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Main Personalities in the Wild West

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The words that come to mind when I think of “cowboy”: lasso, boots, spurs, horses, ghost towns, pistols, high-noon, damsels, saddles, dynamite, posies, tumbleweeds, rifles, deserts, the “West”, and cattle.


“Billy the Kid”, aka, Henry McCarty, was born on November 23, 1859. After a troubled childhood and finally being arrested for hiding clothes and escaping from prison through a chimney, he became a fugitive. He was involved in many gangs and was a master escape artist.

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Main Personalities in the Wild West
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“Henry Thomas” was one of the West’s most effective lawmen, and taking down many outlaws.

He was a courier in the Civil War at age 12 while two of his uncles and father were high ranked in the Confederate Army. He was promoted to U. S. Deputy Marshal in 1886.

Woman of the West

“Madame Mustache”, aka, Eleanore Dumont, was the first ever known professional blackjack players in American history. She was thought to have been born in New Orleans, but made her way to the west.

She opened up her own gambling parlor in Nevada City.


“Buffalo Bill”, aka, William Frederick Cody, was born in LeClaire, Iowa on February 26, 1846. He was recruited to ride in the Pony Express in 1860. He hunted buffalo for the Kansas Pacific railroad in 1867 and killed over five thousand buffalo, giving him his nicknanme. Song: “My paw gave me his shooting iron, he told me never to give in. I will always heed that message, from now till the very end. My paw once told me, “man’s only a man if he can provide.

” My ends justify my means, even if it means I have to die. I’d do anything to protect them, my daughter and my lady. I need this dinero now, so I can feed my babies. The bullets wizzin’ past my head, and all the windows out, Everyone this I’m an outlaw, they don’t even know what this is about. Jesse’s already gone, Albert also too. I’m the only one left, I’m not really sure what to do. The marshal and his posie, are comin’ down on me, I think it’s time to prove my worth, of what I man I’ll be.

I take the bag, I take my gun, I raise up from the table, I take a shot, that’s one down, on this hot day in April. I duck back down and pray to God, I hope I’ll make it out, Just as they bust the door in, take one shot, and watch my own blood spout. I clutch my chest and scream out loud, “You’ll never take me alive! ” The marshal agreed and spoke to be, “Looks like to heaven you will drive. ” A few of the words I used were shooting iron(gun), dinero (money), and posie(group of outlaw hunters).

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