Three reasons that computer is necessary for college students Essay

Nowaday, students need to have a large knowledge in many different areas. They study not only at school but also from various sources, for example: from internet, magazine, experimences… Computer is a popular media in all over the world. It is necessary for college students for three following major reasons: The first reason is to exchange informations.

With a computer, students can apprehend knowledges which they can’t find at school. These knowledges will make them to be perfect people.The second reason is to meet people in all over the world throught the internet.

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Three reasons that computer is necessary for college students
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By this way, students can learn the cultures of many different countries, make friend with whomever in the world companion with them.

If they are in stress situations, they can have many friends to share with, or to take advices. The last reason is to support the study at school. There are many problems that student only can solve by using computer. A computer has many useful softwares and applications that can help students in their study.

For instance, they can save the data, search for the informations… Beside that, a computer can make the lecture more exciting and easier for the students to understand. To conclude, computer is very important for the students to be successful in their study. It is a powerful media in exchanging informations, meeting people in all over the world and studying more effective. Therefor, student should be good at information technology in order to make the best uses of the computer.

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