Values That Are Important In My Family: Never Give Up

A child’s mind is like a sponge ball that ingests beliefs and ideas. Beliefs are learned by a child in numerous ways such as just listening to the parents and their viewpoint from everything including bureaucratic, civil problems, moral issues and even persuasions of how others behave. When raising a child one is taught discrete values by their families that they feel are genuine for their child to have. I believe that family values consist of certain actions and qualities that are important for a family to uphold. Life would be really different if I didn’t have the family that I have now. In my family, I am taught that no matter what obstacles I have to face, my family would always be there and support me. Values that are important in my family are to never give up, to be a helping hand and to have respect for others.

Each of these values is equally significant in my family. The super hero of my life, my grandfather, was the only person who taught me the important values that would help me to become a prosperous man. I saw him every day sitting on one of the chair that is the coziest that I have ever sat on. He was really a simple man without any attitude and never giving orders like an army officer. He was always ever ready to help others. Sometimes he pushed me in certain directions and had high prediction for me, but now I really appreciate everything he taught me. I presumed that why he did such things and it is because he wanted the best for me. There were certain incidents when I got mad, but later acknowledged his words of intelligence. His words that influenced me the most was to be a helping hand, no matter what the situation is.

I still remember his words,”Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others and never give up. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?” He usually said, helping others is the most important value that can be learnt as you grow up as a human being. He often said helping others can make other people feel better from inside, or about themselves. I was always encouraged by his lectures which he gave me, quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change in order to see the revolution in this world.” These words soon became my movement, my habits, my personality and my future goal. Steve Jobs, CEO and founder of Apple Inc., is the person who energized me the most in my soul.

Despite being in pain he enjoyed each and every chunk of his life. He resolved that you only live once in your life and time does not pause for anyone, so why not contribute it doing what you wish. I was influenced by his saying that despite of any situation in your life, “Never give up.” According to Steve Jobs just keep on going in your life, you will become successful in your life and always have a positive thinking. After looking at Jobs life, I decided not to give up in life and do whatever I want, so I outlined to contribute a part of life in serving others. My grandfather’s final words, a helping hand, influenced me to start a welfare club in India with the help of my college friends. Many of the college and school students joined our club with the belief in sign up and providing the necessary helps to those who need it.

I started the club as I too believe in helping others and that long term happiness and satisfaction come from altruistic actions. Through my college days, we organized various welfare events in my town for the poor people. Free doctors were made available for the checkup and medicines were distributed at zero cost. Each time I felt very glad because it was always a great feeling to know that you could support others in their needs. While working the most extraordinary work I did was giving mandatory protection to the college girls with the help of my friends and local police. The teasing cases were arising day by day in my town. We started doing patrolling along the college road to make sure that the girls are safe which helped us a lot to drop the teasing cases.

I felt great to be as a helping hand and build up strong relations with the college students and society. Looking at my past on all I have done while helping other people, and I am very happy and appreciate my grandpa who taught me to be a man in my life. He’s the only one who made the variation in many of the situations that life gives you and without them I would be incapable to provide the love and support. He taught me that no matter what are the situations in your life, he will be always there to foothold me. I feel proud and I know that I have a goal to do much more in the future while employed as a Registered Nurse. Due to the encouragement given by my grandfather I am able to elongate my reflection which became the goal of my life.

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