Tourism: England and Local Facilities

In today’s globalized world, people go on holidays every year. They often choose exotic places abroad to fulfill their excitement of traveling and visiting other countries. But should those countries encourage tourism? There are a few advantages and disadvantages on this issue. Firstly, the desire to attract tourists to a certain area often encourages governments to improve local facilities. This leads to the development of the country and, of course, is beneficial for both, citizens and tourists. On the other hand, over-development can lead to ugly, crowded tourist spots and environmental damage. Consequently, the development of the country must be controlled and planned in such a way it does not destroy the natural beauty. Therefore, the development is necessary, but has to be thoroughly planned. Secondly, tourism is claimed to be an important source of income. People from wealthy countries often travel to smaller and more exotic ones, so the economic situation of the weaker country can be boosted.

However, a country’s economy may become so dependent on tourism that it is weakened. If, for example, a natural disaster happens, then the tourists may not arrive for a long time. In this case, the country can be helpless without their main income source. Thirdly, tourism allows people to experience new cultures. When tourists visit other countries, local people can see the way they behave, talk, what clothes they wear, what are their customs, and in that way learn more differences. In contrast, the impact of tourism may destroy the local way of life. The new customs brought with tourists may replace the old and unique ones, therefore making local customs mix or even disappear. All in all, there are arguments both, for and against the encouragement of tourism. It is very important for the economy, it allows the locals to experience other cultures, but there’s also a treat of giving up some traditions. Governments may improve local facilities, yet crowded tourist spots can damage the environment. Tourism is a very important field, but needs a lot of careful attention.

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