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Tourism is an excellent way to develop a country, but it can also cause harm. How can countries ensure that tourism benefits the development.
It is irrefutable that tourism has become the backbone of many economies of the world. In fact many countries rely on the tourist dollar for their development. This has also led to damage of the natural environment and at many places the tourist places have been so much littered that they have ceased being a tourist attraction any more.

In a way tourism is killing tourism. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss ways in which countries can ensure sustainable tourism.
The first step towards sustainable tourism would be that tourists benefit the local residents of the host country rather than the owners of the five star hotels where they normally stay. The governments and tourist companies could educate the local residents to make a part of their homes as lodges for the tourists. This way the tourists could stay as paying guests and the local people could earn.

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This would be a win-win situation for both – the tourist and the locals and there would be more chances of culture exchange.
Another cause of concern which goes against tourism is that tourists litter the place by throwing plastic bottles and wrappers of eatables here and there. For this the governments could ensure that dust bins are placed at regular intervals and are also evacuated regularly. Neat and clean rest-rooms should be provided for the convenience of the tourists. The government should also limit the number of tourists according to the capacity of the tourist place.
Furthermore, it is sometimes the case that tourists don’t respect the local culture and therefore the local people do not welcome them. This can be taken care of by the tour guides and tour operating countries to educate the tourists about the important and sensitive parts of the local customs. For example, when tourists visit religious places in India, the tour guides could tell them to.

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