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Argos is one of the most well-known shops in the UK that offer a broad scope of merchandises of place and general ware. Argos belongs to one of the most of import market leader in the place and general ware market, Home Retail Group. Argos logo

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Home retail Group has been concentrating on some schemes such as Multi-channel expertness and leading. The group has a strong capacity of organisational and infrastructural alterations to cut down costs and better the flexibleness of the company. They have managed to do rapid progresss in their engineering ; they have become leaders in on-line gross revenues, move through nomadic devices, or for choice up in a local shop or place bringing. Another scheme focused is the enlargement of merchandise scopes and related services. The last measure they have made is the recent acquisition of the Habitat trade name in the UK. Finally, they have managed to go on to guarantee clients first-class value and satisfaction. Its treble scheme have boosted the gross revenues every bit high as ?4.3 billion and functioning more than 130 million clients a twelvemonth.

In the Retailing sector after being well-established in the local market, they must concentrate on a global-scale attempt. Their scheme is concern ; it is wise, possibly indispensable to believe “ international ” . There are some push and pull factors that has driven this company to internationalise.

Market Screening

Argos alone multi-channel retail merchant recognized for pick, value and convenience. They sell general ware and merchandises for the place from over 700 shops throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, online and over the telephone. In the last fiscal twelvemonth, their gross revenues were ?4.3 billion and they employ some 33,000 people across the concern.

They serve over 130 million clients a twelvemonth through their shops and take 26 % of gross revenues through the internet channel entirely. Four million client orders either online or over the phone. On norm, 18 million UK families, or around two tierces of the population, have their Argos catalogue at place at any clip. The company is chiefly focus on UK, although now is opening through online gross revenues besides in Spain.

Presently, Argos is one of UK ‘s prima ware retail merchants viing against large giants such as IKEA, Zara Home, and BHM ( British Home Stores ) .

They have some distinguishable advantages in comparing to other place retail company rivals. They are shops that offer a broad scope of merchandises at a really sensible monetary value. Shops are located in the metropolis Centre within really easy entree, and as they sell home staff their bringing service is really good organized. They have created a three-step system of purchasing. Get downing with a catalogue, clients select their coveted merchandises and look into handiness, if it was non in stock merchandises you can order it. Following measure will be payment procedure, eventually within 5 proceedingss at upper limit you will pick your bargain already packaged. This system provides multiple advantages to clients such as clip, money as the merchandises sold are rather inexpensive and reduces cost to the company as they do n’t hold to hold large shops with all the staff at disposal. This allows companies to be located in the metropolis Centre, and do easy the entree to clients.

After some research I have come up with three possible markets for internationalising Argos. France, Italy or Spain would be the best pick. We have used testing filters to place the best country to internationalise.

This paper examines the assorted issues which Argos must take under consideration while be aftering to establish its really first retail mercantile establishment in France.


Geographic Location

The Location of the market is a really critical factor to see. Spain, France and Italy are three states of comparatively geographic propinquity doing easy the exportation of merchandises to the shops located in the metropoliss.


The linguistic communication is a cardinal point in internationalizing and the three possible markets have different linguistic communications although English as common denominator, easing communicating. Brand name do n’t hold to be changed as in those states there is already a immense presence of Anglo-Saxon or foreign in general trade names with really recognizable names within the population such as Ralph Lauren, MC- Donald ‘s, Decathlon, Sturbucks, etc. all this trade names are present and are really popular in Italy, France and Spain.

Political Factors

All the possible Markets are in the European Union and European community or Common Market. In general footings, the authoritiess, Torahs and ordinances with some exclusions follow similar forms. There are non extremist points impacting our retail shop in any of the selected markets.


Population as a per centum of EU-27 population by state and period, 2010. Unit of measurements per centum.

Dependency Ratio, 2010.

Tendencies analyzed show similarities within states selected. The per centum of active population is comparatively tantamount to UK so client focal point is favorable in France Italy and Spain.


Nowadays, as we are submerged in a universe economic crisis we must foreground and take into history this point into consideration.

