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School Dress Codes Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    Have you ever noticed that school dress codes are sexist and unfair? School dress codes are very unfair towards female students which is very unfair and sexist. Male students have never faced the school dress codes that female students have faced and that needs to be changed. School dress codes are very racist and sexist which is so unfair to female students. Female students have a much harder school dress codes which makes it hard for them to be comfortable. School dress codes need to be more lenient to female students and more strict on male students. These following reason why the school dress code should be changed.

    First, guys have a more lenient dress code than guys which is very sexist and girls are getting bullied by the school’s dress codes but guys have more freedom than girls and guys should have a more tough dress code. Dress codes are very sexist, girls are being told to wear tank tops that are two fingers wide and showing too much shoulder or collarbone dress codes are bullies. Young men never face these accusations. Also guys have some dress code like no hats in school, no gang related attire, bagging which mean wearing of excessively baggy pants with low hanging crotches or sagging which means wearing of pants below the waist and/or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, ect. Guys need more dress codes though. Furthermore, social media is filled with amazing styles of clothing on women that were dress coded who had to much knee or collarbone showing. Young men are never faced with these accusations, because the dress code mainly targets females. The dress code needs to be more strict on guys. More reasons for my main idea will be found in the following paragraph.

    Another reason, school dress codes are very sexist and racist towards female students and differentiated skinned people. “I’ve never seen a boy called out for his attire even though they also break the rules,” says Sunseri, certain parts of Arkansas passed a law in 2011 that prohibited showing underwear, buttocks, or the breast of a female student, this mostly targets girls with ripped jeans or a v neck or a u neck. But it also targets boys too with sagging. Although he dress code in our school district unfairly targeted female students by banning clothing that is commonly worn by female students, such as leggings, yoga pants, and tank tops. Another reason is that teachers asked a female student to put duct tape over the holes in her jeans, suspending a student for a skirt that was too short, or sending a student to the office for not wearing a bra which takes time of teaching when teachers have to tell the female student to go to the office and write out a dress code form. In conclusion school dress codes are extremely sexist and racist. Girl´s dress code is so much harder on girls more reasons for this idea will be found in the next paragraph.

    Finally girls have a much tougher school dress codes than guys worldwide which is very unfair. At Malden Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, black students have been punished for wearing braids, which shows racism in school dress codes, if your skirt is to short it is the cause of your rape which is saying all guys do that kind of thing,everyone at the school who wears shorts must ensure that the bottom of the shorts touch their knees which it should at least be your arms length, or long enough so no underwear is shown. Next, in a Roman Catholic School in New Orleans came into the internet spotlight when a 6th grader was forced to leave the classroom in tears for having braid extensions which is against their hair school policy which is unfair. Lastly boys get more freedom than girls, they can wear shorts that fit the dress code because all of the boy’s shorts are long but for girls, long shorts are not what girls want to wear. But shorter shorts might be a kids sense of style. These dress codes are very unfair to girls worldwide.

    All dress codes in some way are sexist or unfair towards female students. The school dress code mostly targets female students, why male students also need more structure. The school dress code is extremely sexist and racist, towards female students and colored students. Female students have much more school dress codes which makes outfit choices hard and gives them less time to learn because of them being in the office because of their clothes. Do you want your daughters to get treated how all female students of the world get treated just for their clothing? That is called being sexist. Don´t let your daughters get treated like that. Would you like your sister or mother to get treated like that in their life/work, no. So why do allow your daughter or your friend´s daughters to get treated like that? Our world is unfair, sexist and racist, we need to change that, show the world no matter what color of your skin is, your gender, and your imperfections, we all need to show that we are special and the world says we’re not special. Let’s show the world is okay to be yourself!

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