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TV Schedule Task Report

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The setting up of a new primetime schedule is a daunting task.

In preparing a new schedule for ABC on Monday nights, I had to look at a variety of factors.Dancing with the Stars is a highly popular program, and by making it the lead-in to my Monday night line-up, I am securing its position as a top ten show.  Scrubs, being in the top twenty, is a highly rated comedy, and it provides a comic relief after the intensity of Dancing.

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TV Schedule Task Report
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  Many young people also enjoy Scrubs, so that provides a nice lead in to Rate your Date.

This reality program is a take on Love Connection, and gives a nice change of pace from the slapstick of Scrubs.  Additionally, the romantic entanglements on Scrubs provide a nice lead-in for Life of the Frat, which is a reality-based program that revolves around the lives of fraternity brothers.  Many college students are involved in fraternities and sororities, so seeing their lives portrayed on the small screen would help to demystify these misunderstood organizations.

In looking at the other schedules, on NBC you have Heroes against Scrubs and Rate, and the moderately popular Medium against Life.

Fox’s schedule does not present a challenge, as it is geared to mostly the older demographic, while ABC is seeking the younger set.  CBS presents the strongest challenge, but Rules of Engagement is not as popular, and with the established programming on ABC, there is a strong set of lead-ins for the new programs.  CSI:  Miami appeals to the older demographic, and will not affect the overall efficacy of the two new programs.The new schedule appeals to ABC seeking the younger demographic, and helps them gain new viewers with their new and diverse programming.

Having a dating show on with a game-show like feel, adds to the competition of Dancing, and the reality of Life of the Frat will definitely add to the reality feel of the night when combined with the other programming.ReferencesABC, (2009). Schedule. Retrieved March 8, 2009, from ABC Web site: http://www.

abc.go.com/CBS, (2009). Schedule.

Retrieved March 8, 2009, from CBS Web site:http://www.cbs.com/info/schedule/index.phpFOX, (2009).

Schedule. Retrieved March 8, 2009, from FOX Web site:http://www.fox.com/schedule.

htm?src=menu_item_schedule#time:2200NBC, (2009). Schedule. Retrieved March 8, 2009, from NBC Web site:http://www.nbc.com/Schedule/

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