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Two Critical Tasks of Adolescent

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An adolescent’s peers can be the most influential social relationship in their life. Strong peer relationships help achieve two of an adolescents most critical tasks: finding independence from their parents and developing their own personal identities. Therefore, peer relationships are a crucial part of development. The movie “The Sandlot” accurately portrays the role of peers in adolescence by the main character, Scotty, who is transformed by those he hangs-out with.

For example, Scotty had never chewed tobacco or even knew what it was until it was introduced to him by his peers.

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Two Critical Tasks of Adolescent
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The influence of his peers and the absence of knowledge from his parents caused him to fall to peer pressure and chew tobacco. Scotty’s group of friends would be considered a clique because they excluded others from joining unless approved by the entire group. Also, there was a specific leader of the group of friends in “The Sandlot” named Benjamin Rodriguez, this is another defining feature of a clique.

Finally, because the group of friends only hung out with each other and did not associate with other groups, this marked them as being a clique. It is important that young people associate with the right people because studies show that the people you hangout with will be the same characteristics that you adapt. Cliques are a part of growing up and is typically seen among middle and high school aged students, the immaturity of being exclusive and non-inclusive will dissipate throughout life, in most cases. It is important to choose friends wisely!

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