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Uniforms in Schools Essay

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    Uniforms in schools have now become a famous debate topic, and they continue being common, mostly in countries that speak English. The idea that this controversy is about to finish sounds so optimistic. It is, however, clear that there is no one-on-one answers or decisions on this controversial topic. Do the criteria of school uniforms affect the general academic success of students in one area? In this paper I am planning to research and answer few questions, also analyze the school districts that have a uniform program, it can be assumed that if public schools obtained a uniform system, they would inherit better working conditions.

    Today, in this paper, I will investigate the background of school uniforms including the effect on the education of students. I also expect to conduct the news information regarding this policy in the United States and how they have affected the general success of primary and secondary education. I am fortunate for deciding to learn on a subject like this because it did not simply change my mind and change my personal opinions but helped me care about people differently and appreciate their diverse perspectives. There is no ultimate conclusion, according to the evidence examined, as to whether the right practice for our public-school districts and/or our children is to enforce a school uniform program. The pro-and-con sides appear to retain legitimate points, although it’s impossible to know which party has stronger logic and more convincing case, despite concrete proof or even the figures.

    Most people do agree that uniforms decrease the competitiveness between students and convey a feeling of unity to them at school. In America, the rules vary somewhat, that’s what I believe and most of the schools till this date refuse to wear a uniform. I grew up in India, and I have always been proud of the uniform I wore; it produces me feel proud that I belong to this school. The United Kingdom has frequently been recognized as the country with the ancientest tradition of primary and secondary schools with uniform necessity. “Schools such as Christ’s Hospital, in Horsham, West Sussex, founded in 1552 in London, took up’ fatherless children and other poor children’ from the parish and educated them.” (Scott, 2014). The idea of uniforms remains nevertheless a fundamental component of British schools in England and ‘bluecoat schools’ today. Many schools these days exhibit numerous styles of clothing. Uniforms have been modernized in favor of traditional attires such as top hats and jackets. Much of the current British dress standards of today’s schools will not be convenient nor functional. It is stated that.

    “It is important to stick to our historic traditions, not only to be unique and special, but it makes a sort of unity between us ….London citizens provided the children with clothes – notably a long blue coat – which led to the famous nickname for such institutions – ‘Bluecoat schools’ (Scott 2014)

    Moving forward, the world’s most capable country which provides us personal freedom, the united states has been following the tradition of uniform from the foreign school only in private schools. When it comes down to this topic, many people also claim that the public-school policies contradict this freedom because the school tries to limit the rights of students as per the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, it says,

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”( Editors 2017)

    Several of the school administrators and officials seek to go away with the privilege by saying that controlling children and not conforming to school rules represent a compulsory approach because of this amendment. It conducts them a lot of time for them to allow this policy into their district school. There have been proper battles on this controversial topic and about freedom of speech and the school dress policies. In 1965, Des Moines, Iowa, one of the most famous hearings on uniform policy. In support of the Vietnam War, a group of students took soiled bracelets to their classes. The administrators in the schools devised a strategy to prohibit students from wearing the bracelets. Moreover, if they would have broken the rules, they would have been into some of the other punishments. “Petitioners, three public school pupils in Des Moines, Iowa, were suspended from school for wearing black armbands to protest the Government’s policy in Vietnam. They sought nominal damages and an injunction against a regulation that the respondents had promulgated banning the wearing of armbands.” (Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District, 1969)

    Since then, local schools in the USA have been rising with mandatory policies regarding dress codes. For a few purposes, public schools have moved gradually to have uniforms in schools. The argument for adoption in school districts is currently unclear until this date, but many agree that uniforms represent a tool for progressive change. There are many reasons for school to be enforcing school uniform policies. One of the significant factors to enforce is uniforms are perceived to be a way of eliminating crime, abuse and it also creates a healthy atmosphere in the school. This paper further includes a list, or we can say an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of enforcing a school uniform policy.

    Pros and Cons Pros


    The people who are for school uniforms prepare classrooms a more sheltered environment for students, and it decreases social inequality and enables children other than clothes to concentrate on their studies. There are additionally several other reasons which I am going to provide at the end, and I solely do think they are valid reasons in today’s generation. School uniforms allow students to focus on schoolwork instead of socializing or competitions, enabling them to improve their performance and behavior.

