My High School Experience in Toronto

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High school graduation is always a different year for students, it’s an event that will always be saved in our memory. Probably some people consider it as a normal year, some have it as a continuous path and for some, it is the most fun year. Everyone has their own struggle, that is why everyone own a different story to tell. As I grow up in many different primary schools in Montreal 1 was able to consider myself as an ordinary Montreal kid, that was playing most of the time and for school was not the smart boy nether the opposite, a boy that was just not standing out. That was until the end of the first secondary, end of grade 7 in Ontario system. At that time my parent decides to move back to their original country. Traveling was something that I will never say no to it, but changing country is totally another story. Arriving to Lebanon a Middle Eastern country was exciting at the beginning.

Only in the airport considering that you don’t have any direct contact with people except with employs gentry used to that situation, which did not matter because all conversation was directed to my parent. Going out of the airport was choking it was so different to what I was used to, the more surprise was when people was taking to me I was officially not understanding any word, it was totally a blank. Technically the idea was to learn Arabic and deal with the new cultural, For sure it’s a school that is needed at that time, but their system was very different that I did not face the challenge In the school I was just taking everything easy, I can say that l was in the low level of the class. But it did not last very long, my parent and I decide to move back this time it was to Toronto. A new city, new system, new language, but this time I was not going to give up.

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When first arrived to Toronto I registered in Ecole secondaire Etienne—Brfilé, a French high school that was suggested by a friend of my parentt It wasn’t a bad choice since I did not know English at the timer September came and I started as grade eleven, at this time that I begin to understand more about the Ontario system requirement, finding out that many of my grade ten courses were not transferred. Something that I was sure, my graduations have to be in two years. Many people were thinking it is impossible but I had to prove them wrong. It was not easy; the two year was very busy. To graduate, studying extra time was a must. I had to do two night courses in a week, my day school and had to do summer course, I also had to learn English from ESL to grade twelve. Arriving at grade twelve it was easy to determine that l was in a good position to graduate at the end of the year if I continue the same path. Of course there are some extra works to do.

Two year past with good success I was able to accumulate good mark and to be accepted in the program of architect technology at Georg brown college, George brown college was the new level which I was very happy that I had reached. When I started my English communication was low because I was using my French all the time. At the beginning it was hard to communicate with other I was not able to find the word, But I did not give up I was making the best to be involve in conversation some time it was hard to express myself. The first yeas pass with not very good mark mostly because of my English. During the summer I did get my first beck and enjoy it in the same time I give a goal for myself;

I have to get very good mark for the next year. During the year I was speeding almost all my free time and every day even weekend in library working on project and assignment During the week I was staying until 10 pm in library someday I was until 12pm and there was night that I was not sleeping. The work was worth it, I was an honor student for 3 consecutive semesters until now with a gap of 3.7 over 4. The experience I had in Lebanon as an education was not a very big benefit although it gave me a goal and a challenge to fight. I had learned that every challenge I face with good success will bring more success to other fight. Making more light to my goal thawed the master of architect,

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