Toronto cultural diversity

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Though cultural diversity may be appreciated in a variety of ways, observation of everyday city life plays a key role in shedding light the culture of a specific region. The most significant and ornate building that one might encounter on a walking tour of Toronto, is the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George. The building, which dates to 1909, rises above the street in classic brick architecture, complete with two teal domes on the roof and a lovely painted mosaic high above the front entrance.

Though there were many other building that appeared historical, Saint George was chosen because religious structures are powerful indicators of the culture of the people in a given area.Retail stores, which are also an excellent culture indicator of a given locale, are speckled throughout Toronto. One such retailer, De Boers, offers a wide array of furniture choices ranging from fancy to contemporary. Though the potential customer list of De Boers is rather lengthy, the retailer definitely hosts many products that would cater to the younger citizens of Toronto, particularly those seeking clearance deals on tables, chairs, and accessories for their dormitories or flats.

Culinary offerings also offer keen insight into the culture of a specific area. Dufflet Pastries, founded in Toronto in 1982, is an excellent bakery and café. Menu offerings at Dufflet are extremely broad and range from guilty pleasures like cookies and hot chocolate to exotic offerings such as their Strawberry Lemon Mascarpone Cake, which is available in either a 6” diameter version or a 9” diameter version, depending on the hunger level of the customer.One prominent local landmark is the gate of Trinity Bellwoods Park, which used to be the entrance to the University.

Equally, a waterspout in the park caught my attention, hinting at Baroque and Rococo sculptural influence. In observing the citizens surrounding me, I could not help but notice Toronto’s younger, hip vibes. Whether individuals were enjoying the park, weather, or on their way to the local pub, I felt as though I now understood them better.

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