Tree And Plant Life Survey Research

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Tree And Plant Life Survey Essay, Research Paper

Tree and Plant Life Survey

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In this experiment, conducted by Mr. Luckinbill ’ s AP and Advanced Environmental Science category, our end was to take a trip into the forests behind the Blue Mountain High School and place and happen the comparative laterality and denseness of the tree population and to place the works life every bit good. I believe that we will hold found largely oak and pine trees in the wood, at first glimpse, they seem to be the dominant trees.

For this experiment, we took both a book of trees and a book on workss, and a measurement stick. When we got to the forests, we used something known as the quarter-circle method, in which we were given a topographic point, and we picked a tree in the 4 countries around it. For that tree we picked, we had to place it and happen its perimeter with the mensurating stick. We did that for a sum of 8 quarter-circles. Then, the undermentioned twenty-four hours, we went to the field in forepart of the forests, and did a study on a subdivision given to us by the instructor. We identified a works, and found how many of it there were in the country. At the terminal of these experiments, we calculated the entire figure of trees, their entire denseness, and found comparative laterality and comparative denseness. Then we calculated the entire figure of works life every bit good.

During this experiment, we have found the forest we investigated to be in a secondary sequence seral phase. A sere is a phase in the successional procedure that is characterized by certain dominant signifiers of workss and animate beings. In the primary sequence phase, there is non that much carnal life found, as it is a bare country with non much dirt. But animate beings such as squirrels, woodchucks, etc. , likely could be found here. Not many H2O life animate beings, nevertheless, as there is non much H2O found anymor

e. In the secondary sequence, there are a batch of animate beings to be found. Birds, smaller animate beings, cervid, and aquatic animate beings are all dwellers here. In this wood, there is no climax wood type. Worlds could hold an impact on a flood tide wood in that one time you damage a tree in its flood tide phase, it might non be able to repair itself. This impact could alter it back into a successional phase, where it would be a piece until it grows back. The advantages of climax flora phase over the other phases are there is non competition between certain things as the wood grows into a climax phase. In a flood tide phase, everything is to the full grown to its possible. As successional phases change, wildlife additions, there is increased sums of H2O, human diversion is increased, and pounding additions. However, human leisure and lumbering will both throw back the sequence of the forest. Fire could impact a flood tide community in that it could ache the trees that severely that they could non turn back. Using to fire to command sequence may be used when a wood is turning excessively much, and there is non adequate sunshine acquiring through to the works life. Secondary successional growing would most probably have the most works and carnal life, and it is still turning, and there is plentifulness of H2O and sunshine for the workss, and there is plentifulness of nutrient for the animate beings. All parts of the Earth do non hold a flood tide wood, due to intense conditions and climes. An illustration is a desert. Agriculture patterns utilizing secondary sequence, because there is a healthy sum of surface soil and tonss of sunshine.

In this study, we covered what all occurred with the experiment, its consequences, and gave you a brief description of forest successional phases. In the back portion of this study, you will happen the consequences of our forest analysis in graph signifier.

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