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On the second map you must identify and locate accurately five destinations on each continent that attract visitors from the I-J. Ideally, there should be one of each type of destination per continent, i. E. City, coastal/beach, natural, purpose-built and historical/cultural. You may use atlases, brochures and other reference sources to complete this task and each map should be clearly labeled using a key.

This task will enable you to achieve Pl . The boss of the company would like you to do some research to outline different types of holidays available in long-haul destinations that meet specific UK visitor motivations (UP). She would like you to make a presentation in which you must select one city, one coastal/beach, one natural, one purpose-built and one historical/cultural long-haul destination, i. E. Five destinations in total.

Each one must be located in a different continent, for example a city in Asia, coastal/ beach in Australia, natural in Africa, purpose-built in North America and satirical/cultural in South America. You may select your destinations from those chosen in Task 1 or choose others. This task will enable you to achieve UP. Additional guidance Your presentation must include a short outline of the different types of holidays offered by each of your five chosen destinations to meet different UK visitor motivations.

You must include brief details of typical holidays with named tour operators and how they meet particular visitor motivations. It is not necessary for you to cover each type of holiday – short break, single-centre, twin or multi- enter, cruise and touring – for each destination, but you must ensure that each holiday type is covered within your presentation and that each prescribed visitor motivation – relaxation, special occasion, activities, attractions/entertainment, culture and history, natural world, other – has been addressed at least once.

Forms of evidence Completed maps with a clear key and a presentation on five destinations Grading Criteria: Pl locate major long-haul tourist destinations in different continents UP outline different types of holidays available in long-haul destinations that meet specific UK visitor motivations Functional Skills FSP: (English) – reading – using atlases and brochures to research and locate long- haul destinations in different Continents.

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