Unemplyment rate

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Industrial Structure, Technology, societal organisation, Religion, Education.


Cultural, Lifestyles, Personality, Attitudes, tastes or sensitivities.

The 3rd measure that must be realized in order to run into with the perfect mark market would be the showing of the market.

There are many factors in the macro-environment that will impact the determinations of the directors of any organisation.

Political factors

The political system in France is being carried out by the Parliament and the Prime Minister ; the grade of intercession in the economic system is irrelevance compared to the local 1. Gallic political system encourages capitalist economy and offers certain stabilibity compared to other European states. Although political determinations can impact on many critical countries for concern, today there are non relevant ordinances impacting the execution of the Argos shop in the chief metropoliss of France. Furthermore market ordinances and current statute law favour Argos ‘ concern as France is a member of the European community and has good relation with the UK. However some alterations must be applied within revenue enhancement policy, EU expansion, the euro, international tradeaˆ¦

Economic factors

France is considered a first- advanced market unfastened to international and European spouses. During this recession, France and many other states including the UK are enduring lessenings in the ingestion and investing while nest eggs are increasing. Nevertheless the conditions of consumers are mutable and many of the merchandises offered by Argos are low-cost merchandises accessible to a broad scope of clients.

Social factors

UK society and Gallic society are known to be really different although being European states but they are both really multicultural states, with people from all over the universe working and populating at that place. Gallic chief population in between 15 and 64, it is a immature population with a average age of 39 old ages old. Argos is a new manner of shopping at a really good monetary value and it is focus to people taking new engineerings, speedy and easy shopping methods.


Entire: 64,768,389.52

Note: 62,814,233 in metropolitan

Age construction

0-14 old ages: 18.6 % ( male 6,129,729/female 5,838,925 )

15-64 old ages: 65 % ( male 20,963,124/female 20,929,280 )

65 old ages and over: 16.4 % ( male 4,403,248/female 6,155,767 ) ( 2010 est. )

Median age

Entire: 39.44 old ages

Male: 38.2 old ages

Female: 41.2 old ages ( 2010 est. )

Sexual activity ratio

At birth: 1.051 male ( s ) /female

Under 15 old ages: 1.05 male ( s ) /female

15-64 old ages: 1 male ( s ) /female

65 old ages and over: 0.72 male ( s ) /female

Entire population: 0.96 male ( s ) /female ( 2010 est. )

Technological factors

Argos has follow new engineerings making new processes.. Online shopping, saloon cryptography and computing machine aided design are all betterments to the manner Argos do concern as a consequence of better engineering. Technology has reduced costs, better quality and lead to invention. These developments can profit consumers every bit good as the organisations supplying the merchandises. And Argos has managed to make all this.

Environmental factors

Due to the propinquity of this to markets, we have really similar facets in both states.

Legal factors

In recent old ages in the UK there have been many important legal alterations that have affected houses ‘ behaviour. The debut of age favoritism and disablement favoritism statute law, an addition in the minimal pay and greater demands for houses to recycle are some illustrations of what UK did. So if when come ining France we need to set some legal alterations it might non impact that much the house ‘s costs consumer Torahs, competition Torahs, employment Torahs,

We should besides see

Local factors such as be aftering permission and local economic growing rates.

National factors such as UK Torahs on retail merchant gap hours and trade descriptions statute law and UK involvement rates.

Global factors such as the opening up of new markets doing trade easier. It might besides alter the labour force within the UK and enlisting chances.

3. Market Forces

With Accenture ‘s aid, Argos implemented a supply concatenation direction replenishment capability-based on advanced Oracle Retail technologies-without disrupting concern operations or client service.


When Argos decided it needed to develop an end-to-end supply concatenation solution that would present more antiphonal service to its smaller shops, it turned to Accenture.

Accenture ‘s on-going High Performance Business research reveals that high performing artists understand the importance of runing their supply ironss at peak efficiency-continually tuning supply to demand so that clients are neither over-serviced nor under-serviced, and that cost efficiency is non achieved at the disbursal of run intoing client outlooks. Argos clearly understood the challenge involved in equilibrating supply and demand.

