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Tourist Attraction

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Whispering Palms is a conference resort centre occupying about 8 acres of land located in Iworo, Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State. The resort lies on the Lagoon and typifies the beauty of the area’s cool Atlantic breeze, sillica sands, palm trees and chirping birds.
Whispering Pals offers ecological, beach and aquatic tourism where tourist can view some of the exotic animals and birds in its mini zoo. Sun and sand, a host of colourful beach umbrellas dot the beach front.

Beach huts, numerous mini gardens that host various Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various Yoruba deities dot the landscape of the resort.

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Tourist Attraction
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Hotel accommodation at Whispering Palms rages from luxury to simple but very nice and clean rooms. The landscape of the resort was beautifully designed with lush vegetation everywhere and largely dominated by palm trees. The resort has lots of seating along the water’s edge, a swimming pool and a zoo with monkeys, crocodiles, turtles and peacocks.

The road within the resort looks fascinating as it lined with palms kernel residue. The entire environment is quiet with stunning ambience and a contrast to the maddening crowd and noise of the busy Lagos metropolis . On offer also is a choice of cuisine from Nigeria to Continental- with exotic dishes like coconut shrimps, Spanish paella, Cantonese chicken, Ogbono spiced with Ugu and bitter leaf etc.

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Hotel Accommodation

Whispering Palms has 122 en-suite rooms and about 11 dining pavilions, lounges, a standard swimming pool, terraced lagoon front with concrete tables and seats. Hotel facilities include fully air-conditioned rooms, round-the-clock uninterrupted power supply, 24-hour room service; you are also assured of ample security within the resort provided by their team of armed security guards and groundsmen. Their hotel lodging options consist of 5 Mini Suites, 72 Double Rooms, 40 Executive.

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