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Unique Personalities of People Around Us

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If you just take short look at the people around you,you’ll find a lot of cases that you can talk about their creativity or unique personality. But I want to break words about a man who defined unique personality in such a way that was not like other definitions of unique which people know. And I am proud of myself that I had such an honor to live and spend the best 4 years of my life with him. A man with creative mind,manly pride and high ambition in an ordinary appearance had reached the things which no one has ever thought he could.

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Unique Personalities of People Around Us
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But He always took advantage of what he had and that made him a commander of 2 thousand soldiers ,master of explosion team and designer of military plans at the age of 19. After a while, he was recognized as one of the most skillful commanders in his army and lots of more things that I don’t want to talk about due to the fact that it’s not my main topic.

I intend to describe his uniqueness in a way that his family and friends defined for me. Although he was suffering from some old wounds for years,he would always laugh and was thankful of god; because those scars and wounds were the recollection of his sweet memories.

And two manifest features that made him remarkable for his family and friends were his patience and generosity which I have witnessed a lot and I can’t deny. I decided to write down about a person who may not have been so creative or unique in others’ opinion but had done a lot of good things for us. We somehow owe him and the people like him. Those people let us know that our fate is something you can never cheat but there are some ways to do so that you can change it in the way you like. So one thing that I can say for sure is that he succeeded in redeeming himself on those nights of redemption

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