Argos, which is portion of Home Retail Group, sells general ware and merchandises for the place. Though its primary gross revenues mercantile establishment is its catalog, the retail merchant has more than 700 shops throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. It besides boasts the 2nd most visited Internet retail site in the United Kingdom. With about 34,000 employees, the company serves more than 130 million clients each twelvemonth. For the fiscal twelvemonth ended March 2008, Argos ‘ gross revenues grew 8 per centum to ?4.2 billion ( US $ 8.1 billion ) .

Business Challenge

Argos ran a thin operating theoretical account. Its shops tended to be comparatively little, averaging about 14,000 square pess. Yet, within these shops, Argos typically offered 11,000 stocked points. In many instances, merely one point was in stock at any given clip. When it sold, clients would hold to wait up to a hebdomad or more for the point to be replenished. Complicating affairs was the fact that Argos ‘ stores used 45 different systems to pull off the company ‘s complex supply concatenation. Some of these applications were more than 15 old ages old and approaching the terminal of their utile life.

Finally Argos decided on an advanced individual system to piece all the ware from providers and have them presented as merely one bringing. This supply concatenation solution by UPS receives, validates and grips cargos from several hundred Argos providers. UPS cheques that the order is right, consolidates it with other orders and so sends it to Argos ‘ ain distribution Centre for the concluding bringing.

This system works through direct computing machine links. It electronically validates the ware against the Argos orders, confirms that the ware is ordered and ensures that bringing occurs at the right clip. The UPS strategy, consolidating goods for bringing in merely one batch alternatively of directing five or six separate tonss, offers strong fiscal and organisational advantages to both Argos and its providers. The most of import of these benefits are the undermentioned:

Enhanced control of the Argos supply concatenation. All information about the goods is entered into the system from pickup until the bringing is made. Customers can track the goods virtually live.

The system reduces the figure of Argos trucks on the route, increasing the fill rate by 9 % in 2003 as compared to 2001.

Consolidation of the bringing logistics by guaranting full tonss. In cooperation with UPS, Argos logistics manages to present its goods in about 15,000 ( full ) vehicle tonss per twelvemonth. The same goods could easy necessitate up to 55,000 tonss if a less sophisticated logistics system was used.

Significant decrease of traffic in the Argos logistics and warehouse countries. This system has been such a success that the Nominated Carrier Scheme now takes attention of 35 % of all inward goods Argos in the UK. Furthermore, the per centum of inward goods carried increased from 20 % to 25 % between 2002 and 2003.

Rival Analysis

I have consider that chief and direct rivals Argos might hold are IKEA, Zara Home and indirect rivals within some cleavage scope of merchandise might be Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville, Galeries Lafayette, La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marche , Printemps, Tati.

Supermarkets have been turning portion in certain parts of the non-food, non-clothing market, constructing on their regular footstep and the increased infinite given to these scopes. Online retail merchants, such as, presently represent a little but turning portion of certain merchandise classs. In most classs, the independent specializers will confront even greater force per unit areas on their ability to endure the ambitious economic environment.

How We Helped

In presenting the plan, Argos, Accenture and Oracle united behind a common vision: to assist Argos develop advanced refilling capablenesss that would increase merchandise handiness, cut down stock list in shops and warehouses and increase gross revenues by enabling Argos to stock a broader merchandise scope within its bing shop footmarks. The transmutation plan comprised two chief elements.

”Heart and lungs ” system organ transplant

Argos selected Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning as its nucleus refilling application for a assortment of grounds. The Oracle solution would enable the company to make realistic, advanced refilling and allotment programs across the supply concatenation. It would let the company to change over these programs into orders and transportations. And it would unite time-phased refilling and allotment algorithms to bring forth a reception procedure based on demand prognosiss, refilling parametric quantities and stock list handiness.

In add-on, the squad opted to implement the Oracle Retail Merchandising System. This system would let Argos to transport out its core selling activities-including stock list refilling, buying, seller direction and nucleus informations and stock leger direction.

