love is ‘Bitter and Sweet, alluring and tormenting: such, till it be fulfilled, Kyrnos, is love to the young; for if one finds fulfilment, it proves sweet; but if pursuing, one fails of fulfilment, then of all things it is most painful.’

    This poem tells about love fulfillment and failure fulfillment. In relation to love, it is not always happiness it is also painful when a thing goes wrong. Lines 1353-56 This both poem are about pain but in their own way Like the Theocritus poem is about comparing love to drug and drug always related to pain and terrible things. Theognis wrote a poem about the relationship how it not always happiness its also about sadness by comparing it too bitter and sweet. The tone in this both poems are Mournful, Staid, and Concerned. The Theocritus poem is very straightforward and to the point and Theognis poem is Descriptive and it explains more about the relationship. Theognis poem is correct about the relationship and what it takes to be in a relationship, in your relationship you cannot get expect but you also must give to the partner. Theocritus and Theognis had similar thinking about the love they both were serious, romantic, and passionate.

    Theocritus and The Archaic Greek both wrote the poem about love and they were great. They all had the different point of view of love and unique way of expressing it sometimes. Theocritus and Sappho both wrote a poem about the love they were romantic and Passionate. Theocritus sound it more respectful, straightforward, serious, and when it comes to the pain he does not express much pain. Sappho sound it very romantic, touchy, vibrant but when it comes to pain her tone is different from Theocritus her tone was Mournful, fearful and it shows more pain then Theocritus. They’re both way of writing are different Theocritus poem was different in love and in pain. For love, Theocritus wrote more like not in-depth, straight, passionate, and Expository but Sappho wrote more like in-depth, passionate, descriptive Style. Pain Theocritus was expository and blunt, and Sappho was expressive. There was an Archaic Greek poet who wrote like Theocritus about love that was Theognis. The tone for love was very respectful and romantic but their writing is different as Theocritus was straightforward and not expressive but Theognis was expressive and it is also same for the pain their tone is same but writing is different.

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