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Evolution of Ethernet

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The hold back will be the telecoms industry commonly referred to as ISP (internet service providers). Most of these companies have hesitated on the implementation of Gigabit connections due to the current high cost. PLAN- enabled Ethernet networks require switches and routers. The switches connect the users in a specific geographical area together and to a common connection to routers, one being for traffic and the other being a dedicated firewall. Plans enable corporations to “hide in plane site” over the internet while still having the benefit of mobility like VPN.

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Evolution of Ethernet
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Given the speeds of today’s Ethernet and the progression of the speeds, 10 to gigs over 8 years and gig to 1 Tab since, transmission rate will double again in about 8 years. Although this seems true, I read that Ethernet fabric will rival fiber optic transmission capabilities. We must keep in might that a network is only as fast as its slowest component. This means computers will have to continue to get faster at processing requests and switches and routers will have to analyze and forward data packets at a higher speed to keep up with the evolution of Ethernet.

An organization wishing to implement a medical imagery repository would first have to consider what security protocols and policies it would use. Then, they should consider using Category 6 twisted pair cabling. These cables are hardier versions of Caste, but have a higher cost and more capabilities to support voice, video, and data all at once. The transmission speeds can reach a mind boggling 1 inhibits/s. This is the same transmission rate fiber optic can reach as well. As the requirements for higher speeds increase, the Cat will still be an appropriate cabling choice.

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