Topologies and Ethernet Standards Essay

The unit five seminar was mainly focused on Topologies. The professor first addresses that issues with Visio or Toolwire must be directed to Tech Support.

A large part of the seminar in the beginning was the best option for troubleshoot access with the Toolwire program since of course no one like dealing with Tech Support. The discussion then turned to how the Toolwire program came around and how the students asked for hands on exercises because they liked other teaching methods besides conceptual.

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Topologies and Ethernet Standards
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The professor then began to explain that the purpose of this course is teaching people with no experience to learn the concepts of the criteria of this class. There was then a reminder that when submitting assignments from Visio to make sure you copy the work into a Microsoft Word Document.

There are examples and announcements on the discussion board. Ten there was a brief interlude to the formatting of all work submitted in the class to follow APA format.

Next the seminar topic then moved to the assignment for the week. We began to compare the case study to the network we ourselves as students use at home.

Majority of the people in this class have architecture of peer-to-peer network. This is not the same as a topology. There is a brief comment on how the Visio assignment for this Unit should be linked and labeled. There was then the difference between an architectural drawing and a network drawing.

An idea for brain storming for the assignment for the week is thinking about the reasoning behind the structure of the students’ home network. Using this logic to explain the why and what topology they would recommend on the case study as reference point.The class then moved to the seminar case study for the Kiwi Branch of the unit case study. After discussing all the items that this business uses we began to discuss the procession of windows and how this might be affecting the network problems for this case study.

It was then discussed what 10/100 Mbps means, which is the data transmission rate. There was also the identification of the Cat 5 wire; which is an Ethernet Cable, and the identification of a rack, which is used in desktop computers or towers.So the overall reasons with the problem of the network for the case study include; the server, the switch (could get overloaded with data), the operating system, and finally the network interface. Physical topologies are designed in simple shapes that we want to use to design our network in an organized manner.

Bus topologies are passive. It uses a broadcast to all the devices on the network. Bus’s have to be terminated otherwise signal bounce occurs, so terminators are put on the end of buses.The ring topology is an active network which means all of the devices are dissipate in the delivery of data.

This topology uses the physical medium on two twisted fiber optic cables. Data flows in a clock wise direction and this network is difficult because if one device collapses, the whole network is down. A star topology uses a finer optic cable for its physical medium and uses a lot more wiring; however it has better fault tolerance. This network is good for any prospect of expansion on the network.

It is the most popular fundamental degisn.

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