How long has the american dream been around

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Today’s American Dream “l want be a billionaire” by Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy represents the American dream among the young generations now days. Today’s generations’ dream Is to be rich to be able to buy anything they want, and at the same time do the charity work stars do in the communities, in other countries, and even the programs they create to make our world a better place. The new generation’s dream Is also that with the money they have to be known everywhere around the world.

The search for none through fame is the goal every young person In this era has for themselves. TLS song also shows how Ideals, values, and culture have changed over time with the existence of technology and the wanting to create a different theme of music to become unique. “l want be a billionaire so freckling bad” (line 1). In line one the song clearly says how much the young generations want to be rich and have as much money as Their dream after becoming rich is to show the world who they are and how they got to be there through the lyrics of their music. Know we all have a similar dream, go in your pocket pull out your wallet, and put it in the air and sing” (lines 41, 42, and 43). On these three lines is shown how today’s generations are being taught that the only way to be successful is to sing or be an artist in some kind of way. Our dream used to be to become a better person through the opportunities that were given for everyone to get a better education and get a professional career through college. Our cultures and ideals are being changed with the existence of technology that includes he evolution on the devices people use to be able to listen to the music they like.

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The language and grammar in our music has been degrading throughout the years since rap started to appear in new songs. Before people used songs as a way to enlarge their vocabulary and a way to learn new languages, but the language used in today’s songs are not teaching correct grammar or vocabulary nor values. Today’s America dream is based on not only being rich but be famous at the same time too. “Uh, I want be on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Opera and he Queen” (lines 3 and 4).

This generation has people they want to follow and Imitate. Opera and Queen and many other artists have replaced our important writers and historical heroes. “Oh every time I close my eyes, I see my name In shining lights a different city every night Oh” (lines 5, 6 and 7). All they dream about Is to be known and recognize all over the world and of course to travel and be able to get to know every city in the world. “Yeah can’t forget about me stupid, everywhere I go Imam have my own theme music” (lines 21 and 22).

Not only they want to be known but to show to the people that they did not believe In their talents how they became so famous that they are unique wealth the style that they represent. On the other hand this generation that lives around today’s American dream Is truly passionate on how to help people around the world and how to address the Issues we face like hunger and poverty. “I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Plat, people are having children at a really young age and are not taking care of them.

Due o this issues of teen pregnancy many children around the world are suffering and do not have a place to live in, but this new generation see artists doing something about it and they want to imitate their good actions. Today’s generation want to be better for themselves and for everyone around them that need them. “And last but not least grant somebody their last wish” (line 16). This new generation wants to do great things too. Not only to the people in need, but to the people that do not have many days of life.

Get it, he, I’d probably visit where Strain hit, and damn sure do a lot more than FEM. did” (lines 19 and 20). This new generation is not dreaming about preventing things from happening, they want to work to not let things happen at all. “l want be a billionaire” by Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy is definitely a mirror to the reality and the world we live in today. It also shows the change in our societies and their priorities over time. Today the American dream is based on becoming rich, be known, and help those who need you around the world.

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