A Friend With Multiple Personalities

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A Friend With Multiple Personalities

Personality variations can range in magnitude from vast as an ocean to minuscule as an atom. Most individuals perceive personalities as distinct. However, I have observed that distinctiveness does not always capture the essence of personalities. I know someone named Renee who possesses a broad spectrum of personalities. Renee’s personality can undergo rapid changes within a matter of minutes. She contacts me daily for seemingly innocent conversations, commencing with basic inquiries about the well-being of our family and friends. Abruptly, as if controlled by some malevolent force, she proceeds to insult mutual acquaintances. She utters falsehoods that I personally know to be untrue. When I attempt to confront her behavior, her anger becomes directed towards me. Throughout a single phone call, she can exhibit any one of three distinct personality traits. Each of these traits showcases individual disparities. It is indeed possible for an individual to possess multiple personalities, just like my friend who possesses the friend forever, crybaby, and rattlesnake personas.

The personality I am most familiar with is the one known as “friend forever”. When this personality is displayed, the person demonstrates a strong concern for others and a willingness to assist. They are also dependable in offering emotional support. Renee exemplifies this type of personality as she consistently shows love and compassion. She genuinely prioritizes the welfare of others and goes the extra mile to reach out and ensure their well-being.

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Despite not having the physical capability to perform certain tasks like changing a flat tire, she is always concerned about others’ well-being and willing to assist in any circumstance. She would gladly offer support by holding a light, for instance.

It is possible to acquire the knowledge of changing a tire independently. Renee is consistently available as a supportive figure, attentively lending an ear to a friend’s issues for extended periods of time without any grievances. She possesses the inclination to go above and beyond in assisting a friend. Regrettably, Renee has multiple personalities at her disposal.

When my friend assumes her crybaby personality, it is the most perplexing to me. She becomes dissatisfied and despondent, constantly voicing her grievances about everything. I have never witnessed her contentment during these moments. Even if she wins half of the lottery, she fixates on not being the sole winner. Renee is a profoundly melancholic individual who frequently sheds tears without reason. In her crybaby state, she grumbles incessantly about every aspect of life. Even if someone offered her a job that pays millions of dollars a day, she would find fault in the commute to work. My friend does not constantly embody the crybaby persona; sometimes, she is even worse.

Renee’s most disliked personality is the rattlesnake, characterized by demonic behavior when it emerges. Consistently, she belittles others, behaves superiorly, and spreads rumors. Insulting others is a common spiteful act for her, targeting their appearance or disposition with objectionable remarks. Not even complete strangers are spared as she goes out of her way to inform them that their clothing doesn’t match. Renee’s interactions with others reflect her superiority complex and display a pompous attitude.

Despite having a long-time friendship, this person is ignored by her in public. The individual, named Renee, spreads rumors without any remorse and tells blatant lies about others to cause disorder. Moreover, she goes as far as contacting the police and falsely accusing someone of stealing her jewelry, despite still wearing it.

Each individual possesses unique characteristics and traits. If Renee exhibits multiple facets in her personality, it is plausible that each of us harbors multiple dimensions to our own personalities as well. It is crucial for each of us to reflect upon our actions, as there may be someone discreetly observing us.

There is a possibility that someone could be observing from within us.

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