Accenture ‘s Supply Chain squad and members of its Center of Excellence worked together with Oracle to custom design both systems and aline them to the company ‘s concern precedences. During the build stage, the squad carried out 600 base alterations to the Oracle solutions, replaced 45 bequest systems and created ( or modified ) more than 100 application interfaces.

Following a comprehensive testing regimen, the squad worked with concern users to fly the new engineerings within six merchandise classs, selected to reflect a scope of gross revenues volume, value, seasonality and provider types. Based on the pilot ‘s success, the squad launched a category-by-category rollout.

Change direction and organisational design

Resources from Accenture ‘s Talent and Organization Performance service line set the model for a comprehensive stock direction preparation and communicating plan that covered all countries of the Argos supply concatenation, including providers, distribution centres and single shops. As portion of this attempt, the squad tailored occupation functions and tracked concern preparedness public presentation to assist guarantee that the 1,000 affected stakeholders would be able to work efficaciously within an environment marked by new procedures and systems.

At the same clip, Accenture worked closely with Argos to do important in-store alterations. For illustration, a new stock room layout for all Argos shops freed extra infinite and increased velocity of service. The squad besides recommended Argos stock room accommodations, doing faster-selling points more accessible to gross revenues associates.

High Performance Delivered

First and first, with Accenture ‘s aid, Argos implemented a leading-edge refilling capability-based on advanced Oracle Retail technologies-without disrupting concern operations or client service.

The undertaking ‘s success was based mostly on the squad ‘s well-orchestrated attack to plan direction. An of import component was executive buy-in. The undertaking received board-level sponsorship from the beginning ; early elucidation of the concern instance and undertaking precedences meant that all parties were aligned and engaged from twenty-four hours one. Besides of import was the fact that Accenture and Oracle adhered to a rigorous administration and quality confidence procedure. This procedure involved holding cardinal concern users throughout Argos support the design, physique, trial and pilot stages ; and so return to their functions during the rollout stage to move as alteration title-holders.

Argos ‘ new supply concatenation capablenesss have already delivered a figure of benefits:

The new selling system delivers a individual beginning of maestro informations across merchandises, providers, stock list and replenishment definitions. This streamlines the prediction and refilling procedures, and allows the company to do proactive prognosiss and faster, better supply chain-related determinations.

An advanced refilling algorithm helps guarantee that refilling programs are aligned more closely to existent demand.

Daily stock direction computations have replaced Argos ‘ old hebdomadal computations, which allow orders to travel through the provider and distribution centre web on a day-to-day footing. With the new systems, Argos can run 685 billion calculations within merely four hours.

With bringings happening on a day-to-day instead than hebdomadal footing, Argos shops have been able to cut down their degrees of safety stock held in stock list. Reduced stock list costs are on path to bring forth more than ?100 million ( about US $ 196 million ) of stock decrease nest eggs by 2010.

The systems enable Argos to portion supply public presentation with providers, which improved coaction and, more significantly, increased “ right first clip ” merchandise and pallet presentations from 68 to 99 per centum.

Argos ‘ distribution centres now log 100 per centum of standard goods into the system on the twenty-four hours of bringing. This betterment contributed to a “ goods-in efficiency ” addition of more than 50 per centum.

The success of this plan is farther demonstrated by the seven-year outsourcing understanding that Argos signed with Accenture ‘s Retail Center of Excellence in India to pull off the Oracle application. Argos recognized that by outsourcing the on-going direction and care of its application to Accenture, it would derive the flexibleness of being able to refocus its employees on other critical concern jussive moods while recognizing increased value and lower costs through improved public presentation.

The overall battle besides resulted in Argos having the 2008 Retail Technology Initiative of the Year award from taking United Kingdom publication Retail Week. And, most significantly, Argos now has a typical supply concatenation capableness that lays a solid foundation for high public presentation.

”The supply concatenation transmutation work is already get downing to present consequences. Once complete, we ‘re confident that Argos will be better prepared for the hereafter and strategically positioned to keep our thin operating theoretical account and competitory border. ”-Adrian Burleton, commercial manager of supply, Argos.

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