    • Misrepresentation of criminal groups backgrounds

    This is one of the most significant factors throughout this whole paper. As security and protection remain a severe problem in our schools nowadays. By enforcing a standardized uniform policy, students might be restricted or removed from entering a gang-populated campus. Everyone will be identically dressed in a manner that would the gap between the gangs and the behavior of the gangs and it could lead to a more sheltered environment during the learning process. As mentioned by the Department of Education, “Uniforms by themselves cannot solve all of the problems of school discipline. but they can be one positive contributing factor to discipline and safety” (Creating safe and drug-free schools: an action guide, 1996)

    • Decreasing peer pressure

    Students can worry about school but not worry about the clothes they wear. As I learned at my school in India, the dress code endures the challenge. If everyone is dressed identically, it obviates the need to judge, the presence of others and it unites the students. It also means students get more time to relax in the morning because they don’t have to waste hours deciding about themselves what to wear and how to “present” themselves when they show up to school. Moreover, that leads to students getting more sleep, and the students are more alert to concentrate on their studies. However, you might agree with me as well, that peer pressure is not going to disappear within just the change of this policy. It is stated by one of the educators that,

    “The school uniform plan would not solve peer competition or other problems of higher-level education; however, it would serve effectively on an elementary school level. There is a need for another plan which would work for all students, the establishment of a substantial and stable system of values that will restore morality and the vitality of life itself to the youth of today. (Washington Post,1989)

    • Teaches children discipline ‘good manners’

    Students wearing the same outfit as their peers will assist them to become more active and promote the inclusion of the same age classes into their school culture. Furthermore, the tradition of adopting school uniforms shows that students must obey such guidelines to ensure their appearance is standardized as mandated by policies. However, the opponents say the school dress has scarcely to do with education, which makes it inconvenient for them to establish good habits. In this case, discipline remains a unique way to encourage good behavior, and enforcing school uniform is among the effective ways to facilitate ethical conduct. Stated in one of the articles, the author talks about how,

    “Research shows mixed results: it’s true that some studies show a reduction in the incidence of misbehavior. But then, there are others that show an increase in student suspensions. A few others show no significant change in student misbehavior.” (DeMitchell 2019)

    Moreover, this article further provides us the information on how after enforcing the school uniform policy in public schools, it leads to fewer students with behavior problems, and much research and statistical data has been done behind this topic.


    Many individuals in society are horrified by the idea of school uniform policy, including the teachers, the parents, the professors, and the school officials. There are several reasons why people disagree with this policy without a second thought or concern.

    • Expenses on Uniforms

    Several other parents worry, for example, with the cost of purchasing different uniform clothing items. School uniforms protesters also stress the financial consequences of obedience to rigid uniform policies. While the fact is, providing uniforms is less expensive because you must wear branded clothes, neither get a current one for each day. In one of the articles, it is stated, “This is particularly true for students in public city school districts compared to suburban, town, or rural areas. In addition to a lower price tag on uniform clothing, the lack of flashy “cool clothes” eliminate elevated status and act as a social equalizer in the classroom.” (Crandall 2015)

    Moreover, when a student gets enrolled in a school, they have directly executed the uniform and its policy. I personally do believe this point is not valid because there are millions of articles and even handouts where they talk about how uniforms are cheap, but the opponents inevitably end up focusing on this topic in their debates.

    • It does not avoid violence or any other criminal activity

    This is one of the most persuasive arguments, and the biggest explanation for uniform resistance represents the belief that uniforms do not fix school problems or even safety. Most schools with uniforms tend to have a direct effect on the behavior and performance of their students. Nevertheless, there is no scientific proof to support such arguments. Students involved in such violent activities, come from toxic backgrounds that include such issues as drug/physical violence, lack of family values, and cultural rituals. If laws were introduced, groups would investigate a certain way to approach, such as permanent tattoos and scars, to differentiate between them from the other ordinary students. In the CNN article, Steve Sexton, Fremont’s superintendent of schools, said: “local gangs were using rosaries as a symbol of gang affiliation.” (Hoevel, 2014)

    In the end, I don’t agree with the point provided above that peer pressure can be removed if this policy is implemented. Certain forms of peer pressure will exist between young people like academic and athletic students. In addition, this argument had never or so whether school uniforms violate the freedom of self-expression to students. Schools are typically responsible for a child facing peer pressure and it includes bullying as well. I was incapable to comprehend it entirely, that everyone else was so obsessed with another side of the issue ‘the opponents.’ There other to this towards to barely have the for the best education or even a more sheltered environment. Not to mention, I was also concerned about the uniform controversy at the beginning of this paper and even in other debates where they talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the uniform policy. Certainly, during the debate, I found myself irritated and inquired why they barely existed because the reason they indicated in their arguments are so minor and useless.

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