Trendiest Ways To Dress Up And Look Good in All Festivities

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For everyone, when it is about dressing up for an occasion or festival, it means picking out the best outfit from the closet to be a head-turner. This article explains to all fashion enthusiasts out there how to get dressed up and be the most stylish in the crowd. If you count the number of festivals that Indians celebrate in different states, it is countless. But, that has been the happening, always, for years and the common and best part of every festivity is people get together to spend time, rejoice and grow their bonds with each other. While it is essential to dress up well on such blissful occasions, most youngsters grab those moments to flaunt their style statement by putting on their best clothes. However, dressing up for such festivities isn’t that easy because either they have to go ethnic, Indian, or Indo-western to match the essence of the festivals. So, here are a few worthy tips for the young fashionable generation to dress smartly and comfortably for the festival days. Get the theme of the festival and wear it Firstly, you need to know well the festival for which you are prepping up your outlook. If it is something grand like Durga Puja or Diwali, where you have to perform Pooja or Aarti to worship the Goddess, then go completely with the Indian religion theme and drape a gorgeous Saree. If it is just about having a get-together at the festival and having some good food and conversion, then fashionable girls and women can try any Indo-western wear, like a Kurti teamed up with Jeans which is comfortable, trendy and looks classy too.

Do not forget about the colors If it is morning time, the light and bright colored saree go well, whereas, at night time, dark-colored attire is much more trendy. However, that is in the case of bigger festivals. Otherwise, every color goes well regardless of the festival, trend, and fashion. Women can try the colors that suit their tastes. While Red is the preferred shade for the Poojas and married ladies on major occasions, multicolored dresses such as long Kurtis, Anarkali gowns, and Maxi dresses are in and anyone pairing it with good accessories can dazzle the crowd. Be precise about Footwear and Jewellery Jewellery adds to women’s looks and makes them prettier. When it is about a festival, wearing the best piece of jewelry, be it a neckpiece, or bracelet that goes well with the outfit and then pairing it well with ethnic footwear does wonder for one’s appearance. While dazzling earrings are a must with every outfit, you need to be choosy with the other accessories as per the occasion. Like matching funky junk jewelry, like long neckpiece, stone-studded bracelet with Indo-western wear is fashionable, authentic gold or gold-plated bangles and chain is must in case of complete Indian ethnic wear like Saree or churidars or salwar suits. Go with the Tribal trend The women with cool personalities can try the tribal or semi-tribal trend while dressing up for any festival. For instance, you can try putting on a nose ring that is made of oxidized metal while wearing spunky clothes like Kaftans, tunics, or long skirts of bright shades. India is a land of festivals and occasions celebrating togetherness and love. So, whether it is about spending some quality time with all the loved ones or doing the Aartis on the Puja Mandaps, or gorging on some delicacies together, one thing that remains mandatory is dressing up in the prettiest and trendy wear to look good. Author bio:.. is a clothing line designer and expert fashion writer, and blogger at One Society, a leading brand and online shop for Indo-western wear selling a wide range of Trendy Women’s Wear to help urban women spice up their fashion sense. With innumerable western, Ethnic, and Indo-western ready-to-wear women’s collections, One Society is rightly the one-stop shopping destination for women.

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