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Tudor dynasty

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The house of Tudor is considered as one of the most promising dynasties which ruled the England during the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. The era is considered as one of the most promising eras in the history of Europe as this period was period was considered as a period of rapid change within the country. (EINSTEIN 1921).

This period was considered as most innovative however very few was able to feel the change which was taking place within the larger part of the England’s society.

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Tudor dynasty
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Tudors improved the parliamentary power as well as their own royal power in order to balance the power equation within the England however, their association with the Protestants proved one of the most decisive factors in gaining the overall strength. Further, this strength also provided an opportunity to curb the internal resent and improved upon the new standards of individualism within the country.What is also important to note that Royalty under their rule gradually evolved where the persons were gradually separated from the positions and institutions were given more preferences.

Similarly, the War of Roses, which was the real cause of Tudors’ ascension to power, was also a great stimulus for gaining and controlling power as the nation suffered great during that war and as such country was not ready for other adventures at least in short run.What was radically different in this era was also the fact that Elizabeth was not married while in power and the so called middle way was not so acceptable to Parliament as well as Privy Council as many believed that the country should not be ruled by an unmarried women.Bibliography1.      EINSTEIN, LEWIS.

TUDOR IDEALS . London: G. BELL AND SONS, LTD., 1921.  

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